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Stephanie K avatar 12:56 PM on 06.26.2011  (server time)
Streamtoid - 1213

Game: 1213 Episodes 1 - 3
Date: Sunday, June 26
Time: 9:00pm (Eastern)

Pain and darkness is all a man knows. He has no memories regarding how he came to be a prisoner or even who he is. All that he knows is that he is referred to by a number - 1213 - and is a tool used to another's sick amusement. Day in and day out he is released onto a hazardous obstacle course where his captor watches the torture from the safety of his surveillance room. A new day breaks dawn but this morning starts unlike any other. The "training" schedule seems to be messed up as 1213's cell door opens without notice. A gun lies at his feet. Perhaps curiosity - or desperation to escape - is what leads 1213 to venture out into the unknown world, but maybe... Maybe he would have been safer to stay inside.

1213 is yet another free to play psychological adventure game created by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw. I felt that after completing the Chzo Mythos games with everyone, it would be fitting to continue with another game within the same genre. I have also noticed that episodic, short games such as these are fantastic for streaming. It allows for breaks and gives me easy points to pick back up at if we need to stop for a night.

1213 is rather entertaining. It is an action based game compared to the Chzo Mythos games that were point-and-click adventure games. There are three episodes for the series but do not worry. The series in a whole is about as long as one Chzo Mythos game. Even after watching all the dialogue, we should be able to finish the whole series within two or so hours. That is not all though... A special guest will also be broadcasting with me and giving extra commentary on the game. Yet another test for possible, future Streamtoids.

As always, if you miss the stream (I got your message, Scotty), we always have the recording up and available on the stream's channel. You can also go back and rewatch older streams as well but please do report any issues that you might encounter.


On a site note, I'd really like to get the official name decided here soon. I'd love to finally join Dtoid's JTV but I feel as if we need to polish this up a bit more before putting it out there. Especially when it comes to the content. I feel as if we would be trotting into Conrad's territory if we show older games. So, what type of games would you like to see us focus on?

Clearly the show would be on a weekly (perhaps twice a week) showing. If that matters any.

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