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Sterling Aiayla Lyons avatar 12:33 PM on 04.22.2011  (server time)
APB: Reloaded Pre-Open Beta Gaiden something-or-other.

It's been a couple of months now since GamersFirst revived the quick to rise, quick to die, Cops vs. Robbers MMO Sandbox Shooter APB: All Points Bulletin, and tossed that fragile little IP into the wilds of a closed beta test. And now through thick and thin, build version 1.5 is finally out and APB, now known as APB: Reloaded, can go into it's ope-

Huh? Oh... I see.

Due to unspecified delays in getting the 1.5 update out the door, the dev team has decided that it will be a closed beta build instead of it's original intention to be the first build of the open beta phase. Of course, the good news still lies in the fact that this update comes with some MASSIVE CHANGES for the game in general.

Some cops vs some robbers =3

And to start off with the biggest change, the reintroduction of the "Witnessing" system. This system was taken out for the duration due to conflicts with the newly introduced "Ready" system. The ready system allowed you to go into an idle state were the game would find a mission for you to join in(or start a new one for you). This conflicted with the way the old "Witnessing" system worked, where, if an Enforcer "witnessed" a Criminal committing a crime, it would seek out other available Enforcers for opposition. The main flaw with this was, it didn't always choose the witnessing Enforcer.

Now though, Witnessing has been overhauled. Instead of starting up full on missions like the ready system does, it starts a mini-mission that is much in the same vein as a 1-Flag capture the flag mode. The two groups (the witnessed Criminals, and the witnessing Enforcers) will duke it out to see who can take the stash of stolen goods to their respective drop off points (the fence for Crims, the Evidence lockup for Cops).

They don't like to admit it, but those guns are just on lease =P

Though that's the biggest change, the patch notes are still hella long(much to long to copy-pasta here). There are still a couple of big system changes with this update too.

-The rebalancing the player spawn algorithms to take into account the locations of the people you're playing with, the objective, and recently killed players to supposedly decide on better spawning locations that keep you closer to the action, and out of a shitty "spawn camp" type of situation.

-Weapon and vehicles can now be leased for a temporary period of time so that the player can take them for a test spin without having to worry about wasting a lot of their in game monies on something they may not like. These leased items can be upgraded, but the upgrades will be returned when the lease is up. Supposedly, this should also help keep the in game inflation down as well, since players won't be able to horde "end game" equipment as easily.

She's just waiting for the download to finish... obviously =P

Other less major changes include: weapon and vehicle rebalancing, progression tweaks, upgrade rebalances(also now renamed "Modifications"), UI changes, updated the tutorial, graphical improvements, and streamlining on the back-end for better game performance. When I say "streamlining on the back-end...", I mean that they've managed to reduce the size of some files so that the overall package for APB:Reloaded is smaller overall. The size of APB: Reloaded version 1.5 is just over 4 gigs. Unfortunately... current closed beta testers must download the whole thing ( T~T) . Good news for people looking to the open beta though... the file is no longer 8 to 12 freaking gigs big! =D

Hopefully these changes will help bring out the potential that the game had when in it's original run, and make it just a much more enjoyable game to play all around. If you wanna read the full patch notes, follow the link below.

Source:APB Reloaded Dev Blog- Version 1.5 is Live.

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