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Stephen Adams's blog

2:42 PM on 01.30.2013

A thought popped in my head while playing Ni no Kuni. . .

Through my many years of playing games I have always loved trying to squeeze every bit of content as I can in a run. Being it through exploring every last nook and cranny of my old RPG favorites or looking into every corner of every room in more adventure type games I love to get the whole experience. However, that experience word makes something else happen, mainly when eating my RPG flavor ice cream. Some of these trips cause me to gain huge lumping piles of experience points. My other favorite thing in video games is having a challenge in my journey. This is where Ni no Kuni comes in. Through some of my side quests involving luck % happenings I have had horrid luck getting what I'm looking for <vague to avoid spoilers> and causes me to over-level my party which diminishes the difficulty. I would love to see these games bring in a new type of difficulty. Not one in which adjusts the skill of enemies in combat as these are already in effect. Rather, I would like to see an additional option to have my experience level capped in regard to storyline. This would help keep boss fights challenging and fun while avoiding the pitfalls so many developers fear happening by upping the difficulty and alienating portions of their possible audience. No level cap option for those that love to see how broken they can get their parties in early play, difficulty adjustments for people who like to see hard AI, and the level cap option for those who wish to keep themselves in the difficulty while not being limited on exploration. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'd love to see this type of thinking hit the RPG world.   read

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