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Steel Frog avatar 7:53 AM on 08.10.2007  (server time)
Cracking down on Crackdown.

Having nothing good to play on the 360 for some time now (I didn't really like Forza 2, I'm sorry), I decided I'd go back on some of my older games and get me some achievements. I fired up Crackdown again in an attempt to actually complete it, and to get my agent up to his maximum stats.

It took me some time to figure out the best strategies to level up so here are some of the things I've discovered that will hopefully help you reach the elite agent level.


To level up your strength, simply roundhouse enemies in the face. That pretty much summarizes it. You do have the alternative option of killing enemies by throwing objects at them but it's much more time consuming and just not as fun.

Leveling up your driving skill is a pain because Crackdown simply isn't a car game. You don't have to drive since your character can basically fly from one rooftop to the next. So how do you level it up? By running over enemy soldiers.

Spawn at the Agency and grab the SUV. It has the best turning ratio and won't get stuck in between cars or other debris. Exit at door 3 which will lead you near Wang's HQ. There should be a ton of enemies outside. Drive near enemies slowly. You don't need to ram them to kill them, a mere touch will take them down. Keep going until your SUV blows up and repeat. I was able to get about 10-points per run.

When an enemy car approaches you, the occupants won't exit the car until you come to a complete stop. Park yourself next to one of the enemy's doors and hit the handbrake. As soon as the door pops open, start charging towards the car and you should easily be able to run down at least one of the occupants.

This skill is fairly easy to level up. Select a spawn point in Wang's territory. As a weapon, select the Grenade and Rocket launchers and scout the rooftops for clusters of soldiers and pop a grenade or rocket at them. That's pretty much it. It shouldn't take you too long.

If you can manage to get hit squads to come after you, fire a rocket at the middle car and blow them all up at once. Be mindful of civilians though.

This one is a pain. Grab your default assault rifle (the one with the scope) and machine gun then spawn in Wang territory. All you have to do now is snipe. And then snipe some more. Headshots will yield allot more experience than simply gunning down enemies so take your time and make sure the shot lands and you'll get there soon enough.

Grab the orbs. Do the races. That's it. You also get a little bit of experience by sniping enemies from afar but it's really not worth the time and effort. I haven't reached the max level for this yet and it's a pain the ass.


That's all for now. I'll edit this as I progress through my skills. Also check out the GameSpot guide.

I still haven't finished Crackdown but it's my weekend 'task'. If anyone wants to join me, I'll be on Live as daedalx. Later.

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