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Steel Brotha avatar 11:21 AM on 07.05.2009  (server time)
Street Fighter - The Most Unbalanced Fighting Game of All Time

I really don't know why people jack off to the Street Fighter series. In all honest it is not that good of a series to begin with. Due to the many fans of the game I do expect some fanboy comments about this blog. Frankly I don't give a fuck. I don't understand how a series that's so unbalanced has become so popular. And really it's not even the entire series that is popular. It's only Street Fighter 2, and it's over 9000 editions, and it's spinoff Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. So most people of who claim to be fans of the series have never played the original Street Fighter, you know, back when Ryu's now overly spammed Hadoken was a physical attack. Street Fighter 3 was the most unbalanced fighting game not only in this series but in the history of fighting games. Thanks to Street Fighter 4's online now it's not just tournament players who know the horrors of cheap fighting that this game is known for. This is the game that started tiers. In this series the only used characters are, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Sagat. They all have the same controls for their special moves and said moves can all be used very cheaply. I thought that a fighting game was supposed to be fighting, not jumping around and shooting fire at each other. Leave that to DBZ. And have these characters in a roster with characters that use charge attacks is just silly because Ryu always beats Balrog. No matter what. Why have a game where the easiest special move to pull of is the most dangerous(Dragon Punch). The easy combos of the Ryu clones as I call them can't really be interrupted while all of the other characters can be. The fact that Seth, the final boss from SF4 is allowed in tournaments really "urks" me as well. I'm sorry but I'll take Tekken over SF any day. Large Balanced Roster of Tekken>Large Unbalanced Roster of SF. And it shows in the sales too. SF2 has sold over 10 million on it's own, while all of the other games and spin offs in the series account for only another 6 million. Meanwhile the Tekken series has outsold SF with 26 million altogether Street Fighter has been going on since '87, Tekken since '94.
But if you want to play a game where ryu clones win all the time, do it up. I'll be here mastering the over 30 different martial arts styles of Tekken, or the different weapons of Soul Calibur.

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