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StriderHoang avatar 1:22 PM on 09.13.2011  (server time)
360 Friday Night Fight Replays: It's a thing now edition!

Greetings and freetings fellow YouTube saavy Dtoiders! I'm here to prove that last week's Replays were not just a fluke. They said it couldn't be done (they, probably meaning my low-end laptop), they said it was impossible (again, my laptop. It probably shouldn't be using so much resources for rendering). But I proved them wrong (I, meaning me). If it happens twice, it's not a coincidence!

What is Friday Night Fight Replays?
Friday Night Fight Replays is a compilation of gameplay I've recorded from the 360 FNF. They do not reflect FNF as a whole but rather just the games I participated in. That being said, I try to play as many different games as possible for FNF Replays. FNFR goes up the Tuesday after the last FNF.

From last week's FNF of 09/09/11, I had something special in store. Or it would've been special had more people played Dead Island. Luckily, I didn't really like Dead Island, so really you didn't miss out on much. However, garethxxgod swings by to save the day and gives me the chance to realize just how racist I could be if I were a Chinese woman working with a black man. Thanks for that!

Also I got you your daily dose of Monday Night Combat courtesy of Perfidious Sinn. And who'da thunkit, our party didn't steamroll! Because Im Beastin Son is an incredibly obnoxious Assault with incredibly obnoxious Assault teammates and an incredibly obnoxious Support. Thanks for that!

Without further ado, here are this week's replays for FNF@Dtoid, 09/09/11

Monday Night Combat

Game #1
GrenadeIII, stop being so shitty and please leave. Your severance check will be mailed to you shortly.

Game #2
I don't know how to describe this clusterfuck so here's some onomatopoeia I've always wanted to use. BLAM, KRACK, BOOM, SLICE, RODNEY DANGERFIELD.

Game #3
Every time I feel like playing Assassin, the game makes me host. At least host jetgun is amazing.

Game #4
It's all over. We've discovered the perfect team make up: 1 Support + as many Assaults as possible.

Game #5
We're due dammit! We're goddamn due for a win.

Dead Island

Part 1
What happens when 1 Chinese hotel worker/undercover spy and 1 ghetto ass black rapper get stuck together on an island filled with zombies? They stop being fake and start being real. The Real World: Banoi.

Part 2
Thinking critically about the game as we try not to think while hacking off body parts and mashing in zombie heads.

That's it for this week's FNFR. Or, "Finfir." I'll see you guys again next week.

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