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SteezyXL avatar 4:31 AM on 01.15.2011  (server time)
Unwinding the Mind: Happy New Year!

Jeez. How long has it been since I last wrote a blog? Itís been too long. I guess you can say Iíve been busy. Busy playing games that is. I just havenít had the motivation for writing blogs, especially after with everything going on with ďNew DtoidĒ. Anyways, Iím back and I promise to be more active in blogging and just around Dtoid in general.

I decided that I want to do a ďrandom thoughtsĒ type blog. Itís become a popular thing around here, and I just really like the idea of expressing whateverís on your mind inside of a blog, and then having a discussion in the comments about the various topics.

So without further ado, I introduce the first entry of Unwinding the Mind!


Itís a new year and you know what that means! Making stupid promises to yourself that you know you wonít be able to keep for longer than a few weeks. My stupid promises this year consist of clearing out my backlog of games, stepping outside of my comfort zone in life and gaming, and the ever-popular, being more healthy physically and mentally. The latter two have been a bit tougher to get myself to do since the new year, considering Iím still on break from school and Iíve been a lazy fuck. I have, however, been doing good job on clearing out my backlog of games this year.

The first game I completed this year was Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood. I actually completed this game about an hour and a half into the New Year (does that count?). I absolutely LOVED this game. Itís pretty much an enhanced version of Assassinís Creed II, which is a great thing because I loved AC:II.

The gameplay was definitely given the proper polish. Everything from running across rooftops, scaling walls, and fighting felt smoother and seamless than previous titles. Rome is humongous and beautiful. It all feels very alive with all the happenings that occur throughout the city. Also, the whole process of recruiting and sending your assassins out on contracts to level them up is amazingly fun and addictive.

The inclusion of multiplayer was a step I was not expecting to see from an Assassinís Creed title, but I was glad to see it wasnít half-assed. Itís very thrilling trying to chase down your target while trying not alert your pursuer (or pursuers) by making obvious movements that only human characters would make. Iíve had a blast playing with gareth and SuperMonk, even though SuperMonk is a poison-abusing asshole (<3).

I definitely recommend giving this game a play.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the most recent game on my backlog that I had completed, and boy, did I enjoy the hell out of it. I started Batman: AA without much expectation. I had played the demo and thought it was OK. I knew it was supposed to be good, and I wasnít expecting much after that. With that in mind, I started the game, and within an hour of play I was hooked!

Being trapped in a prison with all of Batmanís greatest enemies was an awesome set up for story and boss battles. By the end of it all, I really felt for him, because I had invested all of this time with this superhero, who is only human, and seen him basically live out his version of hell. Rocksteady did a great job bringing Batmanís hell to life with their look and feel of arkham asylum. They also did a great job with the combat. I truly felt like a bad ass super hero who could kick anyone's ass. Also, Batmanís gadgets that are used to help him search for clues and access new areas are so awesome. They really helped expand the gameplay making the game even more fun and unique.


Iím currently playing through Bioshock and will definitely offer my thoughts on the game on my next entry. Hint hint: I likey!

Netflix has been my new obsession lately and I have been going through some shows based off of recommendations from you fine folks who follow me on Twitter. MrAndyDixon recommended I watch Firefly, and thatís what I did. And I ENJOYED it!

Iíve heard nothing but great things about this show and some douche named Nathan Fillion, but I never had the interest to check it out. After seeing Andy gush about it over twitter, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. I am proud to say that I am now a Firefly groupie (sorry Occams).

The show takes place in the future with space ships, but has an old western setting. Those two things sound like an odd pairing, but it feels so perfect. The dialog is funny, yet very serious, especially when it needs to be. All of the characters are lovable, except for River, in my opinion. I couldnít like her, not until I watched the movie based on the show, Serenity. She kicked ass in that movie. She was just too weird and did shit that made me say "what the fuck" several times while watching the show. Iím sure if the show wasnít canceled I wouldíve have come to like her just as much as the rest of the crew.

The 14 episodes of Firefly and the movie Serenity were very enjoyable and I recommend giving it a watch if youíre into the science-fiction/old western genre.


Thatís all I got. Let me know if this was an entertaining read, if not, let me know what I could do to make it more enjoyable. Iíll try and put out one of these every 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for reading and happy New Year!

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