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Sterling Aiayla Lyons avatar 8:10 PM on 03.25.2011  (server time)
I find myself writing an unexpected APB: Reloaded Blog.

After the last time I blogged about APB:Reloaded, I promised myself that I wouldn't blog about APB:Reloaded again until they announced the date of the opening of the open beta, considering that they say that's the next step after the current closed beta phase.

Of course, a few things happened that changed my mind on this, and made me not able to resist writing another blog. The first of these is another update to the APB:Reloaded facebook page. This time we have a video of the current state of the closed beta. I thought it was cute, as they dressed this up like it was a breaking news story being reported live on the "Nentego News Network" by "Tom Brokjah".

APB News Studio HD

I'm not too sure, but it seems to me like this might be a kind of meta-cast thing that they might continue to do well into the release version of the game. I don't mind. It was rather cute in my opinion. The next thing that happened was a much less cute and humorous video, but a much more insightful developers blog entry.

Currently, there's been a large complaint amongst the player base about how the matchmaking in the current game is terrible. It constantly puts you into lopsided matches against either opponents that are too hard, or too easy, or just in matches where it literally lets one team outnumber the other team because it thinks one side has "better" players than the other.

Luckilly, the dev team not only acknowledges that the current system, is indeed shit, they also go into the specifics on WHY it is currently so terrible, and also discusses some of the hurdles that they have to consider in fixing the problem. I think that the post is really an awesome read not just if you're interested in the game, but also if you like talking about game design theory in general.

All in all though, nothing is shaking my anticipation or hope that the final product will be well taken care of by this game's new adoptive parents. The closed beta feels like it's going along well, and the open beta seems like it's not too far away either. The European servers are almost up as well, and would be if FedEx didn't fail so hard at shipping, lol.

At least it's good to know that they're listening to the complaints, right?

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