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Steve Vice's blog

4:39 PM on 09.12.2008

"Hello, world!"


This is me, uhm.

Getting started is always the hardest part.

Well I'm Steffen, my real name that is, and I've been reading and listening to Dtoid for well yeah, about as long as its been around, but I've never really made the step of actually signing up as a member until, well, some time ago. I fiddled around with the banner thing and never really got into the whole community aspect of Dtoid, and I just suddenly felt like trying.

So this would be my first post here on Destructoid. I read it every day, and my favorite podcast is without a doubt Retroforce GO! Which I've listened to every single episode several times over.

What else should I put in here?

Well I'm from Norway, its that golf club looking thing just west of Sweden, and since Norway's not a part of the European Union, all EU coins charting the EU territories makes Sweden and Finland look like cock and balls.... Google it.

I have a dog as well, a Boxer, called Chance. Yeah I loved Homeward Bound as a kid (even though thats an American Bulldog).

Well that's all for tonight. See you guys!

<<EDITED to insert funnay picz>>


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