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2:53 PM on 08.08.2008

Playapalooza '08 Live Stream (A 50 hour gaming marathon to support the Child's Play Charity)

I'm trying to get the word out about a gaming marathon that will be taking place next week.

Here is the link to the full post where the live video will be taking place

That will be the live feed of Platform Nation's Playapalooza '08. Now right now you probably wont see anything on the video, but on August 14 at 2pm Pacific time you will see our live stream.

Now let me give you guys a little info about just what is going on. We, several of the staff members of Platform Nation and some of our gaming community, are going to be gaming for 50 hours straight, that's right, 50 hours. Right now your probably thinking to yourself, why? Well I'll tell you, we're gaming to help out those that can't. What is going on is we have teamed up with several developers and publishers to play their games during those 50 hours and in return, everything that they have donated for Playapalooza '08, will then be turned around and given directly to those at the Child's Play Charity which is dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 40 hospitals worldwide, during this years Penny Arcade Expo. So if you to want to help out with Playapalooza '08, you to can donate to our cause.

There is a donation button right here on the full post on the site

Rest assured, 100% of what you donate will go directly to Child's Play. And if you have any games that you want to donate (they must be new and unopened for Child's Play) please contact myself at [email protected] I'll be happy to talk with you about this. For more info on Playapalooza '08 please check out our press release here.

If you would like to try to game with us, on the Xbox 360 we will be gaming under the gamertag of Steve519 and while on the Playstation 3 our PSN ID is Steve519


3:46 PM on 07.19.2008

Motor Storm Pacific Rift Gameplay Video


Here we have some great gameplay video for the next version of Motor Storm Pacific Rift. Trust me, you want to see this one, the amount of improvements that have been made in this will really make me want to pick this up as soon as it comes out. Come watch some single player and even some split screen play.   read

1:14 PM on 07.19.2008

Exclusive Peter Molyneux Video Interview About Fable 2


Platform Nation scores an exclusive interview with Peter Molyneux as he talks to us about his upcoming hit Fable 2.   read

2:59 AM on 06.03.2008

Lego Indiana Jones Gameplay Video


Enjoy video and just to let you know, this is an extremely fun game.   read

11:44 AM on 06.02.2008

Ninja Gaiden 2 Impressions

Game Review: Ninja Gaiden 2
Release: June 03, 2008
Genre: Action
Developer: Tecmo
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Players: 1
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: Mature

(The game itself does not look like the screenshots I'm using for this write-up. All of these images have been beautified from the team at Tecmo and Microsoft.)

How should I sum up Ninja Gaiden 2? I guess the easiest way to sum it up is to tell you about it. Here is a little description of the game that is taken directly from

[quote]Ninja Gaiden II makes its long-awaited debut on Xbox 360 as the blockbuster action-packed sequel to Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden II features a new and improved game engine, developed from the ground up exclusively for Microsoft and Xbox 360 by Team Ninja and legendary game developer Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of the famed Dead or Alive franchise.

Guide Ryu Hayabusa on a mission to avenge his clan and prevent the destruction of the human race. Armed with an assortment of ninja weaponry, help Ryu to skillfully maneuver through a world fraught with peril and danger. Ninja Gaiden II features an all-new gameplay engine, new auto-health regeneration system, levels, adventures, enemies, and thrilling combat with an extensive assortment of ninja weaponry, representing a true evolution of the highly popular franchise.[/quote]

Now why did I just tell you what they said? Well, that's because I feel that it isn't worth my time and effort to come up with something new. Kind of what Team Ninja did when they released Ninja Gaiden 2. Now, I'm not doing a full review of this games because the game just got old and, like I said before, this isn't anything really new. I've been there, done that and, for that reason, this game was a major turn off for me. Let me go ahead and get right into the scores.

Graphics: B
The cut scenes in Ninja Gaiden 2 look extremely nice, its essentially like watching a CGI movie right on your big screen TV (for those of you that own big screen TVs). And remember the way the first Ninja Gaiden stunned you when it came out for the original Xbox? Well I'm sorry to tell you but your not going to get that feeling again, at least not from this sequel of the franchise. Except for more blood and more decapitation animations there isn't really anything new in the visual department. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing because of how great the first version looked, but when you realize that Ninja Gaiden 1 came out in February of 2004, it really does leave a lot to be desired. With 4 years and 2 remakes later I guess I just wanted to see that step up that I was hoping for out of Ninja Gaiden 2. Even with all this, that graphics still really are not that bad, just don't expect to be blown away with them.

Sound: B-
Nothing in Ninja Gaiden 2 as far as sound goes will really impress you. Everything is done pretty well but this seems to take after the graphics category where nothing is really original. Everything kind of sounds a lot like the first iteration of the game, so that really means one of two things. Either the first Ninja Gaiden 1 did everything right, or just Ninja Gaiden 2 seems to have nothing new to the table. The throwing stars sound like throwing stars (at least the way I would imagine), the jumping sounds like jumping and the blades clanking when the hit against each other sound like blades clanking against each other. I do have one issue with the audio, and this is why I gave it a B- instead of a B: the character dialog. It just seems really dry to me, not just the lines but the way the characters are saying the lines.

Gameplay: B
As gameplay is one of the most important things that I look for in my games, this is also one of the things that I judge the hardest. Lets all be upfront with each other about what Ninja Gaiden has always been, a hack and slash game. It is nothing more than that right there. Now there are several different combos that you can do and you can master. And speaking of mastering combos, Ninja Gaiden 2 does a pretty decent job rewarding you in doing so. For pretty much every combo in the game, when done correctly you will earn an Xbox Achievement. I actually felt that this is kind of nice because the game is rewarding you for learning and mastering the proper way to go about it. Besides that though, you can actually beat most of the levels with just the A and Y button, trust me, it isn't that difficult to do. Add in your blocking and timing and you will, for the most part, breeze right though the game, that is, until you get to the boss battles. Luckily right before each big battle there is a save point, the reason for this is because as the game goes on, you will end up using that save point more and more as you die. This is where Ninja Gaiden wore on me in the past and it will in this one too. For some gamers, the bosses will get so frustrating that they will drive you to the point where the game isn't enjoyable for you anymore. This type of gameplay doesn't mean that your not good at games, it just means that the developer doesn't seem to care about reaching the gaming audience as a whole. That instead they seem to care only about those that enjoy these extremely annoying battles, and if you are one of those types of gamers, the type that wants those long hard fought out battles, then Ninja Gaiden 2 is the game for you. That is why even though I seemed to trash the gameplay of Ninja Gaiden 2, I still game it a B, because if you are the target audience, you will surly enjoy this game.

Controls: B
While overly complex at times, you will get the hang of it. Your pretty much use the block, hard strike, jump and the thumbstick the most. As the game goes on your need to start mastering the controller more and more if you want to be successful at the game but you will learn it over time. Still though, Ninja Gaiden 2 isn't your pick up and play type of game. It definitely has a learning curve.

Replay/Multiplayer: C
Probably the weakest point in this game is the replay. Now Ninja Gaiden 2 is a single player game, it does this in a era when almost every other major game has some type of online multiplayer. Now I won't mark Ninja Gaiden 2 down for this, but at the same time I refuse to overlook the fact. Other then online leaderboards, there really is no way in interact with your friends. And, unless your the type of player that will go back and beat this game over again after you did it the first time, there really isn't any replay value either. Now, if you are that type, I guess you're in luck because there are many difficulties that you can play this on as well as online Master Ninja Tournament that will be happening at later dates. This, however, for the majority of gamers, isn't something that we will be participating in nor would we play it again after beating it the first time.

Value: B-
With the lack of a replay value and the cost of 59.99 I am really not a fan of the value. Yes the game looks pretty, but in the end its just a beautified single player hack and slash that doesn't seem worth 59.99.

Overall: B-
As I said before, Ninja Gaiden 2 really doesn't seem to bring that much new to the table. Maybe it was because of the two releases between this version and the original but everything thing seems to have been done that this seems nothing more then like an add-on pack or map-pack to a game like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Now you might say that just shows how well the first one was made. I'll give you that but, nevertheless, I wanted more and that is something that I didn't get from this title. But, with all that being said, the game still has its good points at times and can be enjoyable. Just don't count on anything new.

Steve's Bottom Line
If you liked the first 3 entries in this franchise (Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden Sigma) then you'll surely want to pick this up. If not, stay away as this will not be the game for you.   read

11:00 AM on 06.02.2008

Race Driver: GRID Review

Game Review: Race Driver: GRID
Release: June 03, 2008
Genre: Racing
Developer: Codemasters
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3,PC
Players: 1-12
MSRP: $59.99(Xbox 360 and PS3) $39.99(PC)
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Let me start off by letting you all know that I'm really not a racing genre fan. Driving around in souped up cars is not something that really "drives" my interest. Games like Forza or Grand Turismo seem to bore me after a couple hours because, to me, they are lacking something. That something is called fun. But, on the other side of the spectrum, there are games like Burnout, which is extremely exciting and fun, but after a while becomes monotonous and starts to tire and wear on you. Codemasters has found the sweet spot between fun, excitement and realism. With games like Dirt, Colin McRae's series having been developed by Codemasters, I kind of knew what I was getting into: racing that was fast, sort of realistic, a tad bit of over the top, and a whole lot of fun. Once again Codemasters pulled through with GRID. I knew what I was getting into and I love it.

Graphics: A-
You're not going to get a Grand Turismo level of graphics with GRID, but you will get something that is very good. The tracks in the game are very beautiful and I really wouldn't expect anything less. The cars in the game are sometimes amazing and other times lacking. I've noticed that this really depends on the value of the car itself. Some of the lower end cars almost look last gen, it doesn't seem like the team really put time into these cars, instead they seemed to focus on the high end, expensive cars. And these cars look extremely good, especially when looking around your car or while driving in the cockpit view, which looks so nice in certain cars that even if it is harder to drive in this view you will tend to want to, just because of how well it looks on your television. While we are talking about the cars, I have to tell you that one thing that's extremely important in GRID is the crashes and destructible cars and this is another area where the game excels in. The visuals on the car damage is excellent, several areas of each car is destructible and when you crash into walls or other cars you will see it and it looks great. Even though most racing games tend to spend most of the time tweaking the visuals on just the tracks and cars, you can tell that Codemasters spent quite a bit of time working on car damage and for that I'm extremely grateful because this is something that I notice the most and this is what I love the most about the visuals. The only thing that doesn't really appeal to me in this game is the visual effect that you see when you are driving extremely fast, the motion blur. Now I understand that when you are driving at around 150 mph things won't be completely clear, but in the game it seems like a distraction more then anything else. Other then this, the game is very visually appealing.

Sound: B
Probably one of the weakest points in the game is the audio. The cars sound good, the crashes sound great, the in game music is decent but GRID has nothing that sets it apart from every other game. Now I'm not sure if the team at Codemasters actually captured every different car sound like what's done in Grand Tursimo and to be honest, that's not really necessary in this game. All the cars sound the way you think they would sound, but at the same time, nothing seems to stand out from the pack of the racing games genre. The crashes in the game, do however, sound pretty nice. I love hearing some of the collisions that happen when I was crashing into walls are other cars but at the same time, just like the prior comment, there is still nothing that makes this stand out. There is several other things that you will notice while driving like the crowd noise when you drive next to the stands, the audio that is present when your slip-streaming off of other cars or when there is a engine from a car right behind you in your rear speakers, all of this sounds good but at the same time all of this has been done before at some time.

Gameplay: A
For me and for what I enjoy from my games, the gameplay in GRID really seems to make it stand out of the crowd. The game has several different types of races, all ranging from drifts races, destruction derby's, head to head, normal races, and even the Le Mans 24 hour race (which is in an accelerated 24 minute format) among with a few more game types. With all these different types of races and different tracks this is where the game really excels. Just doing the races itself is loads of fun but when you add the instant replay feature (the ability to rewind and replay/redo a part of the race), the team rankings, the individual rankings, earning sponsors and the Xbox 360 Achievements (sorry you PS3 and PC users) you will see how much fun this game is. I find myself always trying to excel over everyone else so I can earn more money, buy new cars, get new sponsors and unlock new events. I am constantly trying to unlock new features. One of the new things that really helps the gameplay in GRID is the rewind feature, a single player only feature that allows you to essentially redo areas of the race where you can either replay the spot where you totaled your car or maybe just a turn that you scrubbed and maybe lost a few spots on the standings. Now at the beginning of the game this really isn't a feature that you use quite often but the further you advance in the game the most useful this feature will be as the races tend to get more and more difficult. Other then that, I have to say that GRID, as a whole, is just a really fun game. While I have at times became extremely frustrated at the game, I have loved every minute of it.

Controls: B
The controls are a lot like the graphics. All done in a very nice way but nothing that stands out. Everything is really simple, you have gas and brakes done with the triggers (all on the 360 version), camera view changes down with on the of bumpers, steering with the left thumbstick, panning around your car with the right thumbstick. Its all like almost every other racing game. Nothing special but all really simple and easy to pick up and play

Replay/Multiplayer: B+
There are so many races in this game and so much to do. There are nine (ten if you count the head to head race that you get after you finish all nine races in each section) in each class in each division of the game. Along with that, there is another global division that is opened after you finish a number of events. So running out of new races is something that will not happen any time soon. What you will run short of is different tracks and locations. There is only something like seven different world locations and around 40-50 different tracks. This is what I feels, hurts the replay value of the game. Another feature of this game is the online multiplayer. Its, for the most part, pretty well put together. I did several online player matches playing against people mostly from Europe as they received the game early. I played around ten to fifteen online matches and I was pleasantly surprised to only experience lag in one match, and that was very brief. The lobby system was done in a nice way, the host selects if there is car damage, catch up, race length and a couple other things. After each race instead of the host picking the next race (always to his advantage) everyone in the lobby votes on what the next event is. This was a surprise to me as I really haven't seen any other game implement this into the online the way its done it GRID. Its kind of a good and bad thing I guess. At times when I'm hosting I would like to only pick certain races but you can not do this with the voting system. Everyone as a whole has say in what event is done next and the majority of the vote determines the next race.

Value: B
GRID, like every other "next-gen" game has a price of 59.99 on the consoles and 39.99 on the PC. The price is fitting I guess because it does have a pretty good replay value and very good gameplay but on a game where there are several areas that are well done but at the same time, they don't stand out, I would have loved to see it dropped by ten dollars on all consoles.

Overall: A-
As someone that really doesn't like racing games, GRID draws me into it and I really have enjoyed almost every minute. As a whole, this game is a great package with almost every aspect of the game having a very solid score from myself, I really want to urge you all to check this game out. With the crashes, the replays and just the amount of events in this game you wont run out of things to do any time soon. And this is something that I can easily see myself going back to a several months from now just like I still do with DiRT.

Steve's Bottom Line
If you have enjoyed any of Codemasters games in the past this is a must buy for you, I have no doubt about that. If not, I still think that this is a game that you need to play so you should at least rent this.   read

1:33 AM on 06.02.2008

Ninja Gaiden 2 In Game Videos

These videos were taken from level 2 of the new Ninja Gaiden 2. You can expect an official Platform Nation review on this game either Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Exclusive In Game Video

Ninja Gaiden 2 Exclusive In Game Video 2

Ninja Gaiden 2 Exclusive In Game Video w/semi boss battle

Ninja Gaiden 2 Exclusive In Game Video w/ Boss Battle
[embed]88640:11813[/embed]   read

7:31 PM on 06.01.2008

Race Driver: GRID In Game Videos

Because this game is coming out this week I decided to give you guys some exclusive in game videos. And if you are interested in GRID tomorrow morning we will have a full review up for you guys to read.

All from,

Race Driver: GRID - Pro Touge 1


Race Driver: GRID - Pro Touge 2


Race Driver: GRID - Destruction Derby


Race Driver: GRID - Freesytle Drift 1

Race Driver: GRID - GT1 part 1

[embed]88598:11804[/embed]   read

9:46 PM on 05.14.2008

I'm giving away some crap

In celebration to Sierraís sequel to their hit Assault Heroes, for the Xbox Live Arcade, we have teamed up with them to have a special giveaway. All you have to do is post on this very post(sorry you have to do it on my site so I can get names together in one spot) saying that you want to win. Yep its that simple. Next Wednesday Iíll take all the names, throw them into a hat and 3, thats right, 3 people will win a free Assault Heroes baseball hat.   read

12:20 AM on 04.22.2008

Playstation Home Not Open Till Fall of 08

Sony just announced today that the public beta for Playstation Home will not, I repeat, not be open to all till fall of 2008. Here is what Sony has said,

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today that it will expand the Closed Beta testing for PLAYSTATIONģHome in Summer 2008, inviting a further number of registrants from the PLAYSTATIONģ3 (PS3ģ) users. Following completion of the Expanded Closed Beta test, the PLAYSTATION Home Open Beta service will commence in Fall 2008.

ďWe understand that we are asking PS3 and prospective PS3 users to wait a bit longer, but we have come to the conclusion that we need more time to refine the service to ensure a more focused gaming entertainment experience than what it is today,Ē said Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ďOur overarching objective is to provide users with new gaming experiences that are available only on PLAYSTATION Home. Spending more time on the development and on the Closed Beta testing reaffirms our commitment to bringing a quality service, maintaining the PlayStationģ tradition.Ē

The PLAYSTATION Home Open Beta service that will become available in Fall 2008 will be built around providing new and fun community gaming experiences, such as connecting PlayStation games with Home and providing places and items from the games.

Details of the Closed Beta testing features, registration for the test and the opening of the service will be announced as they become available.

I donít know about you guys, but this is extremely disappointing to me, especially with all the rumors of the past couple weeks that it might have been just around the corner.   read

1:53 PM on 04.13.2008

Sony PS3 Red Screen of Death


So every time I try to adjust my audio output options I am now greeted with Sonyís Red Screen of Death. This has only happened since the last update and now Iím unable to change my audio output because of this.

Has this happened to you? or anyone else you know? Do you know of a way to fix this?

If so please email me at [email protected] Thank you.   read

4:45 PM on 03.17.2008

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Game Review

Game Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Release: March 18, 2008
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Ubisoft
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3,PC
Players: 1-12
MSRP: $59.99(Xbox 360 and PS3) $49.99(PC)
ESRB Rating: Mature

Rainbow Six Vegas is a game that I absolutely love. I played countless hours of the first on the 360, so when offered the chance to do a review for the second iteration of the game I jumped on it. Rainbow Six Vegas is one of the most realistic shooters of this gen, and was also one of the best games to come out last year. The best thing about this Rainbow Six Vegas is that itís not like all other shooters, youĎre made to think before you act because if you donít, you will die, and die often. You have cover, you have team commands, and you have different weapons for every play style, not just one almighty gun that out does all others.

The story, while short, is extremely fun, fast paced, and immersive. Youíre the leader of your squad and youíre going through Las Vegas trying to stop evil terrorists from blowing up a bomb, all with a surprising twist towards the end that I am not going to spoil.

As with the previous Rainbow Six games, the online play is really where itís at. Vegas 2 offers many different game types and maps for you to choose from, along with many different options for you to choose for each mode. There are several different weapons to choose from, and in the game youíre given the chance to customize your character from top to bottom. This was popular in the prequel, and is also going to be in this version. Once again we are offered face mapping, and again it does take a long time to get your colors and skin tones right. Unfortunately they still do not allow you to use much of the equipment for your head if you do the face mapping, and still it looks a little cheesy, but do not let that stop you because itís always fun to see your real face in the game.

Enough of the face mapping talk, let me get right into the review because that is why you are here. You want to find out if this game is truly all that.

Graphics: 9
This game looks unbelievably good. The character faces, the level design, and the detail on everything is amazing. When youíre playing this game you can see every little detail that the team at Ubisoft put into this game. Every piece of equipment is an exact replica of its real counter part. But really, what more do you expect from a Tom Clancy game? Now, in the previous Rainbow Six Vegas the graphics were also top notch, at least until you went online where everything just took a turn for the worst. This is not an issue with the sequel. I spent a lot of time with 4 player Terrorist Hunt and noticed no difference in graphics, so either Ubisoft hid the lower quality very well or they improved the net code so the graphics donít have to be scaled down. My only issue with the graphics is how dark a couple of the levels are. At times it is really difficult to see. I can understand this happens at times to make you use your night vision or heat vision goggles, but it seems to happen too often. Other then this issue, I have to say that this is one of the most realistic looking shooters I have ever played.

Sound: 9
Good audio is one of the most important things in a game to help immerse you, and one of the most important things in a realistic shooter. You need to know if your enemy is behind the corner or on the other side of a door. That was one thing that Ubisoft did almost perfectly with the first iteration of Rainbow Six Vegas, and again is something they did with this sequel. Every sound in this game will keep you on your toes. If you hear someone talking your whole game play will change, because you know that there is going to be some kind of confrontation soon. The attention to detail in the audio is incredible. The score in this game also excels. It really helps you feel what is going on and it helps suck you into the game play. Ubisoft knew exactly what music to play when the game scenes are tense, and what to play when things are cooling down. This is something that I have always noticed Ubisoft is great at doing, and this game is no exception.

Gameplay: 8
If you have ever played a Rainbow Six you have a great idea of the game play it has to offer. Youíre in charge of your squad or team, and youíre directing them constantly to follow you, clear rooms, move to point, stand down, etc (this is a very simplistic view if you have never played the game). This should be no surprise to you. You do a lot of the same things over and over, which is not a bad thing. The level design is very well done and even though you are, for the most part, doing the same things over and over it does not get repetitive. The game play, combined with the sound, will suck you into the story and before you know it you will have played 2-4 hours of Vegas 2 like it was nothing. Everything about the game is extremely fun, but at the same time is nothing new to any one that has ever played a Tom Clancy game. There is a bomb that youíre trying to stop from going off, and in doing so you have to kill a lot of terrorists and save some hostages at the same time. Youíll have fun.

Controls: 7
The controls are the only weak area of the game. It is not really Rainbow Six's fault, as there is only so much that you can control, but even so I do fault the game a little. Even for someone like myself, who has spent more then forty hours playing the first Vegas, I constantly found myself throwing grenades when I did not mean to, turning on my night vision when I meant to sprint, and many other little things. Even on the last level I was still making these little mistakes. I felt that this was partially Rainbow Six Vegas 2's fault because they went so far from the norm with their control scheme. Yes it is a lot like the previous version, but different from every other game out there. For this reason this is not a pick up and play game. If you have never played a Rainbow Six game you will have serious issues getting used to this, and itís why I felt that the controls were the weakest aspect of the game.

Replay: 8
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has 7 levels in the single player game, with each level having between 3-4 episodes a piece. The game start to finish took me just under 7 hours to finish. This, however, does not take away from the game. There is plenty to do in this game besides the campaign. That is, if you have access to online play. If you do not have Internet access you will miss out on so much of this game, and then the replay will severely suffer. However, if you one of the 60-70 percent of gamers that have access to online gaming you will not be disappointed with Vegas. When you have all your friends with you doing Terrorist Hunts, co-op story, attack and defend, team death matches and several others game types you will not be disappointed, because this is where this game excels. Yes the single player is a whole lot of fun, but if you are like most gamers the majority of your playing time will be online. This is where you will have the most fun.

Value: 9
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 costs 59.99, and for someone like myself this is very much worth it. If you are a gamer that loves shooters, not just any type of shooters, but realistic shooters, this is a game that you have to pick up. I can easily see myself putting another 40-50 hours into the multiplayer alone, itís that good. Besides the impressive game play, one of the reasons I will be spending so much time with this game is because they took something out of Call of Duty 4's book and used a ranking system. The more you play the higher your rank, and more weapons will be unlocked. Itís a lot like Call of Duty's perks, and itís nice to see that they implemented this into the game because it adds to the longevity/value of the game.

Overall: 8.5
If you are a realistic shooter fan you have to pick this game up, there is no question about it. If youíre not, this is most definitely a game that you have to check out to see if it can change your mind. For me, this will be the game Iíll be playing till Gears of War 2 comes out. Rainbow Six Vegas will hold my attention until then, and for a game to do that it has to be impressive. This is what Vegas 2 is. Having full control of your team, telling them to clear rooms, take point, while overly complex at times, is one of the most enjoyable experiences that Iíve had with a game. The graphics are amazing, the sound is amazing, and the amount of fun you will have with this game is amazing. In all honestly I do kind of feel this to be more a Rainbow Six Vegas 1.5, because it does feel a lot like its prequel. But itís not a bad thing. They took a lot of the game play from the first Vegas and built upon it to bring us more levels, new weapons, more characters and more story. If you combine that with all the online play ,it is an easy decision for me to recommend this as a must buy, and as of right now this is the best game of this year on the market.   read

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