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StriderHoang avatar 8:33 PM on 07.29.2012  (server time)
A guy can dream: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer expansions

If there's one thing gamers like to do, it's think up of new game content and believe to themselves how it'd be awesome. Whenever one of those ideas strike me, then hey, why not? So here's a new series: a guy can dream, right?

The release of the Earth DLC has convinced me that future multiplayer ideas aren't inconceivable. Afterall, if they can design a human to be as tough as a krogan by equipping him with a mech hardsuit, then a lot of unexplored expansions can still be introduced if we look harder.

In fact, there are a lot of ideas Bioware can still extract from single player lore in order to continually bring new ideas to the people who love the universe so much. We might be running down the list of usable, bipedal characters, but that doesn't mean we'd gone through the whole Mass Effect universe just yet.

Geth Soldier
We already have the Geth Engineer and Infiltrator, but when you think about fighting the Geth, your first thought is probably going to the shock trooper. They're endless, tireless, and feel no pain. That's why introducing a Geth Soldier would be the coolest jab to Mass Effect lore ever. I mean, we've fought them ever since Mass Effect 1 for crying out loud.

But the Geth are awfully fragile, mostly because their racial power, Hunter Mode, cuts shield strength in half in return for a plethora of offensive buffs. Most Geth players however, keep Hunter Mode on and learn to play as if their defense is naturally weak. So how do you make one of the more fragile classes a physical tank to play alongside Krogans and Hardsuits?

The answer is to give the Geth Soldier Defense Matrix from the single player campaign.

It offers the Geth a unique way to tank damage, increasing damage resistance while also offering to refill shields when purged, allowing them to withstand a lot of damage through unconventional means.

The last power should be something that fits most Soldier play styles. In my opinion, the third power should evoke the feeling of fighting the devastating Geth Primes by letting you fire Pulse Cannons. It could either be a single shot projectile or an auto-firing cannon like the current Devestator's shoulder mounted missile launcher. The former can be balanced by having Defense Matrix slow power recharge while the latter can be an automatically firing option to suit the style of carrying heavy weapons without worrying about power recharge.

Geth have always been about freedom of playstyle. There are dozens of ways to spec a Geth Infiltrator. With this hypothetical set up, you could play a Geth Soldier any number of ways. You could balance all his powers, focus on Defense Matrix and health, forgo defense for pure offense, ect. Especially with Defense Matrix's unique purging boost, it could add a new way of playing in a team on multiplayer.

Krogan Scientist
Remember Fortack, the Krogan in the lab back in Mass Effect 2? He was one of the few krogan who didn't spend his free time with violence but instead used it to invent things that could help perpetrate violence.

Krogans in multiplayer have always either been about melee or tanking damage. While the Vanguard Battlemaster deals considerable damage with Biotic Charge, Krogan have never really been about dishing out damage, just taking it. The Krogan Scientist can reverse this idea by sacrificing the Krogan's signiture tanking role for extra, wide-ranging attacks.

My first idea for the Krogan is a new grenade power. A lot of grenades have already been introduced but one idea has still yet to be introduced to multiplayer: Cyro Blast. Cyro has always been mainly about debuffing by freezing enemies, chilling them, and increasing their vulnerability but normally doesn't inflict damage. However, the new N7 Paladin has a new power called Snap Freeze which deals damage in a wide area at close range. Also considering that we're talking about a grenade with a limited number of uses, a Krogan Cryo Grenade could deal moderate damage in a wide area, freezing unprotected enemies and debuffing protected enemies. And certainly, what Krogan would use something fancy like an explosion of ice than a scientific one?

Most Engineers use powers that fortify defenses such as turrets and drones. The Krogan Scientist will want an unorthodox way to strengthen his own defense while providing support to the team. If the recent N7 Demolisher can drop a Supply Pylon, the Krogan Scientist could drop a Shield Pylon, which continually recharges shields in an area in a similar manner that the Vorcha regenerate health. This way, the Krogan's infamous tanking power remains while differing support to his team. Hold the line!

Lastly, of course a Krogan would use the Vorcha's Flamer. What self-respecting Krogan would pass up the chance to shoot a stream of hot fire?

Turian Cabal
Turians have always been known for their military might. There are not only normal foot soldiers but also combat engineers and biotics. However, I think it's odd that while Garrus is known as a combat engineer and the Turian Sentinel can use Warp, we've never really seen a Turian heavily invested in biotics like the ones we've heard in stories second hand from Garrus or Kaiden.

Admittedly, I'm running out of ideas for new powers and there's only one single player power left to fuel multiplayer expansions. The last biotic power from single player that hasn't been introduced has been Slam, which would be a useful biotic power to utilize for both its strength and as a biotic detonator. It can also be used to briefly stun enemies as they float through the air and get dazed by the impact.

An interesting power to give the Turian Cabal would be Reave, which would offset the Turian's low mobility. Reave's ability to provide a damage reduction would prove useful to the Turian's already hardy durability. But as for something new and unique, I can't think of anything now.

There is also one last idea I have. A new pistol to be introduced that would fit nicely with what already exists in the game. Each slot of weaponry already has an existing Geth weapon. The Javelin is a sniper rifle, the Pulse Rifle is an assault rifle, the Plasma SMG for the SMGs, and the Plasma Shotgun for shotguns. Of course, there still isn't a Geth weapon for the pistol slot.

My idea for a Geth Plasma Pistol would be a low capacity weapon that can be charged like the Plasma Shotgun. The idea would be something around 4 shots per clip and for the pistol to be capable of charging a shot in order to use all if not nearly all of one clip to dump out one, big, damaging blast.

Hopefully, this isn't the last of the expansions to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer. The Earth pack proved that new ideas are still possible for the large universe at play in multiplayer. Perhaps, a pack like this could be called the Resurrection pack or the Revenge pack or even the Counterattack pack. If you haven't tried Mass Effect 3's multiplayer component, the player base hasn't shrunken yet!

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