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StevePharma avatar 8:20 AM on 07.25.2009  (server time)
My Dad's New Epic Quest for Internet Fame


So yeah, with Wii Sports Resort out this week my house once again turned into a gaming domain, but not because of me.

It's because of my DAD.......

WTF you say? I understand completely. My dad is not a serious gamer per se. When I was young he usually played Super Mario Brothers 3 with me and an occassional Mario Kart or Goldeneye match. Man he even finished the Control level on Secret Agent, that's pretty good in my book. He likes pinball games (Big Race USA and recently Zen Pinball on my PS3) because they are fairly easy to understand. Sometimes he watches me play an RPG or Action Adventure, which he deems too difficult while fumbling with a DS3 in his hands. Apparently the N64 controller wasn't so bad :-D

When I introduced a NDS into my house I got my parents hooked on Brain Training. Then I bought 42 Game Classics on a whim and my dad started playing the darts game online against other people. He got hooked on it and even got high up in the worldwide ranks

Pretty funny all that but when I got a Wii the sh*t REALLY hit the fan. Here's my Youtube transcript with video included :-D

I purchased a Wii for Christmas and had a lot of fun with it until about March this year. Then 'the fun' wore off for me a bit and I stopped playing. At that time my dad (age 51) took over my room and started playing Wii-bowling constantly.

But seriously, every night when he came home he started playing for an hour or so, just Wii-bowling. I told him about that guy who threw a perfect 890 at the Power Throw game, and he was so impressed by that, that he wanted to throw one himself. I had never seen so much passion from my dad for a videogame-achievement, because he's not really interested in games per se. So after a couple of hundred tries he got himself like a nice 750 score, but around May he started to get progressively better, always asking me to keep my camera close so I could take pictures of his achievements.

In July he worked himself up to a decent 842 score, but it was at a practice session with another Mii-character he threw 9 strikes in a row. I ran upstairs with my camera to film his final throw, but he friggin' missed it! I know it sounds lame but that was one of my most intense videogame moments of all time, from Wii-sports of all games.

August 3rd 2007 will be known in my family now as Judgement Day, the day my dad actually threw it: 890. I was sitting downstairs when all of a sudden he yelled so hard I thought he was going to die, but no, he actually threw the damn thing. It was like Christmas came early for him. I was so damn impressed I couldn't believe it. Earlier that week I sarcastically told him not to use the 91-pin cheat because that would be like cheating (he couldn't throw that anyway).

I guess it took him like 5000 to 6000 tries in total, over a period of about 5 months. The best thing probably is that he threw it while sitting in a chair making the most non-bowling movements ever. That's right, like a toolbox (thank Penny-Arcade for that one). Anyway the proof is out there, it's perfect Nintendo PR-material , but I just wanted to share it with you guys

In conclusion....

But what now? With his Wii bowling accomplishment there was nothing epic for my dad to achieve anymore. SO yeah, thank god for Wii Sports Resort. There is this 100 pin bowling ubergame in it. It's his new baby. I've only got the game for 2 days and he's already posting scores in the 2000's. Damn he yelled to me from downstairs that his new high score is 2287, haha ! Here's a photo I took earlier....

And btw my dad is STILL cheating his ass off, but that's ok :-P. Check this out.... If he ever throws a 3000 my head will ASPLODE !

I hope you enjoyed my first post. Feel free to comment! I like to hear if any of your parents had any gaming achievements you are proud of.

Steve Out

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