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StriderHoang avatar 3:07 AM on 01.11.2013  (server time)
Being the best predator you can be

Farcry 3 can be racist and stupid and filled with rich white bro overtones but the combat alone is supremely good. The options to overthrow a pirate base is mindboggling as you can selectively pick individuals off one by one stealthily, or you can throw explosives all day and torch the obscenely flammable scenery. Or you could try attracting dangerous wildlife and let them do it for you!

I personally love the stealth options and the takedowns are by their very nature silent. Here's a rundown of my favorite combat options while providing ample excuse to post this video I managed to upload.

The recurve bow
Ah, the bow and arrow. The classic weight in the balance of power. As you might guess, the bow is a completely silent weapon and with some skill, is one of the more reliable ones if you prefer to take your time. It travels along an arc, so the further away your target, the higher you need to aim. Not to mention travel time and a total lack of penetration. Certain bushes can even stop arrows, so you'll need to pick your foilage well.

But once you learn how to use it well (one of its sight attachments let's you gauge for distance and drop) the bow can kill in one hit reliably and silently. While most guns offer suppressors, it seems like they don't conceal your position with 100% efficiency and you'll sometimes need follow up shots.

Plus it's a freaking bow. Nothing asserts dominance more than an old fashion hunting weapon.

When you need a job done quickly, you might as well do it loudly, with all the subtlety of a pogo stick in a mine field. You have grenades, molotovs, C4, mines, grenade launchers, and RPGs to make man, machine, beast, or other explosives blow up gleefully.

But explosions are more than hot, deadly pressure waves of death. Fire is also involved and Rook Island is brimming with dense vegetation to burn. You'd be surprised at how fast fire spreads and how destructive it can be when strategically placed. You can separate groups and discourage reinforcements just as well as you can burn out poor saps holed up inside huts.

Really, explosives can mean blowing up people but it also includes using Farcry's penchant for wildfires as well. When was the last time Farcry didn't encourage you to be a little pyromaniac?

Suppressed firearms
What's a game with guns without virtually silent suppressor attachments? I prefer the bow when it comes to silent kills though, as it seems that Farcry 3's suppressors aren't nearly as discreet as other shooters. Enemies often can track me despite using them in the underbrush but they're still useful enough to warrant a permanent attachment slot.

The pirates of Farcry 3 are aggressive and won't be afraid to use their numbers to their advantage. As soon as they know your position, they'll quickly encircle you into a death box where staying means getting shot and running means getting shot. But a suppressed gun means you have more time to shoot and move to another position as the pirates can't pin down your location as well thanks to your suppressor. Really, among the possible attachments you can equip, it's hard to go wrong with the suppressor with it's ability to conceal your location. Extended clips and sights are nice and all, but nothing beats a strategic advantage in locational awareness.

Speaking of locational awareness, what's up with the freaking camera? It takes high definition pictures but gives me situational awareness like some sort of GPS? These damn bros and their rich parents.

Takedowns and your machete
You have your basic stealth takedown. With a quick swipe of your machete, you can quickly and quietly kill one man while no one is looking. But the takedown isn't just a skill. It has a wealth of upgrades that can oftentimes make it its own weapon.

Take for example one of the first takedown upgrades, the grenade toss. With this upgrade, you can pull the pins off your target's grenades and push the dead, ticking time bomb onto his unsuspecting allies. Or maybe the falling takedown, where you can jump down from an elevated position onto your victim. Or further still, the knife throw takedown which let's you kill a distant enemy with a well placed knife or even a gunslinger takedown!

One of the more integral upgrades that makes this all possible is the chain takedown upgrade, which let's you connect a slew of takedowns together so long as you have a few enemies close together. Now you can try doing one takedown, rush up on another and kill him, throw his knife at another, then start his grenades and push him into a fuel tank underneath a building with a sniper on top.

One of my favorite things is the fact that the range to initiate one is fairly generous. If you're not next to him, you'll pretty much rush five or seven feet and shove your machete into them. Plus with the Jungle Run upgrade, you can move at a brisk pace while staying inconspicuous in cover.

Wildlife: the enemy of my enemy is my friend
Sure, you can try killing seven pirates who are closely packed together. Or you could try kiting a tiger into their base and watch it go buckwild on all of them. Or better yet, teach them that keeping a bear in a bamboo cage isn't exactly the brightest idea. Hell, even a pack of rabid dogs seems to do them in.

For all their effectiveness against Jason Brody, the pirates of Rook Island can't seem to kill wildlife nearly as well as they can kill you. Maybe they have trouble aiming low but I've seen droves of komodo dragons literally run over wandering bands of pirates. Though I have to admit that vicious animals seem to have way more health than any normal human on Rook Island. Unless of course you get to them with their natural enemy, the bow and arrow. It's called hunting for a reason but hunting can mean both wildlife and the greatest quarry of all: man!

Seriously, don't mess with these guys. They don't even need venom. Their mouths are filled with enough crap as it is.

You don't even need to worry about the clean up. If you trick the local fauna into killing pirate bases for you, they're usually weakened enough that the arriving truck of Rakyat rebels who come to claim the base will clean up. And if they don't, you'll probably be able to kill the wobbly looking animal and have that many more bodies to loot.

It's like watching the Animal Channel except the only show running is When Animal Attack!

And those are the heinous acts I've loved to commit in Farcry 3. How do you prefer to run wild in Farcry 3? And if you haven't tried it, you should. There's a reason everyone was talking about it during the end of 2012!

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