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SteezyXL's blog

1:38 PM on 09.02.2010

So there's this guy named Occams, and he's kind of AWESOME!

"Always, I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony harmony oh love"

This quote from Erasure's "Always" is how completely how I feel towards Occams after what was mailed to me yesterday.

Before I explain, or rather, show you guys the magical entities of awesome Occams has decided to bestow upon me, I should explain why Occams has decided to send me anything in the mail at all. I mean, he could have just sent me anthrax, but no, he sent me the combination to his heart.

The combination is 514 if anyone's wondering.

So there we were, in the most intense game of Castle Crashers. I was down to a pint of health and Occams wasn't looking shabby himself. The Cyclops boss had his eyes set for Occams. I could see it's thirst for blood and vengeance in the Cyclops' eye. It took off dashing towards Occams . Occams stood there in frozen in fear as the Cyclops hulking body came ever so closer to hitting him. Being the stealthy ninja I was, I quickly took off toward the hulking beast and with all of my might, I shoved the Cyclops into the neatly dug, square pool of lava and the Cyclops was no more.

As a token of his appreciation, Occams offered to mail me gifts. The end.

Ok, ok. Maybe I stretched the truth a bit there.

Occams and I were just chatting over a friendly game of Castle Crashers, when he asked my what kind of music I liked. My music tastes are generally open. However, I frequently listen to bands like Silversun Pickups, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, and the old Linkin Park for my Alternative fix and Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest, Blu & Exile, and generally anything from the late 80s-early 90s for my Hip-Hop fix.

Being the very kind man he is, Occams offered to send me a DVD full of his music recommendations. I was thrilled he would do such a thing for me. So I sent him my address and awaited the arrival of the DVD.

Now all I was expecting was to receive that DVD full of music. However, Occams had snuck in a few other surprises that I was like to share with you guys.

Whoa what's all this? A hand-written letter, a drawing,some loose Marvel vs. Capcom papers, a little Cthulu and.. wait.. is that.. the.. white ranger?

A sniper holding an axe calling him self an "axe murderer"? I don't get.. OHH! I see what you did there. Hehe.. :) (It's an inside joke from the FNF crew)

This was on the back side of that drawing up there. Is.. that a nipple? What the fuck?

OMIGAWD! IT'S A CUTE LI'L CTHULU!! Is it weird that this slept with me last night?

Now Occams knows I'm a fan of the fighting genre, so he decided to send me this Marvel vs. Capcom strategy guide ripped straight from a GamePro magazine. I love it <3

I don't even know what to say about these. They're Dinosaur and Garbage Pail Kids cards, a sticker warning me to not pour dangerous chemicals on my hand and a paper grenade from the Punisher movie. I totally gotta find a place to put these things.

As much as I love everything Occams sent me, the CDs were the real treat. But look! There's a treat on the treat!

*shriek* It's the White Ranger! Even though I agree with you Occams: Green Ranger>White Ranger, I'll take the White Ranger over no ranger anyday!

The name of this first CD is "Sniper are a thing God hates". I wonder why he decided to name.. OH! I get it again. Golly gee Occams, you're on a roll!

This one is entitled "Music for Steezy, A DVD's worth!, Great Stuff!". From what I've listened to so far, the title is sure is accurate.

There's a whole bunch of shit on both CDs that I've never heard of before, but there is also a good deal of songs I have heard of before. Regardless, I'm going to take things track by track and enjoy the sweet tunes.

Occams, you are one awesome character, and I'm happy to be able to call you a friend and I hope we meet up one day. Just not at your house because I'd be freaked out by all the dead shit you have in your house, and it'd probably have to be in public somewhere so you wouldn't try anything on me. And I'd have to bring a pocketknife. But other than that, I'd love to meet you.

Thanks for the awesome stuff and the music (which I'm currently listening to as I write this blog). I'll cherish it forever, or at least until I get alzheimers and forget everything. Which ever happens first I guess.

Also, Erasure's song was the first song that played on the "Sniper" CD, which is why I used that quote at the beginning of this blog. I laughed my ass off when I heard it play! It was such an amazing way to start off a CD.

And those who are curious about the contents of the CD. There's a bunch a Bad Brains, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Eels, Pixies, Sound Garden, Aretha Franklin, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths, and just a whole bunch of other shit.   read

2:44 PM on 08.06.2010

Adopt A Black Child for PAX

Ok, ok. I'm only half black and I'm technically an adult now, but still, how could you deny the cuteness of little leprechaun-looking me!

WARNING!: The last picture at the bottom of this blog is a little NSFW. Just a little heads-up.

So, I originally was supposed to go to PAX, but like everything I try to plan, things fell through and I found myself in the corner of a darkened room, crying my eyes out. Well, not really, but I can pretend I was if that'll make you adopt me out of sympathy. Seriously, I'll record it all on video. Just say the word.

Alright, so apparently the only way to sell yourself is to come up with a nice list of reasons to why you should sell yourself. So I'm gonna stick with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" method. Which means, YAY ANOTHER LIST!

Reason numero uno:

Steezy (my avatar) looks like a fucking leprechaun!

It's a scientific fact that leprechauns make everything better. I mean, come on, have you heard of a little thing called GOOD LUCK? Yeah, leprechauns invented that. If you take Steezy to PAX, I can GUARANTEE you will have some good luck. There's nothing like carrying a black leprechaun around a convention filled with video games and swag everywhere you turn. Steezy can help you take home some of those video games and swag, and not just because he's black either (I know what you're getting at).

Reason numero dos:

A canadian made Steezy look like a leprechaun.

Yes, garethxxgod MS Paint'd my avatar. Yes, he is canadian. Yes, this makes Steezy 10 times more awesome. Canadians + drawing + black person = Leprechaun. Do I even need to continue?

Reason numero tres:

Steezy looks innocent and cute.

Look at Steezy. He looks so cute and cuddly and you could just eat him up. Look at his dimply nose and that fluffy beard. How could you not cry tears of rainbows by looking at him. I mean, come on. Look at that smile! It has just enough curve to it to make you believe that he's hiding a secret. The secret ingredients used to make the Power Puff Girls of course!

Reason numero cuatro:

Just because Steezy looks innocent and cute, doesn't mean he can't hold his own.

You may not know this, but Steezy can handle his alcohol very well. He isn't the type to get shit-faced. Only to the point of a nice cool buzz is as far as he'll go. Getting shit-faced does NOT end well for Steezy or for who ever decided to tell him dirty secrets about hooking up with their best friend's mom. He keeps it calm and conservative for the most part, enjoying the time spent with buddies. Although, he'll have a killer time watching his buddies get shit-faced and making asses of themselves. Just sayin.

Reason numero cinco:

Steezy looks fucking intimadating.

I mean look at those glasses. He looks so mysterious. And those arms and hands. They look like fucking rakes. Now from what I recall, rakes can scratch the fuck out of you. Don't get too close, those rake hands will scratch your eyes out. Also, wtf, no legs!? He could totally be hiding a gat or a shank in either one of those pant legs.

With Steezy around, you won't have to worry about getting a pen jammed in your eye. One quick look at Steezy, and people will know not to mess with you.

Reason numero seis:

Steezy's father (me) just got a job at GameStop.

Yes, it is true. I am now an official employee of that store you love to hate. While I'm only a noob there, I still get to take advantage of all of the wonderful video games that lay within the store. Now what does this mean for the person who decides to take Steezy under their wing? Well, if he happens to become adopted, I may feel obligated to send a little gift of some sort from this magical store. Maybe a piece of the wrapper from a freshly bought game? Or how about that gum that little kid just stuck behind that 2 month-old copy of GameInformer? Yes, YOU can be the proud owner of that.

Reason numero siete:

When Steezy is equipped, your coolness raises by +20.

For example, when the base of your coolness is 30:

Steezy equipped ==> 30 + 20 = 50

Well there you go. That's seven reasons why Steezy deserves to be adopted. I could've stopped at 5, but I felt that wouldn't have captured enough reasons and I could've went up to 10, but that would have been dragged on. Seven felt just right. Also isn't seven is supposed to be a lucky number or something?

Look, I'm a horrible enough parent already for not being able to take him. Please someone, fulfill Steezy's dream of traveling the PAX grounds with his fellow Dtoiders. If it's sex your looking for, Steezy is good with the ladies and can also attract the men if that's what you prefer. If it's money you want, Steezy's a fucking leprechaun. Go find a rainbow, or better yet, a DOUBLE RAINBOW, and I'm sure Steezy can hook you up with a pot of gold at the end of it. If not, um, well, I don't know what the hell to tell you buddy.

So adopt Steezy and make everyone's PAX that much better. Thank you!   read

1:33 PM on 07.30.2010

Alternate Reality: Making the Right Decisions

[For my monthly musing, I decided to write a little story based on the Mass Effect franchise. It's something I cooked up over the past couple of days. In my alternate reality, I see myself as a Commander Shepard fighting to make the right decisions. Hopefully you guys like it.]

I woke up sore today. That battle on Hawking Eta really took a toll on my body. At least I got the mission done and my comrades out of there alive. I promised myself that I wouldn't lose anymore of my comrades after that battle on Akuzer. I won't. I refuse go through what I went through on that planet again. The guilt and the loneliness almost consumed me. I thought I had made the right call that day. If I did, I wouldn't have been the only survivor rescued off of that planet.

I finally have a chance to make things right. I've been promoted to Commander of this ship and was granted Spectre status by the council. I've got a well-trained crew at my side, ready to fight the good fight. But most importantly, she's on my ship. I've had my eyes on her the second I saw her handle herself against the Krogans on Therum. Marissa was a beauty to watch. Her exceptional adept powers make her all the more attractive. Now that she's on my ship, I want her even more than I could ever imagine.

"Commander, we've got an incoming transmission from Hades Gamma." said Ace from the intercom. I instantly told him to patch it through without giving it much thought.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" said a distressed voice from the transmission. I told the voice my name and asked what had been the matter. "The Geth has begun to invade our colony, but our soldiers aren't enough to hold them back. Their tearing through our defenses and it won't be long until they've wiped us out. We need some help." said the voice, sounding even more distressed. Before responding back, I took a second to weigh my options. I could have easily told the distressed voice that I had bigger problems to worry about than some space colony I had no interest in. I could have also decided to send another, smaller fleet to go check on the colony. However, I remembered my time back on Akuzer, how I was a Sole Survivor. I couldn't let anyone else go through what I went through. I had to help this colony. I requested that the coordinates to their colony be sent and I told the distressed voice not worry, we'd be there as soon as possible.

Ace came over the intercom again and recommended I checked up on the rest of the team to make sure they've gotten themselves prepared before we arrived at the colony.

I decided to go check on Ethan first. Ethan's a natural-born Infiltrator. I've heard stories of how he picked up his first sniper rifle at the age of three and obtained his first kill when he was only 9 years old. His father was known as the Piercing Bullet, due to his uncanny ability to line up a sniper shot on the weakest part of someone's helmet and have it pierce straight through until you were able to see right through the victims skull. However, Ethan's known as The Flash because of his quick, yet accurate shots on groups of enemies. Trust me, I've seen him take out a group of 8 Geth within a blink of the eye. His nickname's well deserved.

The scent of tobacco grasped my lungs as I approached his room. Laying on his bed staring at the ceiling, Ethan took a breath in, then as he exhaled, he watched the smoke flow out from his mouth and into the air. As I walked into his room, he let out a very smooth, "Hey boss." I checked in on him and then quickly briefed him on our mission. After getting caught up, he then proceeded to ask me something. "Do you ever think I'll have a home to go to one day?" With his colony having been overrun by the Krogan days before he was born, and due the high bounty on his father's head from his days as a bounty hunter, Ethan was always moving from place to place and never really had a home.

Having known Ethan for a few years now, I knew in the back of my mind what I should say. But I had to make sure I said the right thing or else he'd be in a bad mood, and I couldn't have him in a bad mood, especially not before a mission. It would ruin his performance and could cause harm to the mission. To be on the safe side, I studied my options. I could tell him that I'll always have a place he could call home right here on the ship, but I don't think he'd take too well to that idea. He also could have just been joking around and as a joke back, I could tell him to grow a shell and call that place your home. But if he wasn't joking, he'd probably be offended. So I decided to stick with what he told me when I first met him, "Your home is wherever your sniper rifle is, Ethan. When you have that sniper in your hand, that's when you feel the safest and that's when you feel closest to your dad." "Heh, I'm surprised you still remember I told you that Boss. I was sure you'd forgotten." said Ethan. I told him, "I never forget things that are important to my comrades, let alone my friends. Now get yourself ready for battle, we'll be at the colony soon." A smirk ran across his face as I headed toward the door.

I had decided that Jinx was going to be my next stop. However, heading toward his room, I noticed Marissa in the Observatory, staring out in to space. The reflection of her beautiful face on the glass had caste a spell on me, causing me to forget about Jinx. As I made my way toward her, I could smell the sweet aroma from her perfume. Her lips began to move and she said, "Hello Commander. You're looking a lot better today. That battle on Hawking Eta yesterday was tough, but at least we got through it in one piece." The melody of her voice almost put me in a state of trance. I had to say something, but I couldn't just say anything. I'm in love with this woman and I couldn't say anything that might jeopardize my chances with her. I could tell her how beautiful she looked even after that big battle on Hawking Eta, but that might be going too fast. I didn't want to rush this. I wanted to build a foundation for what our relationship could stand upon in the future. I could always have told her how exceptional she was in battle and that she was a valuable asset to our survival, but that's what any commander would say to a member of their team. I needed to say something that would nudge the idea of me being interested in her, but not go too far. I decided to go with, "You look good yourself. It's always nice to see you smile even after a battle like that takes place. It gives me something to look forward to after every mission." She responded with, "That's sweet of you Commander. It also helps that every time I see your face I know that everything will be alright. That's what keeps me smiling." It sounded like she was flirting with me. I almost confessed my love to her right then and there, but I couldn't. I'd be rushing into it, which is what I didn't want to do.

I took a glance outside of the Observatory and noticed that we were almost at the Colony and I still haven't checked in on Jinx. As much as I didn't want to, I had to end our chat and go check on Jinx. I had to make sure I ended our chat on the right foot, so that we could easily pick up where we left off when I got back. If I were to reply with a simple yet straight-forward "I should go", that would probably give her the impression that I had better things to do and that I had no problem brushing her aside. I decided to tell her, "I'm sorry to have to cut this short, but I've got to go make sure everyone's ready for the mission. I'd love to see another smile from you when I get back, then we can pick this up where we left off." She replied with, "I'll always have a smile for you Commander. I'll be waiting for your return." Damn I love this woman.

Jinx is one of the best engineers I know. He can fix any machine and build any defense drone to help aid us in battle. He works with what ever he has at his disposal and makes the best of it. That's a true engineer. He's a very resourceful type of engineer. You don't see too many of those type of engineers around. I guess when you come from a poor upbringing, you have to learn to rely on what you have.

He's a hero back on his home planet. He helped stave off numerous attacks from a rivaling colony by using of old military weapons and modifying them into turrets in which he built around his camp. He also repaired old security drones to keep watch over his camp while he's out helping me. He worries about the people of his camp day in and day out. I want to get him back home as soon as possible, but we all, even himself, know that he's needed on this ship.

I walked by Jinx's room and noticed that he wasn't in there. I figured he was in the Lab cooking up some new inventions, so I made my way over there.

I was greeted with, "Ah, Commander Savage. How are you doing today?" from Jinx when I entered the lab. "I'm good Jinx. What's that you're working on?" I replied. With his usual jittery movements, Jinx stopped his work to tell me, "This here is a mini robot that can shoot darts that will stun enemies just long enough to get the drop on them. I've been testing him out on my little test subjects and so far he's been a success, but he still needs a lot of work. Would you like me to demonstrate what he can do so far? It will leave you in awe." As much as I would have wanted to see Jinx's new project, I knew that I couldn't waste anymore time. We had to prepare ourselves. I couldn't flat out just tell him no because he might take offense. So I responded with, "I'll have to check it out later Jinx. Right now we have a mission that needs to be carried out." "Absolutely Commander. Missions take top priority. So what exactly is this mission Commander?" asked Jinx. "I received a transmission from a colony on Hades Gamma saying that they were under attack by the Geth and needed back up. We're going in to help them." I replied. "Hades Gamma? Last I heard, the last remaining colony there was wiped out years ago." Said Jinx suspiciously. He continued, "Are you sure you received a transmission from there? Because it's not very likely to ever receive transmissions from colonies in Hades Gamma anymore." I told him that I was positive and that we still needed to go check out what was going on. "Alright Commander. We just need to take caution while we're down there. You never know what could happen." said Jinx. Part of me wanted to snap at Jinx for second judging me on what I heard in the transmission and for telling me how I should proceed with the mission. I know what I heard, and I know how to take care of my team. But, Jinx had every right to be concerned. This was all very suspicious. I told him, "I appreciate your concern Jinx, I'll make sure we proceed to Hades Gamma with caution. Now go prepare yourself for battle, we'll be landing soon."

"Commander we are now approaching Hades Gamma. I hope you're just about ready sir." said Ace over the intercom. I told him that we were going to be ready by the time we arrived and to make sure to approach the colony with caution. Right before Ace ended the intercom, he let out an "Aye aye Commander."

I made my way back to my quarters to go suit up. As I was preparing myself, all I could think of was what if this mission goes bad. From what Jinx was telling me, it sounded like it could be a trap. But I know what I heard. It was a distressed voice in need of my help. I had to go figure out what was going on. If there was truly a colony down there, I just couldn't leave it to be wiped out. But if it was a trap, I also couldn't leave who ever was there to wait and spring a trap on another unsuspecting ship. The only way I could figure out anything was by going down there to see for myself.

As long as I took the time to make the right decisions, everything would be okay. Nothing should go wrong. Right?   read

5:53 PM on 06.30.2010

Adventures in the Amazon (& GameStop) Part Thrice

Thereís a reason why itís always good to come out to your family and tell them that youíre a gamer. That reason usually comes in the form of GameStop gift cards. Generally for my birthday and Christmas, my non-immediate family knows that GameStop gift cards are great gifts for me, because 1.) they know Iím very picky, and 2.) they know I love my video games. So every birthday and Christmas, I am blessed with multiple gift cards from GameStop and Iím able to go cash them in for some sweet games.

I recently was given a bunch of gift cards from GameStop. Now you may ask, ďHey Steezy, itís not Christmas yet!Ē or ďHey Steezy, Iíve been stalking you and found out your birthday has already passed!Ē And to this I say, yes, you are right. However, as I mentioned before, I just recently graduated high school, meaning money for me!

Now the majority of my family gave me straight up money for my graduation, but there were a select few who remembered the gamer inside of me. Those family members were the ones who gave me such gift cards. By the end of the gift giving, I found that I had over $100 in gift cards from GameStop and I was cursed with a tough decision to make. What the hell was I going to buy? Well you are going to see what I bought right now!

Also, I had received a couple hundred dollars from other family members, and being a natural-born gamer you know I had to go the gamer route and spend it all on something video game related right? Yeah, youíll see that below too along with some impressions.

First up! SSB:Brawl and Muramasa, two must-have games for almost any Wii owner.

Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Developer: Game Arts

Price: $49.99

Reason: Well first of all, I knew I could have gotten the game for a few dollars cheaper on Amazon, but that would have forced me to wait a couple more days for me to have this game. I said to hell with it and got it anyway. The Super Smash Bros. series are one of my favorite video game series of all time. My cousins and I literally spent days upon days across all three games. This game simply cannot be put down, even to this day. I used to own this game, but sold it when I got rid of my Wii the first time around. Now that I have (and am keeping) my Wii again, it was a no brainer that I definitely needed to get this game again. I will own any and all who are willing to face me in this game. Beware.

Game: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Developer: Vanillaware

Price: $29.99

Reason: Muramasa was a game I missed out on having sold my Wii and I wasnít a happy camper when I first saw it. I love, love, LOVE the art style in this game. I absolutely love hand drawn sprites and backgrounds. They are my absolute favorite type of graphics for a video game. I was already sold on the game thanks to the art style, but the game play was icing on the cake. It looked phenomenal and downright fun. I love my hack n slash games and I love them even better if they incorporate some type of RPG elements into them, which Muramasa does. I immediately had to pick this up, no questions asked.

Item: Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit

Price: $19.99

Reason: Oh I wonder why I possibly need this for. Hmm, I donít know, but letís keep reading to find out.

Well that about wraps up my time at GameStop. I still had some money left over in the gift cards, but I couldnít find anything else that interested me at that moment, so I decided to just leave with these three purchases.

Now the initial reason I went to GameStop was to get that Transfer Kit because I was expecting a certain ďsomethingĒ to be arriving in the mail soon, and to my surprise there it was waiting for me as I got home.

This box sure is bigger than the others. I wonder what could possibly be in it.

As I cut off the tape and open the box, I saw there, laying in this dark box, the thing I had ordered from Amazon.


With Global Warming happening and people killing of our trees, itís about time we stock up on bags of air to survive on.

As I was holding the bag of air, all of a sudden, it came to life and tried to suffocate me!

HELP! Ironically, I canít breathe because Iím being choked by air!

I was flailing around for about 3 minutes straight as I began to turn blue in the head. I looked around for something to help me but didnít find a thing. Then, I look upon my bed and found the scissors. I grabbed them and stabbed the son of a bitch until it was no more!


I peak into the box to see if thereís any more of these motherfuckers inside and to my surprise I find a second box with pictures of families enjoying themselves.

I wondered to myself what the hell could these bags of air be planning!? World domination?

I picked up the box and flipped it around and immediately remembered that this wasnít the workings of the bags of air, but the workings of Microsoft! It was the new Xbox 360 Slim I ordered a few days back. Silly me!

Item: Xbox 360 Slim


Reason: Now Iím sure everyone saw the end of Microsoftís press conference and was a little upset that everyone who attended the show received one of these bad boys for free. I know I was. Since my 60 GB Xbox was starting to become shitty and always running out of space, I had to have one of these. I remember first seeing the slim on the leaked advertisement online and thinking, I hope this thing is legit and if it is, it better be sold at an affordable price. After finally being announced, Dan Patrick said this thing was only $299 and was being shipped to stores that day. Seeing as how Iíd been pondering over an upgrade to my current 360, this couldnít have come at a better time. So I jumped for it.

Impressions: Now Iím going to break these impressions into three parts: hardware, performance, and side-by-side comparisons. Then at the end I will tell you if I believe you should make a purchase if you are considering getting one.

-Hardware-: Compared to the hulking fatty that is the original 360, this thing looks beautiful. Itís a little bit smaller, but not as big of a size difference like the PS2 compared to the PS2 slim. Itís still a noticeable size difference though and it is lighter, which is a plus. I love the glossy look to it, and even though everyone (including myself) was worried about it attracting fingerprints and dust, Iíve got to say after having set it up, I just wiped it down and it still looks brand spanking new. If you happen to get one, just wipe it down and everything should be fine.

The power and eject buttons are now touch sensitive which is pretty cool. They also make a neat little sound when pushed which is also a nice little addition. There are also 2 extra USB slots in the back of the console to satisfy your USB needs however you like. There are now 3 vents for heat to escape the console now, making it less likely to overheat. Also, those who purchase this console are treated with a hefty 250 GB hard drive, which is more than I will ever need but am glad to have.

Overall, the hardware looks very slick and is an improvement to the original. Also, it looks very nice sitting next to my black Wii.

-Performance-: Now I remember seeing somewhere online the speeds of both the Slim and the original Elite consoles were being compared. From what I saw, the Slim wasnít all that much faster than the Elite counterpart, but there was still a slight difference in some cases. Seeing as how I own an original 60GB console, I will be comparing the Slim performance with that console. So if you own an Elite console and want to know how big the difference in performance is between the two consoles, I say do some research.

The one thing I started to hate about my original 360 was that it started to slow down. Starting up and loading into different screens or games took noticeably longer than it used to and sometimes it would freeze up. It really frustrated me. Now the performance on the Slim is very noticeably faster. I noticed I loaded up the start screen after turning on the console much quicker. Quick jumping from game to game was also much smoother and faster, and even installing games were a little bit faster than before. Before, my original would take around 10-12 minutes to install a game to the hard drive. Now, the Slim takes about 8-10 minutes, depending on the size of the game of course.

The built in wireless has yet to disappoint me. Itís worked great online so far in games like Super Street Fighter IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Gears of War 2. I havenít experienced any type of lag that could have been caused by me, so thatís a big plus.

Overall, the performance is noticeably faster on the Slim than on my 60 GB console.

-Side-By-Side Comparisons-:

As you can see, the Slim isnít all that smaller than the original, but you can tell it is smaller.

Here are some other comparisons that you might not care about but Iím putting here anyway:

The slim comes with the standard A/V component cables. No HDMI :(

The power cords for both systems are identical in length and type and can be used in either brick.

The controllers are pretty much the same except for the guide button. No new D-Pad :(. The Slimís guide button is now chrome which is sexy!

The power brick for the slim is definitely smaller and lighter than the original.

The Slimís cord for the power brick is also different than the original.

And that's it for the comparisons!

-Should I Buy The Slim?-: I believe if you still own any iterations of the original Xbox 360s (Arcade, 20 GB, 60GB) and are considering getting this, DO IT! It is well worth the price. Youíll no longer have to worry about running out of space, itís a faster console performance-wise, and it just looks sexy. However, if you own an Xbox 360 Elite (120GB, 250GB), itís really up to you. If I personally had an Elite system before the Slim, I donít think I would have made the purchase. It all depends on if youíre able to afford the new console and if you really think everything I explained above appeals to you. If so, then go for it. If not, then you still have a great console.

Well that pretty much wraps up this post. Iíve got my new games and Iíve got my new console. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope my impressions didnít bore you. Thanks for reading!   read

1:22 PM on 06.28.2010

Adventures in the Amazon Part Deux

I apologize for scaring you with my big ugly mug.

You guys see this face? This is the face of a young black man being woken up by loud bangs to my front door at 9 in the morning. I WAS NOT HAPPY. However, my mood quickly changed after finding out whom, or rather, what exactly was at my door. I opened the door, and after being blinded by the sunlight (damn you 9am sun!) and hearing the screeching tires of the UPS truck, I looked down and saw a pretty little brown box labeled Amazon. I proceeded to invite the little brown box into my home, offering it treats and candy. The box gladly accepted the offers and leapt into my hands and we closed the door and proceeded into the kitchen.

Now the little brown box was expecting to receive its treats as we were walking into the kitchen; however, having been cranky from being woken up, I decided to cut to the chase and I grabbed the scissors. This is when the box started to realize that I had tricked it into coming into my house so that I could steal its gifts that were being held inside of it. It tried to escape the wrath of my hands but it knew that it was too weak to escape the force of my kung-fu grip. It finally decided to give up and we began to walk toward my room, where it would take its last, bated breath.

As its final request, the little brown box asked me if I could take pictures in the midst of me opening it and its little precious gifts and post them on the internet for the whole world to see. I think the box thought that it would help start a ďviolence against boxesĒ campaign, but I thought it would make a pretty cool blog here on Dtoid, so I went along with its request.

The box screamed in agony as I ran the scissors through the top of it and I began to cut away until I finally reached the innards of it containing its gifts.

As I opened the now dead box, the first thing I saw in it was this white paper with words and numbers on it. I quickly grabbed the paper and scanned the items listed on it. I then tossed it aside and found the real gems I had been waiting for.

Chrono Trigger, TWEWY, Okami, and Madworld. I had anticipated their arrival for 6 long days and now theyíre finally in my hands.

As I scanned the box covers of each game to make sure everything looked in mint condition, I noticed this sticker on Chrono Trigger. It taunted the words ďPoster InsideĒ and I eagerly opened up the game to see this ďposterĒ.

I quickly tore off the plastic and opened the game case. Sitting directly under the game manual and some other shit from Nintendo, laid a folded poster. I immediately grabbed the poster and opened it up to see the poster in its glory.

What a beauty isnít it? I was not expecting this poster inside of the game box, so this just made my day.

Game: Chrono Trigger

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Square Enix

Price: $19.99

Reason: The only time Iíve ever had a crack at playing Chrono Trigger was on an emulator on my school computer a few years back. I was only able to get a few short hours into it, but I was immediately compelled by everything about it. Its story was a big factor in drawing me into the game, as were the characters and seamless transition into combat. I wanted to play more, I had to. I had to get this game. I may not have gotten it at launch, but I do have it now!

Game: The World Ends With You

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Square Enix

Price: $15.82

Reason: Do I even need to give an explanation on why I decided to get TWEWY? Better yet, I should explain why it is I donít already have it in my collection. As I had stated in my previous post, I got caught in the method of trading in my used games after completing them, and TWEWY was one of those games I traded in (I totally regretted it).

TWEWY is hands down, to this day, the best game on the DS. I donít care what anyone says, this is my Game of the Platform. TWEWY had one of the best storytelling experiences Iíve ever found in a video game. The art style is very beautiful and unique. The music is fucking amazing. And the game play is that of its own with a learning-curve to it, but once you figured it out, it became VERY rewarding. Any DS owner NEEDS to have this game in their collection (NOT JOKING).

Game: Okami

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developer: Capcom

Price: $14.27

Reason: By the time this game came out for the PS2, I did not own the system, so I was unable to experience the ďamazingnessĒ of Okami that people had been praising about. Then when it was ported to the Wii, I had lost interest in the game, and I wasnít too interested in dropping hard earned (lunch) money on the game. However, I now feel left out not having experienced the game for myself, and I just hate being the odd one out. So I decided it was time for me to check out why everyone loves this game so much.

Game: Mad World

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developer: Platinum Games

Price: $6.90

Reason: I remember first seeing Mad World and thinking how much the main character looked like Hell Boy (I love Hell Boy) and how much the art style looked like Sin City (I love Sin City), but the game play looked a bit repetitive to me. It looked as if all you did in the game was try and find over-the-top ways to kill your enemies. I mean, sure that could be fun for about an hour or so, but I could easily see myself getting bored quickly. However, around the time when Jonathanís review of the game came out, I told myself not to write the game off and decided that Iíd wait for a price drop. Well, over a year later, that price dropped from $50 to almost $7, well at least on Amazon (Game Stop is selling the game new for $20). It was an insta-buy.

Four new games added to the collection! Now I need some more sleep!

Now before I end this blog post I wanted to share with you all the beginning stages of my collection and I want to continue to share with you all my collection as it grows more and more. I have a little over 30 games spread across three platforms so far.

The group (money?) shot!

I currently donít have a proper setup due to the fact Iím currently living with two nephews who will destroy everything. I think I might hold out on making one once my sisters move out and I wonít have to worry about my things getting ruined.

Here are individual shots of each systemís games so you can see what I have so far:

My SexBox 360! Despite being a loud motherfucker and only 60 gigs, I love my little (GIANT) box of fun!

Donít worry my little DSi, I wonít get rid of you once the 3DS rolls around. I just wonít be playing you as much(ever).

I forgot to include my 3 GameCube games in the group (money?) shot, so I decided to add them here.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed this post. Iíve got more coming real soon. So stay tuned!

Also, Iím definitely taking suggestions on what games I absolutely need to have. Besides the games you see here, what are some games that you would recommend? Iím currently only collecting games that are worth playing for the systems I own right now, so Xbox 360, Wii, GameCube, DSi (not some damn Imagine game).

Iíll also take suggestions on games for XBLA/Indie, WiiWare/VC, and DSiWare. Seeing as how I want to become a Video Game Designer, I want to play as many games as I can to get different ideas and whatnot.

Thanks again!   read

1:57 PM on 06.26.2010

Adventures in the Amazon

Iíve decided that I want to start building my video game collection. The most games Iíve ever owned at one time is somewhere around 10-15 games. Having been younger, I was hardly able to save any money to buy a new game. I either had to wait until my birthday or Christmas in order to get a new game. Other than that, it was always the frequent trip to my local Blockbuster. By the time Game Stop rolled around with their game trade-in system, I would always turn in games I completed to help pay for newer games and once those newer games were completed, the cycle would continue. This method kept me happy every time I got a new game, but I almost always regretted trading in my games because Iíd always miss them in the long run.

Fast forward to today. I admire Funktastic for his amazing hauls and wish to someday at least own a quarter of the games and swag he owns. He has inspired me to do this, and I couldnít think of a better time to start.

Amazon has some amazing deals on video games and I am starting to take advantage of them. Really, if you haven't checked out Amazon, I highly recommend it. The deals there make it seem like Game Stop is ripping off its customers with it's standard prices (seriously!).

Anyways, here are some of the things the mailman (Santa Claus) has brought me from Amazon:

[Side note: Everything shown was purchased new. These are not used game prices. The prices displayed below are about the same prices Game Stop uses for the same games but used.]

Two packages from Amazon!? Oh I wonder what could be in them!

As you can see Iím VERY eager to find out

Oh my Almighty Destructoid! What could I possibly be looking at!?

Game: Mega Man Zero Collection

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Capcom

Price: $27.99

Reason: After reading a certain someoneís review on the game, I knew I had to get it. Iíve never gotten into any of the Mega Man Zero games and I felt that this was the perfect chance to get caught up on everything Zero had to offer. Thanks Jonathan!

Hmm.. This second box feels slightly heavier.. Wonder what could be in it!

OMFG! Iím 4 years late! But who gives a fuck! I got some games!

Game: Crackdown

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Realtime Worlds

Price: $13.48

Reason: Since Crackdown 2 is due to be out within the two weeks, I thought it was about time I played the first game. Iíve been interested in playing Crackdown for a while now, but never got the chance to. Now I do!

Game: The Orange Box

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Valve

Price: $19.82

Reason: The Orange Box was another opportunity Iíve missed out on for years now. Of the 3 (5) games, Iíve only played a little bit of Portal and the demo for Half-Life 2 and I enjoyed the little time I played with those two game. TF2 also looked pretty fun. So Iím glad that I was finally able to purchase this.

Game: Dead Rising

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Capcom

Price: $15.01

Reason: Iíve pretty much heard nothing but good things about this game since it was released, and again, I never got the chance to play it. Dead Rising 2 is coming out this year and Iím pretty excited for it. So I thought Iíd brush up on the zombie killing experience before that hit shelves.

Now these next two items didnít arrive in the same packages as the games above did. They came a few days earlier but I decided to include them in this post.

Game: Mirrorís Edge

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: DICE

Price: $10.45

Reason: Unlike the games above, I actually did play this game, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I just loved the style, music, and innovative game play that I experienced with this game. It was an amazing experience for me from start to finish and I just had to have this game in my collection. Also, whenever DICE decides to announce the inevitable sequel to this game, Iíll always have this game to brush up on my parkour skills.

Item: Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership

Price: $34.44

Reason: Ok I know this isnít a game, and I know you PS3 owners are looking down in shame right about now, but itís ok. Even though Microsoft charges money for their online service, I still am willing to put my money down for it because what they offer me for my money has yet to disappoint me. Itís a great online service that I may not agree %100 with (wtf is Twitter and Facebook doing on my xbox?), but I have grown fond of it over the years. Anyways, I got this because it was on the CHEAP! Normally a 12 month Gold membership would run me $50 plus tax. Amazon gave me one for $34.44, no tax, no shipping. Iíd say thatís a steal!

So far my experience with Amazon has been pretty great. Iíve also got some more games that just came in and also something that rhymes with sexbox treesmixty schwim, but Iíll save that for another blog. Donít worry, I wonít make you wait too long.

Thanks for reading!

Now Iím off to play my new (OLD) games!


Put a smile on! .. Yes, I know that was dumb.. I'll leave now..   read

7:16 PM on 06.23.2010

Something About E3: Nintendo Fans Rejoice!

So we all know that at this yearís press conference, Nintendo had a very strong showing, whether youíre a fan of Nintendo or not, you can't say that this is not true. Two years ago, however, was a different story. If you for some reason missed that press conference (lucky you!), but want to know how it went down, take 2 minutes of your time to watch this recap.

Yes, you will never get that 2 minutes back, I know.

This year, Nintendo catered to all of our inner child with announcements like Donkey Kong Returns, Kirbyís Epic Yarn, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, and plenty others. Being a strong Nintendo fan boy since I was a kid, I was kind of upset that I would not be able to play all of these amazing new titles announced for the Wii, because I chose to sell my Wii for a 360, right around the time last years press conference happened. However, I felt like I betrayed the people I had grew up with. I needed to somehow make it up to Nintendo, but I didnít know how.

By the end of the conference, this amazing new device was unveiled to us. Now I knew Nintendo wouldnít let me down, so I had faith in the 3DS. After watching the trailer for Kid Icarus, I was not disappointed at all. The game looked fun as hell, the graphics were amazing for a handheld, and wha- Icarus can TALK!? I know the true beauty behind this device is that you will be able to play games and watch movies in stereoscopic 3D without the need of stylish (psh, yeah right) glasses. Unfortunately I was unable to see the 3D in action because I watched the conference from home, but from all of the previews and impressions Iíve read and seen, this thing is legit and incredible. And if I remember correctly, it made Jim want Reggie inside of him. It must be the greatest thing ever.

Now before Nintendo even unveiled the 3DS, they still easily had one of the best press conferences this year. The 3DS was just the icing on the delicious, just baked, vanilla centered cake. I shat my pants with all amazing titles that were announced for the Wii (except for Wii Party, the fuck..?). However, I was extremely upset that I would be unable to play these games. So I got to using my noggin and I came up with an amazing, incredible idea! I did what any normal person would do when in need.

I asked my mommy to buy me a Wii.

Having just graduated, my mom owed me a graduation gift. She had been asking me a couple weeks before hand what I wanted as my gift. After having rejected my request for a car, I really didnít know what I wanted as a gift. So I never gave her an answer. However, after Nintendoís press conference I immediately went to tell her that I wanted a Wii (of all things I couldíve asked for right?). She did what every parent always saws that annoys the hell out of me, ďWeíll seeĒ. I honestly wasnít sure if she would buy me a Wii. Then a couple days later, she decided she wanted to go to Costco and asked if I wanted to go with. Seeing as I had nothing better to do, I said sure and we went.

The first thing we did when we got there was go to the electronic area. For some reason, the whole Wii thing had slipped my mind and the hot girl behind the counter didnít help remind me of it either. I wondered what we were doing in this area. I thought maybe my mom could be getting a new printer or something. Suddenly, I noticed she stopped walking and looked to her left then at me. I then proceed to look to my left and I knew exactly what we were doing here. There was a stack of Black and White Wiis to my left and my mom said, ďGo ahead and grab oneĒ. At first I was in disbelief, not sure if she was being serious. She said she was serious and a big smile ran across my face. I quickly grabbed the Black Wii, the new wireless Wii Sensor which she told me to grab, and a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. After that, I gave her a hug and a kiss, went home, and we watched a marathon of Gilmore Girls together. But, not until I unboxed that black beast!


Itís so beautifully packaged I donít think Iíll be able to bring myself to open it.

Ok I lied. I ripped that motherfucker open with my teeth!

OMG! Itís soo shiny! I must touch! No! I canít! Donít.. want.. fingerprints!

Iím totally gonna use my Wii Remote as a light saber. If only a bad ass red beam would shoot out of it.

And when Iím not pretending, I can use this sensor bar to bash it over someoneís head when Iím pissed.

Now to conclude, everyone, please always wear a condom. Or else this will happen..

Practice safe-gaming!

Leave me alone now. Iím playing the greatest video game ever created.

Iím definitely happy now that I get to play all of these games shown off at Nintendoís press conference. And I know all of you who already have a Wii are excited for whatís to come. Nintendo truly had an amazing E3 and Iím glad to be reunited with my Wii and hopefully Nintendo can now forgive me for my sins.

Nintendo fans rejoice! For Nintendo is back better than ever!

Also, Iím always looking to expand my collection of games, so if any of you have any recommendations (Wii, Gamecube, Wiiware, VC) let me know!   read

2:38 PM on 05.29.2010

It Runs In The Family: Memories That Last Forever Pt.2

This is part 2 of my Monthly Musing. Youíre not required to read part 1 to understand anything youíre about to read, but if you would like to read Pt.1 because you like doing things in sequential order (Iím guilty!) then here it is!

In this second part of my Monthly Musing, I will share with you all my experiences gaming with my dad and with my cousins. Hope you enjoy!

Apology in advance: I did not expect this blog to be this long and Iím sorry for adding so much. I provided a TL;DR summary at the end if that helps.

Kind of like this but less whiteÖ and creepy o.O

By no means at all is my dad a gamer. Sure heís played a few arcade games in his time, but he already had his hobbies. My dad loved basketball and he loved being a DJ. I remember him telling me stories of how he dreamed to be in the NBA, or how he wished his DJing career would kick off, but neither dream seemed to become a reality. Anyways, around the time I started getting into video games, my dad took notice of this new hobby of mine. Being separated from my mom, he wasnít there to see the beginning stages of my gaming habits. However, every weekend I would go to his house, where he lived with two of my uncles. One of them owned an NES and an SNES, and I remember how would take the skills Iíd learn from my brothers who were teaching me how to play games on the Genesis, and apply those skills with the NES and SNES. Every weekend Iíd get better and better playing Mario Bros. on the NES and Super Mario World on the SNES as well as a few other games he had. That's how I really started to get the hang of gaming. Eventually my uncle moved away, but not without gifting both his NES and SNES to me.

With the NES and SNES now mine, I moved the consoles to my dadís room and continued gaming there. I spent much time in my dadís room gaming, and my dad spent much time with me, sometimes watching me, but mostly tending to his own business. However, every now and then my dad would play a game with me. The game we most frequented was Tecmo Bowl on the SNES. I remember how each time we played against each other, he would either choose the Packers or the Steelers and, not being into football much, I would choose the team with the coolest looking mascot or coolest colors. Iíd get my ass handed to me every time we played. I didnít know how he did it. He wasnít much of a gamer at all and I was becoming a little gaming prodigy every weekend visit, yet he was winning every single time we played each other. I was determined to beat him, but out of all of the matches we played over the years I was only able to best him in only a handful of matches. Every now and then my dad brings up those brutal memories of him kicking my ass in Tecmo Bowl. I simply reply with a, ďIíve got plenty of other video games sitting right here that I can kick your butt in anytime old man!Ē Heíll take off laughing, knowing that Iím right because he has no idea how to play these newer generation games. Though, one day I did try to teach him how to play Street Fighter IV. I told him to use Ryu and I showed him how to do a Hadouken and the Hurricane kick (he just failed at doing a Shoryuken). As we battled more and more though, I could tell he was getting better and better and he was actually able to pull off Ryuís super. It surprised me. I mean, this was coming from my dad who really only played Tecmo Bowl many years ago. It made me believe that maybe one day I can relive those days where I sat side by side with my dad playing games. Iím still waiting for that day to come.

This is totally a real picture of us. Promise!

Now I get to talk about the people who truly understand what gaming means to me. My cousins Army, Danny, and Gabe are my best friends. I carry so many memories of gaming with these three that I canít begin to list them all. However, I will describe a few important ones that stand out to me.

Super Smash Bros. 64 was the game that got us all wanting to get together every single weekend. I remember my house became the go-to house as soon as I got the game. Every Friday night, weíd call each other up and make plans to come to my house for a weekend of gaming. Being the first to get the game, I quickly became the best of us four and Iíd be the first person my cousins would go for to take out at the start of each match. Over time though, we all began to catch up in skill with each other and thatís when all of the epic battles began to take place. We had a great time playing this game, but it comes nowhere near the epic fun that was to be had with Nintendoís successor to the N64.

This purple box provided endless hours of fun

In my previous post, I said that some of my best gaming memories were had playing the Nintendo 64. Well, the rest of my best gaming memories were had on the Gamecube. The Gamecube is my favorite console because it had great exclusives and offered a great multiplayer experience that my cousins and I took advantage of. I remember when Sonic Adventure 2 hit the console. The Chao system in the game was amazing to us because we were able to raise our own Chao and have it become unique to each other. I remember weíd all hand off the controller to each other after making a quick run through the first level of the game to collect Chao drives/animals to give to our own Chaos. This, to me, was probably the best game I played that made a single-player experience feel like a multiplayer one.

The joy of this game was getting to lvl 20, then starting over.. Yeah idk wtf was wrong with me

Now SEGA had another gem ported over to the Gamecube and it is arguably one of my favorite multiplayer experiences ever. Phantasy Star Online was probably one of my most played games ever (aside from a game I will mention shortly). I remember countless nights where all 4 of us would stay up all night playing this game trying to get as far as we could before turning it off (No multiplayer save system sucked balls). We honestly played this game so much that I could run through the first Forest level blind folded. It was so addicting to be able to create my own unique character and be able to level him up and play alongside people I loved. And when we were finally able to complete both Episode 1 and Episode 2, we felt so accomplished because we had worked so hard together just to be able to beat it. This game became harder and harder the further we got through it and it caused many frustrations, but we were eventually able to overcome the obstacles we faced and beat the game. Phantasy Star Online will always have a special place in my heart.

The greatest fighting game in all foreverness

The sequel to our most cherished N64 game also came out on the Gamecube and we went apeshit over it. Super Smash Bros. Melee is, to me, the best fighting game ever. We logged in so many hours into this game itís not even funny. We literally played this every single weekend, holiday, and break from the day the game came out until the day we picked up Brawl. It got to the point where my cousinís parents wanted them to stay home instead of coming over the following weekend and spend time with them because they were coming over every chance they got. When you release a game of this caliber, it's something to be expected. All we played was stock free-for-all matches most of the time and we would not get bored. Every now and then weíll still play and it will still feel like the same exact game we fell in love with years ago.

We even had the chance to enter a tournament during the midnight release of Brawl and boy was it exciting. All four of us were there battling against people of different age and skill levels. We were all kicking ass until we started losing one by one. I was the last one of us to go down, but I sure as hell didnít go down without a fight. The battle I got defeated in was against the person who ended up winning the tournament. Throughout the battle, all I could hear were my three cousins in the back ground cheering me on saying, ďCome on Jimmy, you got this!Ē I didnít want to let my boys down, so I did my best and managed to get my opponent down to his last stock. Already having been on my last stock and about to die, I knew it was the end of the road for me in that tournament, but that didnít stop my cousins from cheering me on. I came in third place at that tournament, yet I felt like a winner, because I had my best friends there cheering me on the whole time, and even though I lost, they were proud of me. I felt so lucky to have them.

Maybe I shouldíve asked Occams for help on getting images..

Nowadays we all still game together on our 360ís playing games like Gears of War 2, Modern Warfare 2, and more recently, Red Dead Redemption. Even though we all game together over Xbox Live, it just doesnít feel the same. I miss having all three of them next to me, gaming into the wee hours of the night and then waking up early and the first thing we did was pick up right where we left off the night before.

But I guess thatís why I decided to subhead this Monthly Musing, Memories That Last Forever, because I will never forget these times we spent together. They will remain with me forever and I just hope that you all have/will have people in your life like these three have been to me.

Thank you for reading!


My dad is not a gamer, but he kicked my ass in Tecmo Bowl for the SNES when I was younger.

[i]I, light weight, taught him how to play Street Fighter IV as Ryu, which gave me hope we can game
together again like we did in the past.[/i]

My cousins (best friends) and I shared amazing memories playing Smash Bros. 64, Sonic Adventure 2, Phantasy Star Online, and SSB: Melee.

We still game together over Xbox Live, but itís not the same.   read

12:08 PM on 05.27.2010

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better (Another Damn List)

As you all know, lists are the latest trend here on the C-Blogs. With epic lists from mrandydixon, Occams, Corduroy and Renegade Panda I felt that it was time for me to prepare my own list. So without further ado, here is the awesomeness of my list of favorite things.

Warning: Possible side effects of reading this list are nausea, bleeding of the eyes, shitting a mega-ton load of bricks, and depression because your list will never be as amazing as mine.

Also, Corduroy mentioned how he sees himself, Andy, and Occams as the rock/paper/scisscors of inspiration. In that case, Iím a fucking bomb. Iíll blow your asses up. Tick tick BOOM. <3

1.) Super Mario Galaxy
2.) Super Smash Bros. Melee
3.) Phantasy Star Online
4.) Sonic & Knuckles
5.) Gunstar Heroes

-Xbox 360-
1.) Mass Effect series
2.) Halo 3
3.) Gears of War 2
4.) Crackdown
5.) Fable 2

1.) Super Mario Galaxy
2.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
3.) Mario Kart Wii
4.) Metroid Corruption
5.) Super Paper Mario

1.) The World Ends With You
2.) New Super Mario Bros.
3.) Mario Kart DS
4.) Pokemon HeartGold
5.) Phantasy Star Zero

1.) Flipnote Studio
2.) Mighty Champs
3.) Dark Void Zero
4.) Photo Dojo
5.) Mario vs Donkey Kong

-XBLA Games-
1.) Castle Crashers
2.) Battlefield 1943
3.) Splosion Man
4.) Shadow Complex
5.) Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

-Game Series-
1.) Super Mario Bros.
2.) Super Smash Bros.
3.) Mass Effect
4.) Legend of Zelda
5.) Grand Theft Auto

1.) RPG
2.) FPS
3.) Platform
4.) Fighting
5.) Action/Adventure

1.) Phantasy Star Online
2.) Super Mario RPG
3.) Mass Effect series
4.) Kingdom Hearts series
5.) The World Ends With You (Needs a fuckin sequel!)

1.) Halo series
2.) Call of Duty 4
3.) Gears of War 2
4.) Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
5.) Unreal Tournament series

1.) Super Mario Galaxy
2.) Super Mario Bros. 3
3.) Super Mario 64
4.) Sonic & Knuckles
5.) Sonic the Hedgehog 3

1.) Super Smash Bros. Melee
2.) Super Street Fighter IV
3.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
4.) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
5.) Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

1.) Legend of Zelda series
2.) Metroid Fusion
3.) Metroid Prime series
4.) Banjo Kazooie
5.) Sonic Adventure series

1.) Mario Kart 64
2.) Mario Kart Wii
3.) Mario Kart DS
4.) Super Mario Kart
5.) Burnout Paradise City

1.) Mario Strikers Charged
2.) NBA Street Vol. 2
3.) Tecmo Bowl (SNES)
4.) NBA Jam
5.) NFL Street

-Beat ĎEm Ups-
1.) TMNT: Turtles in Time
2.) Streets of Rage 2
3.) Final Fight
4.) X-Men

1.) Geometry Wars series
2.) Raiden X
3.) Ikaruga

1.) Plants vs. Zombies
2.) N.O.V.A
3.) Zenonia
4.) Cartoon Wars - Gunner
5.) NFS: Shift

-Gaming Hardware-
1.) Gamecube
2.) Nintendo 64
3.) Xbox 360
4.) DS Lite
5.) PC

1.) Nintendo
2.) Valve
3.) Bioware
4.) Capcom
5.) Rockstar

1.) Nintendo
2.) Electronic Arts
3.) Capcom
4.) Square Enix
5.) Microsoft

1.) Lightning Bolt (Mario Kart)
2.) Torque Bow (Gears of War 2)
3.) Knife (Call of Duty 4)
4.) Gravity Gun (Half Life)
5.) Barn Burner Cannon (Earthworm Jim 2)

1.) Pocket Rocket (Earthworm Jim)
2.) Warthog (Halo)
3.) ATV (Battlefield BC 2)
4.) Mako (Mass Effect)
5.) Arwing (Star Fox 64)

1.) Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)
2.) Samus Aran (Metroid)
3.) Link (Legend of Zelda)
4.) Master Chief (Halo)
5.) Ezio (Assassinís Creed II)

1.) GlaDOS (Portal)
2.) Mother Brain (Metroid)
3.) Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
4.) Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda)
5.) Joker (Batman: AA)






I donít blame you if this is TL;DR material. If you managed to truck through it though, thanks! Also, If you start having any symptomsÖ um.. well.. tough shit!   read

9:23 PM on 05.24.2010

It Runs In The Family: Memories That Last Forever Pt.1

Everyone on Destructoid has a reason for how they became gamers, and for a few of us, our siblings were a big part of that reason. My brothers are the reason Iím such an avid gamer today. I would like to share my story with you all.

[Sidenote: Iíve decided to use nicknames for my brothers. BP (oldest), JP (2nd oldest), and Nate (3rd oldest).]

Kind of like this, but less bad ass

My earliest gaming memories are of me just watching my older brothers play video games. We had a Sega Genesis and I just remember my oldest bro, BP, playing Sonic, Earthworm Jim, and Mortal Kombat. Also, heíd frequently kick JPís ass in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. I looked up to him. I wanted to be a gamer just like him. It looked so fun using a controller to make things move on the TV. So you know what? I picked up that controller and decided to give it a go. However, I was just fucking terrible. I didnít know what to do. I pressed buttons like crazy and had no idea what I was doing. While playing Sonic, I could hear my brothers in the background laughing at me because I let one of the slower Badniks come close to me and kill me. I was upset, but after being laughed at, my two older brothers finally decided to tell me how I was suppose to play the game. And after much practice, I was able to beat the first level, then the second, and eventually the whole game.

Now that I was able to beat Sonic without a problem, I decided it was time to move on to a different game. The next game on my list was one that my brother Nate and I got after convincing mom to buy it for us. It was Gunstar Heroes.

That kid with the headband looks bad ass, I think Iíll Ė w-wait.. He canít run and gun? WTF!?

Gunstar Heroes was a whole different type of game than Sonic. This had guns and diving and ACTION! By the time we started Gunstar Heroes, I was smart enough to test out the controls of a game before actually playing, so I wouldnít look like a dumb ass again. After Nate and I learned how to play, we set out on our adventure. This game was fucking amazing. Iíd never seen so much stuff happening on the screen at once. The different gun variations were cool as hell and the bosses were terrific. The co-op was also amazing. Nate and I had played the Sonic 2 co-op, but this co-op seemed like player 2 was actually contributing some help, rather than looking like a dumbass running off screen and flying back in every 5 minutes. The only gripe I had about the Gunstar Heroes co-op was respawning. In order to respawn after your co-op buddy died, you had to steal half of your partnerís vitality. Being better at the game then Nate, watching my vitality dropping from 100 to 50 happened A LOT. Even though I hated sharing my vitality, I loved having my brother there fighting alongside me. It also helped because this game was hard as hell. But, with his help, we were able to finally beat the game. We were so happy when we had finally beaten it too.

From there, Nate and I stayed in the 2D realm and played co-op games like Donkey Kong Country (after getting an SNES) and World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (Amazing game BTW), while my two older brothers moved into the 3D realm with the N64 and Playstation. Nate and I had been discouraged to play 3D games because we had just gotten used to playing these 2D games and the 3D games seemed too overwhelming. Even though we didnít play them, Nate and I sure did watch our older brothers play just like we did in the Genesis days. My brothers frequently played Super Mario 64, Turok, Resident Evil (this game was scary as hell when I was younger), and Metal Gear Solid. I loved watching them play these games; it was like watching a never ending movie. Then one day, just like with the Genesis, I decided to give these games a try. And boy did I fall in love.

*Stares with amazement* Iíve never seen so many different colored controllers before..

My brothers and I finally had a console that we all could play at once. With that in mind, we got a bunch of 4-player games. Golden Eye, Mario Kart 64, and Star Fox 64 were the most frequent games we played. There were countless nights of all 4 of us playing these games, having the time of our lives. Golden Eye itself was a must have game if you wanted a 4-player game as was Mario Kart 64. Even though I wasnít very good in Golden Eye or Star Fox 64 (I fucking owned in Mario Kart 64), I didnít let it bother me. As long as I got to play video games with all of my brothers I was happy. We all had an amazing time with the N64. Some of my best gaming memories are with that console.

Nowadays, my brothers and I donít co-op very much, if at all. With BP a father now, JP working and going to school, and Nate and I preparing for our next step toward our future, there hasnít been time made for a good co-op session. We all still play games, but we play them on our own times. Weíll all still have good video game discussions as well, but itís not how it used to be. I miss the days we all used to stay up well past our bed times, playing games, or watching each other play them. I miss the days when my brothers taught me how to play a new game. I miss the days when we were closer.

I love my brothers to death. Even though things arenít how they used to be, Iím ok with it because I know change happens and for the most part, it can be good for us. We all have either started or are getting ready to start the next chapter of our lives and Iím proud of all of us.

At least we all will carry these memories with us forever.

[Stay tuned for part 2 of my Monthly Musing, where I share memories of gaming with my dad and cousins.]   read

12:06 PM on 05.09.2010

WTF Happened To My Game!?

Now look at that. I bet nostalgia just kicks in just looking at that picture. I know it did for me. I think Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the first game Iíve ever played and beat. I just have so many memories with this game. The well-crafted stages (with an exception), AMAZING soundtrack, and even just being able to play 2-player with my brother made this a favorite of mine. Every time I thought of this game, so many good memories filled me with joy.

Ever since the confirmation of Sonic the Hedgehog 4, all of these memories of all the past Sonic games came rushing back to me and I just knew that I had to buy Sonic 2 to Sonic & Knuckles again(The original Sonic is just shitty without being able to spin dash). I bought all of the games about a month ago on XBLA and as I started up Sonic the Hedgehog 2, I began to get butterflies in my stomach because I havenít played the game in years and I knew I was in for a good time.

Boy was I wrong..

Remember that picture above? Yeah.. This is how I see it now after having replayed the game.

UmmÖ I don't remember this game being like this..

God where should I begin with this game? Oh I know, how about the shitty enemy placement throughout the ENTIRE FUCKING GAME! I swear SEGA purposely put an enemy in the the damn way every time you go fast enough to not even have time to react to it once you notice it. It happened way too often in this game and I was barely able to save up 50 rings just to do the shitty emerald stage (more on this in a second). When you get to the zones where enemies start shooting projectiles and by the time you reach them, your put in the position where youíve got to perform a fucking magical feat just to dodge the projectile. This game relies too much on trial and error in order to beat it and god do I hate frustrating trial and error game play.

I guarantee there are about 5 enemies that are hidden in this picture that are ready to kill your ass

Speaking about trial and error, how about those fucking emerald stages? You literally have to have each and every one of those 8 stages engraved in your mind from beginning to end. You need to know where and when every ring is going to show up, because if you donít I can guarantee that your ass is not going to collect all 8 emeralds, leaving the awesomeness of Super Sonic something youíll never experience because SEGA thought it would be funny to tease us. I fucking hated being one or two rings short of obtaining the emerald and as the emerald comes up to you, your unable to grab it because you didnít obtain the sufficient amount of rings. What makes the emerald stages even shittier is the inclusion of the bombs. If you happen to hit one of these bombs, you lose a good chunk of the rings you just spent time struggling to obtain. I wanted to break my controller every time I collected the right amount of rings only to run into a bomb and lose them and not get the emerald. I gave up trying to get all 8 emeralds. It pissed me off too much and all I wanted to do was hurry up and finish the game so it wouldnít ruin my original childhood memories of the game.
So much for that..

I took the time to memorize this whole stage.. 7 more to goÖ FFUUU-

I have one more thing I need to get off of my chest. Itís a little thing called Metropolis Zone.

Whose smart idea was it to add this zone in the game? Iíd like to have a word with you.

Metropolis seems like it could be a fun departure from the normal linear levels found in the game. There are multiple paths you can take making each run through of the stage different from the last. Sounds like fun right..? WRONG! Metropolis Zone is a fucked up maze. You may think youíre going the right way after your well into the level, but then you come across an area that seems so familiar. Thatís because youíve already been through there.. TEN FUCKING TIMES! (Ok, maybe not ten times, but running through the same area more than twice feels like youíve seen it at least ten times.) Oh and remember those projectile-shooting enemies I spoke of earlier? Theyíre the only fucking enemy type spread across Metropolis. Can I get a fucking break!? Oh yeah, did I forget to say that thereís three Metropolis zones? This is the only zone in the entire game to have a third act. WTF? Each one gets harder and shittier the further you go.

Yes! I made it through both acts..w-wait..WTF THERES A THIRD!??

As you can see Iím very frustrated with how this game has aged. After my play through, I looked back and wondered how the hell did I have the patience to beat this game in an entire sitting (There was no save feature on the Genesis). On top of that, how the hell was I able to get all 8 emeralds? I must have been some type of super gaming freak as a kid because I honestly could not perform the same things today that I was able to do as a kid.

All I have to say is, what the fuck happened to my game!?

Have any of you guys re-played an old favorite only to find out itís not the same as it used to be? If so, share your experiences below!   read

2:06 PM on 05.06.2010

Let Me Into Your Club!! (Introduction)

I'm under the impression that this is a Super Secret Club created by the almighty DESTRUCTOID himself to rid the world of Evil doers and bring justice to all things video games. I was told that if I was ready for the awesomeness that ensues in this Super Secret Club, then I should fill out an application and post it below along with a detailed description of myself. Well I am ready for the awesomeness this club has to offer. Hope I get in (Fingers Crossed ;P).

Name: James
Super Secret Club Name: SteezyXL
Age: What ever 5+4-7+10*9-8*2-200+18 equals..
Ethnicity: Black & Brown
Sex: Hell yeah!! .. oh.. you mean.... I'm a guy..
Location: I think somewhere near the DtoidSF, but idk.. I don't go outside
Years gaming: For as long as I can remember.. which isn't saying much considering I don't remember what I ate for breakfast this morning.. hmm..
Stalked Dtoid for: About 4 years now.. I actually filled out an application a while back, but I think I got rejected..

Tell us about yourself:

Well.. I love video games. Always have growing up. I grew up in the 90's playing my Sega Genesis and NES. Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario were my heroes and I wanted to grow up and be just like them. But then I realized that I don't think I'd be very successful at spin dashing and just the fact that I'd look stupid in overalls.

Apparently plumbers look good in overalls.. pfft.. yeah right..

I enjoyed my childhood just like every aspiring gamer did, in front of the television with a controller in my hand not caring about a damn thing except about the video game that laid before me. Nintendo was my favorite growing up, so of course I had to own all of their consoles and games. Everything from the NES to the N64 and all of the iterations of the game boys were all mine! (Mwahaha!) I could go on and on about my favorite child hood memories playing games, but I've got an application to fill out. I'll share them later.

What can you bring to the club?:

Well I was told I am funny.. or did she say funny-looking?.. hmm I don't remember. Well, I like to voice my opinions on video games, so I could write some insightful things about video games such as reviews, commentary, thoughts on events or maybe just random things I come across on the interwebs that I'd love to share. I'm a very friendly person and I love meeting new people, especially people who share the same interests as me and aren't dicks. (We could be Super Secret Club Buddies!)

Oh yeah, if you ever need a place to hold secret meetings mom said I can invite you guys and she'll make some Totino's Pizza Rolls for us. Yum.

Dramatization: Not my actual mother

She also said she'll bake cookies for us. I'll just need a list of people who are allergic to almonds. I had a bad experience with my last club that I do NOT want to repeat. Long story short, I was given a restraining order and the boot, which is why I need a new club to join.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:

I see myself high in the ranks of this Super Secret Club, considering I'll still be in it (Seriously guys, I'll need that list!). I also see myself fulfilling my dreams of owning my own video game studio/publisher. I've been playing video games for all my life and I want to one day be the person making them. Considering I'll have a Master's in Computer Science, having learned all the necessities of being a video game developer, and have the same type of determination that Ash Ketchum had in being the best Pokemon trainer ever, I think I should be fine (I hope..). It'll be a tough road ahead, but that'll be the fun of it. I'd also give this Super Secret Club first dibs on all of my games because I am so awesome like that.

Anything else you'd like to add?:

Honestly guys, I'm just here for a good time. I've never done a blog before, so it'll be both fun and frightening at the same time. I'm looking to meet some cool people, add their gamertags ((mine is in the sidebar) and hopefully sometime in the future your PSN names and Wii friend codes as well), and have a jolly Ole time. I've been around Destructoid long enough to know that the community is the foundation to this site and I'm just here to do my part and contribute.


All that precious room in the front could be space for me in that picture!

So now that you've gotten to know me, LET ME INTO YOUR CLUB!!   read

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