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Sega Saturn Games Wishlist for XBLA Part 1

So....Now that Sega has mentioned that they are releasing Saturn games on XBLA I got a list of games that I want to see on XBLA. I don't care if they aren't developed by Sega or not I just want them here dammit! I may only po...


About Stepithone of us since 3:17 PM on 01.17.2010

I'm Stepith and I love playing games,

The latter part many people already know. I'm an everyman which means that I love games, comic books, films, and regular books (diskworld and World War Z)

Find me on Xbox Live if you want to talk about stuff and I'm very open about comics so don't be afraid to ask about me. I play fighting games only and I hate FPS games with a passion (Duke Nukem not included)

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