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10:07 PM on 09.08.2012

Last of US Extended Demo Impressions

So that extended/alternate demo that only press dudes saw at E3 was suddenly released. And since Dtoid has yet to post it I decided I would.

Anyway the game looks pretty freaking awesome. Most of the "scripted" looking moments from the E3 demo are not in this playthrough and there are some new things that looked pretty cool. It looked tense as hell especially after the last dude alive ran off and you had to chase after him. I'm not sure what difficulty the demo was set at but the one part where Joel was attacked from behind took off like a quater of his health though the health pack almost completely filled the health bar. I also liked that you have to actually apply the health pack in real time instead of being instant. I still have no clue on how ellie works, she played a far less role in combat this playthough and there were points where Joel told her to stay back but i'm not sure if the player controls that. Pretty much my only negative is the lame ladder puzzle.

Hopefully the entire game is like this portion of the game with many ways to complete scenarios and optional side-story things like the movie poster and the bathtub all over. I would also like it if ND made a hardcore mode where the health bar and ammo indicator is removed so you have to rely on memory and animation indicators. what you do guys think?   read

7:02 PM on 07.10.2012

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal EVO Panel

At EVO Superbot had a pretty great, informative panel for PABR. if you missed it you can watch it (skip to 2:15)

Here is a summary if you dont want to watch the panal (you should though)

- Supers are earned by accumulating AP
- There are 3 levels of super, each level being more powerful than the last
- Supers can’t be blocked, but there are various ways to defend against them
- Level 1 supers are not as easy to land. Level 2 supers are more combo-able.
- Level 3 supers lockout all other supers. Example: While Kratos is in god-mode, no other super can be activated.

- Supers can be avoided, dodged, or countered
- Supers can be dodged.
+ With half a frame on a roll. Several characters were shown doing this.
+ With a full frame on an air dodge. Big Daddy was able to air dodge Nate’s Lvl 1 propane tank super
- Supers can be evaded.
+ Sly was able to teleport outside of a super
+ A big focus is the air game which is used avoid many OTG supers
- Supers can be interrupted
+ Normals can be used to interrupt most level 1 supers which require a charge up.
+ Supers can be countered with other supers

- Throws can be used to eject, knockback, combo, and deplete meter

- With Infinite Avoidance System, characters don’t fall victim to infinite combos
+once you hit an AP threshold, your opponent gets ejected from the combo and placed into an invincible aerial state until they hit the ground.
- An extensive combo video was shown that will hopefully go into these mechanics.

Story Mode
- Every character has a rival - Heihachi and Toro (w/ Kuro) confirmed as rivals Multiplayer Mode
- Singles
- Doubles
- Free For All (Customization options: Timed Mode, Stock Mode, Reverse Stock Mode) Combat Trials Training Mode

- interesting and unique gameplay is first and foremost
- characters people associate with playstation
- characters that make the game better
- not necessary a balance of era (PSX, PS2, PS3, etc)
- characters that are popular/niche
- character selections not entirely up to superbot

-He was a cool character
-Tekken is a playstation fighting game
-He is the patriach of the mishima family
+ up close, combo oriented
+ lots of dodge attacks to close the gap between him and his opponents
+ He has a move where he throws a bowling pin (an homage to Tekken 2)
+ His Lvl 3 Super is based off his Tekken 5 Ending

-Really big in japan
-Official playstation mascot
+ loves cosplay and wants to be human
+ each stance represents various fighting games (MK, SF, and Tekken)

- each level is this world meets this world and the music reflects that through remixes
- an OST is something Omar really wants to have happen for this game

- outfit for every character
- Alluded to potential customization options

+ New costumes confirmed
+ New characters plus a few other surprises

- Character adjustments can be made on the fly based on data collected of online matches played.
- They’re trying something new with the online so there’s no slowdown and the experience is the same across the board, different from most fighting games
- The plan is pack in as much content as they can on disc, and whoever they miss, they’ll work to add via DLC. That is of course going to be based on demand and other factors.

Looks like some worries I had about the game (not much depth, the super system) are resolved for me. Hopefully they have a demo for this game to really prove their words. If only they can change the terrible name and logo.   read

9:52 PM on 05.13.2012

English Translated Soul Sacrifice Conference

That Sony Conference that was to properly unveil Soul Sacrifice has been officially translated by Sony. Here are parts 1, 2, and 3. Be warned that the translators are not native english speakers and can sound horrible at times. And the official site has also been translated into english

Anyway I am really like what I am seeing and can't wait for more info, and gameplay. This speedy translation of the conference and the website is a good indication that the game is going to be localized at some point. And its good to have Inafune back. What do you guys think?   read

12:27 PM on 05.08.2012

Could Inafune's Next Game be Soul Sacrifice?

A teaser trailer of Soul Sacrifice was just released by Sony and you can find it here

And Andriasang has reported that " is promising a seven page feature on the game detailing the game's story, magic, monsters and other areas. The site also promises comments from the game's development staff and "conceptor." And if you dont know already Inafune uses "conceptor" to describe his job frequently.

What do you guys think of the trailer and the possibility of Inafune being involved in the project? It kind of looks like a dark monster hunter with magic, and Demon's/Dark souls monster designs. I am game as long as it has online play and its not a carbon copy of Monster Hunter (and so far its not)   read

11:48 AM on 02.08.2012

Twisted Metal has Custom Skin Support

Since for some odd reason the news about Twisted Metal supporting custom skins has not been reported yet on D-Toid (and most other outlets) I decided to tell you myself. Jaffe reveals this during a interview with IGN which you can find here (it starts at 2:16:00)

You can create these custom skins on the TM website or if you have artistic/technical tallent you can use the released templates to create your own skins and them upload them to the TM website. These skins can them be used online. They can be shared to everyone or be locked to just yourself or your clan. Here are some skins ESP created.

Source: Jaffe's Twitter!/davidscottjaffe

Also this


7:22 PM on 02.01.2012

Twisted Metal Demo

I was very excited when Jaffe revealed that he is working on a brand new Twisted Metal game for the PS3. We havent gotten a good car combat game this entire gen. when Jaffe started to talke about how he wanted to at skill, strategy, and balance to it I honestly did not believe he could do it. After playing the multiplayer demo while (once I was able to get into a game because of the matchmaking errors) I am eating so much crow right now. From what I played the game is balanced perfectly and skill/strategy is absolutely needed to use each vehicle, travers the map, and use weapon pick ups effectively.

Each vehicle has their strengths, weakness. For example the Talon, the helicopter is hard to hit with non homing missiles, but if you use the freeze ray (every vehicle has this ability) it comes right down. And some vehicles such as the Reaper motorcycle with its flaming chain saw and the Darkside semi with is power slam can one hit kill it. There is a way to take out every vehicle (in the demo at least, there are far more vehicles in the full game).

Another way skill and strategy is essential in Twisted Metal is though the health and weapon pickups. You need to know where every health pickup is when you are low and when its better to run away. These and the weapon pickups are not always easy to find some are only found when something is destroyed or behind walls. Every weapon must be skillfully used or it will be wasted or even hurt yourself.

Finally the Twisted Metal's unique objective based mode Nuke is where all these things come together. To win this mode you need a team that has a variety of different vehicles and knows where health/weapons are at all times. Teams must also work together well and know what they are doing or else you have everyone just playing the game like deathmatch.

For all of you about to play it, I sugest doing training mode because the learning curve for the controls is pretty big for some people. After getting used to the controls I also sugest playing deathmatch with a vehicle with average speed and armor (the meat wagon is a good coice, it has average armor, ok speed, and a great special) to get used to the other mechanics (when matchmaking is fixed). You can train in SP mode but the AI does not reflect human players very well, they tend to all gang up on you and are quite ruthless.

I hope the full game keeps this balance with all the other vehicles, maps, and placement of pickups when it releases valentines day in the US.

Post your impressions and stories below.   read

11:06 PM on 01.13.2012

Katawa Crash

Katawa Soujo has finally been released and it is pretty amazing but there is another game with these characters, Katawa Crash. It is is like nanaca-crash but with Katawa Soujo characters (and more) and a million times more insane with Kuusou Rumba playing in the background. You should be going thousands of miles with ease and seeing insane specials and sequences. If you dont believe me look at these screens.

There is a huge amount of specials things you can see. And even I have only scratched the surface. Here is the link to the game. Post your special playthough moments below.   read

4:23 PM on 11.08.2011

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Looks Amazing.

So Level 5 have released some new footage of Ni no Kuni to rev up hype (since the game is just about to release in Japan). And it has certainly done that in my eyes.



I has just about everything that I want in a JRPG Though I loved FF13 It has a vast overworld with secrets that you can explore, transportation that can help you travel quickly and get to new areas, and towns full of NPCs you can talk too. It also helps that is has a amazing art-style though studio Ghibli and soundtrack though Joe Hisaishi. Battle system looks neat too, you can control any of the three characters at any time to use their special abilities and you can have up to three monsters under each characters to fight with. But we will have to wait for the full details to see what exactly happens. Are you excited for this to come out early next year? Is their anything about the game so far that has you excited?   read

10:24 AM on 09.30.2011

The PSV Port Conundrum

With the PSV slowly approaching release there has been a huge portion of gamers complaining about the number of ports the device has. I am here to tell you that that is fucking retarded (in the PSV's case). Yes the PSV does have large amount of ports but it does also have brand new games for existing IP's and some brand new IPs. And just in case some of you have been living under a rock (and some of you have apparently) I will post these non-port games for you ( I will even post links to videos)

Gravity Rush (Daze)

Here is my personal favorite PSV game that is a brand new IP that is ironically overlooked by many. It is being developed by Team Siren and produced by Keiichiro Toyama at Sony Japan.

Here is the TGS trailer

Developer Walkthrough by Keiichiro Toyama

Gravity Powers Gameplay

Sound Shapes

This unique game should appeal to the people that complain about console-like game experiences. It is a musical platformer being developed by Queasy Games and Jonathan Mak (Everyday Shooter). Not only is it a new IP but it has a experience that can only be played on a handheld (this does not really effect me but some people have preference for this).

Reveal Trailer


Army Corps of Hell

This brand new IP is a quirky game that looks like pikmin on steroids and with gore and coincidently is being produced by Motoi Okamoto who was involved in Pikmin 1/2 along with Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Mario Kart: Double Dash.

TGS Tailer

Game play

Escape Plan

This new IP is being developed by Fun Bits who have staffers that worked on Fat Princess. This game uses all of the Vita's inputs (except buttons) so this can only be played on Vita. There are some reported control problems but they have plenty of time to fix them before release.

Gamescom Trailer

Lord of Apocalypse

This is a action RPG and since the Vita as two control sticks it can be played with much ease compared to PSP action RPG's. And I think it has a cool art-style.

TGS Trailer

Ragnarok Odyssey

Yes I know the past Ragnarock games have not been that good but this is being developed by Game Arts (Lunar and Grandia) so it has a change of at least being good

TGS Trailer


Little Big Plannet

Dont let first glances fool you this is not a port. Little Big Plannet uses all the Vita's functionality and it is obvious that it was ment for this this system. With the touchscreen, back touch panel, and the gyroscope possibilites are endless.

E3 Trailer

Gamescom Trailer


Uncharted Golden Abyss

This title should have no need for a introduction but there are some things I want to say about it. It is being made by Sony Bend (the people that created many the PSP sony titles and Syphon Filter). So they know what they are doing and the Uncharted IP is in great hands. I also have to say that this is not a port (some people still say this is a port) but a brand new game. And since the Vita has two analog sticks if should play well. And for the last time yes you can ignore the other control inputs.

Gamescom Trailer

Gameplay TGS

WipEout 2048

Another Sony franchise coming to the Vita and once again it is a brand new game not a port. I was worried about the 30fps framerate but after watching the TGS demo I am less worried. They still of plenty of time to polish the game.

TGS Demo

E3 Trailer

Resistance Burning Skies

A brand new game in the Resistance Franchise. The best thing about RBS is that no sacrifices were made to make the game playable like retribution was. It plays exactly like the consol version with some nifty touch controls if you want to use them. The visuals are rough around the edges but they should have time to polish it.

Gamescom Gameplay

New Little King's Story

This is the sequel to the underground hit Little King's Story (WII). The art-style has slightly changed but it sill has its unique look. It features touch-based controles and seamless time and weather shifts.




I am not sure if this is a port or not (and giving Bamco's history I would not rule it out) but the squeeze stretch mechanic is a really cool idea and if implemented correctly could breath new life into the franchise.

TGS Trailer

Super Stardust Delta

This is not a port of the PSN game. It has some brand new mechanics (some using the Vita's functionality). The game looks more chaotic then the Super Stardust and that is saying something.


Here is a dungeon crawler with some really cool social features and true cross-platform play. (hopefully it is priced well)

Social Features Info

E3 Gameplay

There are some others I did not mention. Now that that is done, yes many of these game may not appeal to you (none of them may no appeal to you). But you can not pretend they dont exist for everyone else. The ratio of New IP's to Ports does not matter. Who cares if there is a tone of ports if there are a plenty of new games as well. The only time you should get mad at ports if the only games a system has is ports. The PSV is not in this senario (unless you dont want any of these games). Instead of getting mad at ports how about getting excited about the new games like Gravity Daze that needs attention. Complaining about ports but not giving any of the new games any attention does not create more new games. I hope I have given some of you some new PSV games to get excited about   read

3:58 PM on 09.28.2011

Gravity Rush (Daze)

Since D-Toid did not do a TGS post about Gravity Daze I thought I would make one. Gravity Daze is a PSV exclusive game produced by Team Siren and directed by Keiichiro Toyama. The game revolves around the manipulation of gravity to complete missions and defeat monsters. Though there things that have not been revealed yet.

Anyway here is the TGS trailer

Developer walkthrough by Toyama

And a short demonstration of some of the gravity powers that you will be able to obtain.

I have also posted a large amount of screenshots/art to salivate at.

I hope more people get excited about Gravity Daze because getting pissed at console ports but not caring about a cool new IP rubs me the wrong way.   read

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