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StevePharma avatar 6:54 AM on 07.31.2009  (server time)
R stands for Rtard: spelling brings out the worst in me

With the recent hype surrounding Scribblenauts I decided to get my word crunch on with Bookworm Adventures VOL. 2, which came out this week ! Popcap is on a roll with Plants vs. Zombies, which still stands as a contender for my GOTY. Bookworm Adventures VOL. 2 is a great addition to the Bookworm franchise. It adds more RPG elements and tougher enemies, refining the experience. This is summarized in the following pictures of my playthrough:

As you can see the refinements are not the only reason why I play this game. Too bad the above words didn't work :-(. I love dirty talking in my Bookworm Adventures. I haven't seen much of Scribblenauts (only read the ENORMOUS NeoGaf-thread and the "God vs. Kraken" like Youtube movies), but nobody and I mean NOBODY entered "faeces" or "urinal". Why? Am I that immature? Maybe I'm compensating for my general gaming etiquette, which is hard in a world that calls you out for being a COCKFAG every 2 minutes.

So for all the douchebags online I SINCERELY recommend Bookworm Adventures VOL. 2, so you can sublimize your dirtytalk on Old McDonald and Mother Goose instead of trash-talking on me. Instead you could compliment on me teabagging your head.

Oh and BTW dirty words DO WORK in Bookworm Adventures Vol.2 ! I recorded proof for you all. Put that on the site popcap as a bullet point to boost sales even more :-P

Tell me what your longest dirty word was in Bookworm ! Without trash talking on me please :-P If anyone can tell me if dirty words do something in Scribblenauts please elaborate. I want to justify that Rooster Hat.

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