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StriderHoang avatar 4:27 PM on 02.12.2012  (server time)
360 Friday Night Fight Replays: The Simp-sexuality Arcade Game

Hey everybody. Before you watch this week's FNF Replay, how about a meta-game before you click on the video link? Try to count the number of rape jokes in the video. I'm sure it's a game the whole family can enjoy!

This thing was one of the longest projects I've worked on yet, but there's a certain amount of pride I took in inserting weird pictures in order to emphasize certain phrases and situations to make you feel even more uncomfortable while questioning your sexuality!

Watch as Occam's Electric Toothbrush, Mr. Andy Dixon, Corduroy Turtle, and StriderHoang (all with their twitter handles listed beforehand) awkwardly stomp through a classic, surreal arcade game with all sorts of weird situations and a pinch of lag. Cause not everything is perfect!

What is Friday Night Fight Replays?
Friday Night Fight Replays is a compilation of gameplay I've recorded from the 360 FNF. They do not reflect FNF as a whole but rather just the games I participated in. That being said, I try to play as many different games as possible for FNF Replays. FNFR goes up the Tuesday after the last FNF.

Basically, we all played through most of the entire arcade game in one night. I came in around Krustyland though, so I'm down the opening stage in terms of cheevos go. Listen as we explore how our sexuality works in the Simpsons, how some of the 90s' sitcoms ended (Dinosaurs' series finale was basically the ice age), and the internet's mysterious collection of niche erotica.

Destructoid FNF! - The Simpsons Arcade Game

See you guys next week!

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