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Stephanie K avatar 3:34 PM on 05.24.2011  (server time)
Streamtoid - Getting Started

I want to apologize for getting this blog up a few days later than I original said. I have been trying to balance work, socializing, and organizing my ideas to present to all of you. Anyway, let's begin brainstorming over ideas for Streamtoid.

So what is Streamtoid...?

Streamtoid is currently just the codename for a CBlog-based stream. The community has yet to come up with an actual name so until then, I will refer to it as Streamtoid. (Our first order of business will be to settle on a name.) The objective of the stream is to potentially create a stream ran by a small group of selected CBlogers, but there are some issues we need to work out before progressing with Streamtoid more.

Before even considering continuation, we need to ensure that interest is maintained otherwise there is no point in it. A community based feature cannot exist if there is no community to build its foundation on. This means we need both viewers and broadcasters. The fact that it took me a couple of days to get this blog up alone is enough proof to show that something of this scale cannot be handled by just one person. Or at least by me. I have a fulltime job with classes starting in August and my schedule at work changes weekly based on when other employees are available. Due to this, I cannot always guarantee that I will be available at the same time every week since, hence why having a few extra people would be a great help.

Naturally we want to start small. This way it will be easier to handle any kinks or problems we might stumble upon while testing future streams. When it comes time to find broadcasters, interviews will be held since I will need to make sure the people entrusted with the channel's information are people who are both dedicated and trustworthy. We also will need to make sure that all the broadcasters understand how the software works and auditions can be held for official broadcasters.

Settling on a program to use is another thing to conquer. For those who watched last week's Chzo Mythos stream, I have experience with Livestream and some experience with UStream. Personally, I found Livestream to be more user friendly when it comes to streaming from the desktop. It comes with a program that does both video and audio from a desktop while UStream requires downloads of third party software. I am aware that Destructoid uses JustinTV but I have no experience or knowledge with it. So if anyone does, please enlighten us.

Once we've selected a channel and started finding broadcasters, we then need to figure out a schedule. Destructoid has a lot that goes on already so finding a timeslot where we will not interfere yet still be accessible to a majority of the interested viewer base may be difficult. Perhaps we should stay with once a week for now until everything is figured out.

I would still like to try another test run or two before taking any steps farther. I also would love to hear your ideas and concerns.

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