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2:10 PM on 09.26.2007

since god told me I sucked Because I i didn't have a blog yet I'll make him regret he ever insulted me and make the most terrible blog ever and make him wish he was in hell!

since I have not even one gaming console. except my PC but I hate playing games on y PC so it doesn't count i'll write about stuff that happens to me in real life. which is really boring but this time I'll write about somthing halfway interesting!

My trip to guatemala! YAY
so about a week ago i went to guatemala to see a concert ( Heroes del silencio ) but I don't like their music that much so i basically went because i wanted to go to guatemala.

the concert was in guatemala city buut we didn't want to stay there so we went to antigua(ancient) guatemala which mostly a touristy type place and it was awesome there so many awesome places to go in there like churches and market places and stuff and it's people are so friendly there it's unbelievable. we only stayed there for about 3 days so I didn't get a chance to see almost anything. and I also only had 100 dollars for all hotels, foods and transportation. so i couldn't buy a lot of the stuff.
but i did manage to get some photos so i'll post some in here:

hope you like em.
FACT: the town shuts down after 1 a.m. so if you're caught drinking alcohol you'll get thrown in jail. you can still walk around but you can't buy or drink alcohol.
also if you plan on going take your own stash of weed cause the guatemala's weed sucks balls.

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