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Steel Brotha avatar 2:37 PM on 09.27.2009  (server time)
The Wrong Games Ge The Most Hype

These days there are so many games that get mass amounts of hype that really don't deserve it. Too many times has there been a First Person Shooter been the "Anticipated Game Of The Month!!!" Too many times do we give an extreme amount of attention to old IPs. Too many times do we see articles about games with gimmicks get over-hyped. There are so many new games going on right under our noses, and I feel that the developers that make these games deserve at least a certain amount of respect for what they make. We complain so much that the only games that are coming out this gen are pretty much all the same, but that's due to the fact that we only pay attention the AA or AAA titles that carve this trend. How many of us can honestly say that we've done a bit of digging on games like Demon's Souls or Way Of The Samurai 3 (Tubtatic you are exempt)?

Problem One: Gaming Sites (Paid to Advertise Or Not) Always hype up the big games.

I can assure you that at least 1 day everyday for the past 3 years you gone to your gaming favourite gaming site and have seen a First Person Shooter being called somewhat of the Holy Grail of a game. Wolfenstein, Fallout 3, Halo 3, COD Whatever, and some other FPS have been on the front page of every websites at least nine times a day. Let's face it, they all play the same with slight changes. So why do we pay so much attention to a game that going to have the same old Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Base Capture modes. I still don't get what the huge deal about FPS games is these days. What happened to looking for the next NEW game? Where's the love for innovation these days? The thing is that gaming sites such as this one will hype these games up and then they'll give the game a mediocre review. What kills me is that once they give an over hyped game it's lumps these same authors will go on hyping up the next overly marketed game. Meanwhile games like Demon's Souls get left in the void of anonymity. How does

Problem Two: Old Great IPs aren't always great.

Remember how happy you were when you saw that they were making a Wolfenstein game for 2009? Remember how you thought it was gonna be like the good old days of killing Hitler in a robo-suit? Then you play Wolfenstein 2009 and you notice that the "Wolfenstein" is missing. Then you notice that it's just like many other First Person Shooters these days. Just because you see a name like "Mario" or "Street Fighter" doesn't mean it's going to be consistently good. Nowadays it's becoming more apparent that we need to give games from series that have been here for year the same "chops-busting" that we give new IP's. Remember how the last Contra game sucked. How about when They took out Mai Shiranui from KOF XII? How Final Fantasy X-2 had a ridiculous plot? We can't keep giving games with recognizable names get away with being crappy. I f we do that then how will new innovative IPs get their chance.

Problem Three: Gimmicks don't deserve hype. Ever.

Why do we keep giving games with little gimmick an open door invitation to be hyped without scrutiny. Few times has a game solely based on one aspect been good. The Katamari Series is an example. But when it gets to the levels that Scribblenauts got to we know that we're going a bit far. In my town they've sold one copy of that game. And getting that hat with the pre-order really made those who bought the game look even dumber. The game itself wasn't that great. We need to stop giving games with gimmicks over advertisement. If I log on to Dtoid and see that game where you make out with your DS getting mass amounts of "I can't wait for this game." There's going to be a school shooting in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Give smaller companies some attention with what they make. They do the same job and actually have to try something different to get attention of us gamers. I'll be skipping MW2 and playing Demon's Souls and Way Of the Samurai 3. I wish most of you would join be in looking for the underground and the obscure.

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