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9:47 PM on 05.29.2008  

Cell phones are Bad

So i was looking up for why cell phones causes cancer and found this crazy video. It is a cell phone being put in a microwave. And guess what, cell phones give cancer through their radiation waves. Anyway here is the vid.

[embed]88204:11698[/embed]   read

7:49 PM on 05.29.2008  

Best of Halo 3?

Here is a random vid. This is not there first one, but this is definitely by far the best one. Its from the series Arby & and Chief made by Machinima. If you would like to see more just look at similar vids. The only real one's are made by Machinima. There are a bunch of random and try to imitate them. So watch out for those noobs.

Arby & the Chief

Here is one of the most well developed Halo 3 montage that I have ever seen. I think this kid should get recon armour or at least a cookie for this cause this kids rape.
This video is AMAZING!!

[embed]88193:11697[/embed]   read

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