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StriderHoang avatar 4:03 AM on 12.09.2013  (server time)
Destructoid's first D-1 Pokémon Grand Prix!

Hello from the forums cblogs! And welcome to the first Pokémon X/Y Championship: LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES EDITION, brought to you by Brightside!

Have you raised yourself quite the little team? Well prove it you little shit! Brightside has gathered all of the forums best and brightest who want to be the very best, like no one ever was into the first ever (to our knowledge) Destructoid forums Pokémon tournament. Using the magic of wi-fi and space aged voodoo, we'll connect online after much planning and assumed cheating to battle each other in a game of wits, strategy, and Blaziken. Don't lie to yourself! You're gonna use the flaming chicken bastard!

So far, these eight people have signed up directly from the forums:

Hector Garfria
Mr 3man
FlyByNight (probably)

The rules will be simple. They'll be idiot-proof really. We'll be using the standard 6v6 singles rule set that even the most hardcore genwunner knows about. Thus far the only restrictions are no ubers, which is a fancy way of saying no legendaries. Still, not all legendaries are uber so the list on smogon is worth a look even if its outdated. That seems to be it really. No sleep clause, no item clause, no Pokédex clause. Just a good old fashion, bare knuckle brawl between trainers and their Pokémon.

Brightside is aiming for a late December start, so sign up now! Don't just comment here! Head for the actual tournament page and leave a post that you wanna join. You have a forums account, don't you? You can even log in with Facebook. I do that. And don't forget to join the discussion on the official Pokémon thread and [s]dis Hector's Hitmonchan[/s] talk about the game.

I'll see you at the tournament trainer hopefuls! And don't forget! When you see my Accelgor, shits about to go down!

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