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New section: Download

simply titled, Download will deal with releases, news, and whats coming soon on Virtual Console, Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Virtual Console Two games this week: Ninja Gaiden III (NES-500 points), and Phantasy Star I...


New section: Stinkys Playlist

I got a new section for you guys: Stinkys Playlist. Sure, new games are great, but I'm a cheap guy, and I love to replay old games in my collection. This week in Stinkys Playlist is the wonderful Advance Wars; No, not the ne...


Hello, fellow Destructoids!

Welcome to my blog. Sure, its just an ordinary, amateur blog made by an amateur guy, but the thing that makes MY blog different : You. Thats right, because I will promise to read every comment, and if you dont like something, want something changed, or would like to see something, comment away, and I'll see what I can do. enjoy, StinkyCheese


About StinkyCheeseone of us since 12:51 PM on 02.16.2008


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