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StriderHoang avatar 3:22 PM on 10.04.2011  (server time)
360 Friday Night Fight Replays: Play the damn beta edition!

So last week, I went through the trouble of saying that I was going to host a squad for the Battlefield 3 Beta. ďFinally!Ē I thought, ďSomething other than MNC for FNF Replays!Ē

I now bring you more MNC, because nobody wanted to play BF3 Beta apparently.

Christ man, itís a free game for about 2 weeks, and itís a perfectly fine experience considering itís only 2 weeks. Yeah, itís only one map on one gametype, but itís not like itís going to wear out its welcome. So for 2 weeks, we get a free multiplayer game with no level caps, but plenty of bugs. WHOOPIE.

Whatever! Iíll host my own Battlefield 3 game! And weíll have blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the blackjack!. Ah, screw this, letís get on with the replays.

What is Friday Night Fight Replays?
Friday Night Fight Replays is a compilation of gameplay I've recorded from the 360 FNF. They do not reflect FNF as a whole but rather just the games I participated in. That being said, I try to play as many different games as possible for FNF Replays. FNFR goes up the Tuesday after the last FNF.

So last week, I wanted to remind everyone I was playing with that I wasnít going to play all night or something. Fridays happen to be new episodes of Thundercats on Cartoon Network. Then Sinn chimes in and tells me itís already running on reruns.

Dammit. And I still missed Young Justice too.

Ok you mugs, hereís FNF@Dtoid 09-30-11. Leave me alone while I find something online where I can watch episodes of Young Justice Iíve missed!

Monday Night Combat

Game #1
Somehow along the line, we start referencing that joke on Family Guy where Stewie continually raises his pitch while asking Brian a series of stupid questions. If thereís one limitation to writing, itís that I canít do it now. Also, I canít play good Assault, but that doesnít mean Bomb 3 isnít OP.

Game #2
Everything is going our way until an earthquake may or may not have occurred in response to my idea to make these steamrolls more interesting.

Game #3
Everyone on team Dtoid calls bullshit on overtime. Was there ever a more painful overtime than in the first game on play here?

Replays are over. Maybe this week we can get some BF3 Beta before it ends. Until then, you can watch my live gameplay of the beta sans Dtoid crew.

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