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StriderHoang avatar 7:59 PM on 02.07.2012  (server time)
360 Friday Night Fight Replays: We're back edition!

Once upon a time, I joined in on Friday Night Fights and recorded all the weird conversations and chatter that came with being grood at gaems. Cause you know, the Dtoid crew is so good at gaems that we'd just talk about our current socio-economic climate while stomping on noobs.

But then single player games like Skyrim came out. And I got into Fallout: New Vegas. Not exactly FNF material you know? Plus Monday Night Combat, the old standby, was getting old and I didn't feel like hosting a game that so emotionally wounds me (unless Sinn and Caiters wanna get the chain gang going again. I don't dislike steamrolling you know).

In short, I just wasn't playing FNF-friendly games. NO MORE.

I got The Simpsons with Mr. Andy Dixon and Conrad The Zimmerman coming soon! Oh yes, their wacky banter with a light sprinkling of rape jokes is on my hard drive, begging to be uploaded as much as their criminal history to a central police database. But I still actually need to edit that. For now, I have Gotham Impostors with Epic-Kx. Epic is only moderately impressed with the game, but he may get it if I play regularly. Which means, he'll get it, cause I'm gonna play it religiously.

What is Friday Night Fight Replays?
Friday Night Fight Replays is a compilation of gameplay I've recorded from the 360 FNF. They do not reflect FNF as a whole but rather just the games I participated in. That being said, I try to play as many different games as possible for FNF Replays. FNFR goes up the Tuesday after the last FNF.

I'd like to remind everyone that this compilation of FNF Replays takes place during the beta of Gotham Impostors. The game has now released proper, so get on that shit! I fucking love this game.

Game #1

Game #2

Game #3

Game #4

Game #5

Keep an eye on the 360 FNF thread, cause I'll be there!

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