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Stephen Carlander avatar 6:51 PM on 06.21.2012  (server time)
fifa 12 on the ps2

fifa 12

um why am I writing this
well to come to decision on a feeling seems
really like how you feel about someone, it always evolves and changes based on what
you know, so in conclusion (for the purpose of writing this, as conclusions go)

I don't know, maybe you don't have a current gen game system or pc
and like me are relegated to serving yourself simulated footie with
a last gen console
woes me , as it is this game looks a lot like fifa 08 on pc with the detail level
set to medium, at your standard definition, player movement is decent with a
consistent frame rate drop which doesn't lag to a point of frustration, as with a low end pc or
bad game, so its pretty average for ps2

the game modes , eh, lets focus on the career mode where you make a player
and work your way up through experience points and bonuses for play
fuck it will be a time kill to do this, so after a game i got a red card, and got 40 exp points
and a 8.0 game rating, above average, funny enough
cant say I'm going to play this mode much more, not my cup of tea
that's all i can really say about that, strip away all the league, tourney crap the game play is pretty
fun if you soccer video games

the sound track, well sure good music, good music after 20 games I turned off , so i dont hate it

-manage mode

ok so now the manager mode , forget it, football manager 08, or any version since is vastly superior in form and function ,

game play , well after 40 games i would say that half of them ended with me having 70 percent of
possession and losing on one of a couple of shots i let past my defense, absolutely dominating the computer only to have a majority of my chances go wide or the keeper make a diving save with no rebound. so it gets boring

overall, i would give it a higher score if the price point had been dropped down , but i feel ea
tried to offer all of these extra game modes and the soundtrack while diminishing the presentation for me, i think they failed in delivering on an advancement of fifa 08.

in short, for a inexpensive management sim, go with football manager
just going to have to save my pennies for a 360 because the lack of online league mode and
presentation make the repetitive leisure of it less valuable.
-side note, play for direct kicks, aim for the top corner, hit it softly and you will score 99 percent of the time

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