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Game: Chzo Mythos series
Date: Saturday, May 21
Time: 10:30pm (Eastern)

Come join us in welcoming the rapture! We will be finishing up the Chzo Mythos series Saturday night by picking up where we left off. Our first game of the night will be 6 Days a Sacrifice. Then we will finally finish up the series with Trilby's Notes.Technically, fans recommend playing Trilby's Notes before 6 Days, but I feel that for the sake of the flow of the stream... Doing 6 Days first would be beneficial.

Do not worry. If you missed the first two streams, there are records that you can voice on the channel. So feel free to catch up.

Also, depending on who all is watching and what people feel like... Maybe we could start a discussion on actually getting a CBlog stream going.


Game: Chzo Mythos series
Date: Thursday, May 19
Time: 10:30pm (Eastern)

Currently codenamed "Streamtoid", this is the beginning of a possible series of community ran video game streams by members of the CBlog community. Tonight will be our unofficial test run to see how much interest exists and will determine whether or not it is worth investing time into.

In order to keep somewhat relevant, I will be streaming a play through of the Chzo Mythos series which was my topic for last month's musing. There are a total of four games in the series but I am not sure if we will play through all four of them tonight. The order upon which we will be playing them is as follows:

- 5 Days a Stranger
- 7 Days a Skeptic
- 6 Days a Sacrifice
- Trilby's Notes

The stream itself will not be live until 10:30pm EST but music will be provided until then as we wait for viewers.

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