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StriderHoang avatar 5:49 PM on 09.06.2011  (server time)
360 Friday Night Fight Replays: People Still Play MNC Edition!

For those of you who have noticed, I have a YouTube channel linked in my profile sidebar. I record and upload a lot of stuff for shits and giggles. I enjoy doing it, plus it doesn't hurt to teach myself some rudimentary video editing.

Long story short, my channel contains regular gameplay, commentary, Let's Plays, other projects, and anything else I deem special; Friday Night Fights is a special thing.

I'll usually bring these 360 FNF YouTube highlights every Tuesday when I have access to super-special high speed internet known as "college." Whatever games I have on hand to participate in FNF, I'll be sure to record it, upload it, and bring it back to you guys, the source, Dtoid. You know, kind of like a goldfish that forgets that it's eating its own poop!

Also, [Improvements]: bring back embedding!

And with that, I give you this week's replays and the inaugural post of FNF Replays.

FNF@Dtoid, 09/02/11 - Monday Night Combat

Game #1
Scotty becomes the designated Tank while everyone goes out drinking. I mean, assassinating.

Game #2
Lots of people are dying. Particularly people not on our team. Also, my mic isn't working.

Game #3
Promise me you guys won't get into any epic knife fights and I promise to heal your boo boos.

Game #4
So many Assassins, not enough jetguns!

Hopefully, this week's FNF I'll partake in some 3rd Strike Online and maybe even Dead Island if redbox decides to stock them near me. Until the next replay Dtoiders!

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