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7:13 PM on 02.27.2011

The Wonder Years, D.R.U.G.S., Talk Talk, and Radiohead

Hey all! Another Sunday night, another Stereotoid. I personally had some great reviews planned but I think I might've caught the flu (in the dead Texas humidity nonetheless) so I think I'm just gonna let some of the others ...   read

10:36 PM on 02.20.2011

Iron & Wine, Between the Buried and Me, PJ Harvey, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and more!

Geeeeez! We haven't had an edition this gigantic in a long time. With three great reviews from vApathyv, some really good choices from all our other editors, and even one guest review from JTHomeslice this is definitely one...   read

12:53 PM on 02.14.2011

The Stereotoid Valentines Day Song-tacular!!!

Howdy doody folks! vApathyv has jacked Stereotoid temporarily to bring you guys a nice selection of Valentine's Day-themed music. Whether you're lovestruck and happy as can be, heartbroken and lonely, pissed off at any ex ...   read

8:29 PM on 02.12.2011

Blakroc, Captain Beefheart, Disasterpeace, and The White Stripes

Sup. Usually, Xzyliac would be the one talking to you in this paragraph, but due to some technical difficulties, Daxelman is here to save the day and provide you with sweet beats. We've got some White Stripes, some Blakro...   read

6:16 PM on 01.31.2011

Busta Rhymes, Sleigh Bells, Zoe Keating, and Shad

Late Stereotoid! Did everyone enjoy their weekend? You better have! Here's some new tunes for your weekday from Busta Rhymes, Zoe Keating, Shad, and Sleigh Bells. Album: Anarchy Artist: Busta Rhymes Label: Elektra Record...   read

8:12 PM on 01.23.2011

Caribou, Peter Bjorn and John, Rancid, La Dispute, and Wu-Tang Clan vs. Beatles

Here ya go. Album: Swim Artist: Caribou Label: Merge Records Released: 2010 Genre: Indie/Electronica/Pop/Utter Madness Sounds like: Animal Collective/Battles in the 70s, Hot Chip Sometimes, all it takes to find new musi...   read

7:05 PM on 01.14.2011

Freezepop and The Decemberists

Hello? Hello? Looks like it’s just me this week. Huh. Well, ain’t no thang. This week we got two albums for you and they’re very good albums on two polar opposite sides of the spectrum so pick your poison and dive in. The...   read

8:05 PM on 01.09.2011

Cake, Gnarls Barkley, Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd, Magnolius, and Pantha Du Prince

Sunday is the new Friday. But not really. We're just really late. Again. Hey, we have jobs too. Album: St. Elsewhere Artist: Gnarls Barkley Label: Downtown/Atlantic Released: April 24, 2006 Genre: R&B *Sub-genres Neo-sou...   read

5:55 PM on 01.05.2011

By morning, you'll be gone: Songs that make me weep

”By morning, you’ll be gone.” – Joel from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The above is a quote that I wanted to use as my title because it’s one of my favorite sad lines of all time. It reminds me of lying in bed, kn...   read

8:56 PM on 01.02.2011

2010 Sound-Off: The best albums of 2010

2010 has come and gone and while we weren't here writing for the entirety of it some of us were definitely listening. As we prepare for the coming year, and all the badassery it holds [I totally have dibs on new Decemberist...   read

7:38 PM on 12.24.2010

The Damned Things, Ghostface Killah, Baths, and My Chemical Romance

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! To celebrate Christmas we did absolutely jacksquat because, frankly, I forgot Christmas was this weekend until today. Yay! I think Kraid had something planned but he's lazy. Lazy and Canadian. ...   read

9:45 PM on 12.17.2010

Tron, Kaki King, Coheed and Cambria, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and Le Tigre

We're back! After a few months of hiatus the gang is finally back together and hopefully to stay! In this return issue we tackle a little bit of the obscure stuff, some prog, some punk, and last but not least the latest fro...   read

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