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More often than not, I'd rather be at Comic Con. When I close my eyes, I see Mass Effect. When I open them, I'm a twi'lek. I don't know. Long story short, I make costumes, wear them places, and then write about stuff on the internet. Games.

I'm a RipTen spy. Follow me on Twitter @SigmaRue.

11:04 PM on 03.03.2012

Hell, I had something all witty and pretty in mind for a first blog, but somewhere between Mass Effect 3 and half a pound of ground beef, it fizzled away. So I'll go with my traditional plan B. Hi Destructoid, my name is Stephanie, and here are some things I drew.

The attachment I didn't embed is a meme I drew. It's long. Don't click it if you have a problem with long things, or people who make fun of Dragon Age 2. Otherwise, have at it.
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