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Stepith's blog

1:08 AM on 07.01.2010

Sega Saturn Games Wishlist for XBLA Part 1

So....Now that Sega has mentioned that they are releasing Saturn games on XBLA I got a list of games that I want to see on XBLA. I don't care if they aren't developed by Sega or not I just want them here dammit! I may only post one a day as I would like to grow this list a bit slowly if ya don't mind

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Release 1995; Developer/Publisher Atlus

People may have heard of Raido Kuzunoha but what about Kyoji Kuzunoha. his descendant. The first Devil Summoner was actually on the Sega Saturn. My reason for putting this game on the list is because not many people have played this game and I myself would like to play the first ever DS game. The gameplay itself is much the first two SMTs before it. I heard that it was once considered to be localized for America in the early 90s. But sadly it never happened. Atlus also considered the PSP version for America but Sony of America said nay. Damn it I want this game in English now!!   read

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