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4:57 PM on 12.01.2009

Top 5 Games That Should Be Remade Into PSN/XBL Arcade Games.

Now I'm going to be frank, I think that Digital Distrubution is one of the best ideas for video games. Many gamers fear that "monopolies" of Sony's PSPGo or Valve's Steam. I see this aspect of gaming to be great for games that were great in the past but didn't stand a chance against big name franchises. Downloadable games are also great for developers to put out games that are great, but would never sell at full price. Thinking back to the previous generation of gaming, there were a lot of games that got cast majorly cast aside. These games would have been great seller is they didn't come out at $60, meanwhile most other games came out with much more content for the same price. Or maybe it's a game that was not "mainstream" enough to do well but has a major cult following and is hard to find. Either way, these are my choices for Top 5 Remakes for the PSN/XBL

#5. Gotcha Force (By Capcom for the GC)

This game was one of the most fun games I have ever played in my life. Fellow Dtoider Chainsawface just put out a blog about how awesome it was. (

Now Gotcha Force was a game about collecting miniature robots and using them to save the world. There was an immense amount of variety among the robots you could collect. You had Ninjas, Transforming Vehicles, Witches, Flying Fortresses, Cowboys, Super Heroes, and even Nuclear Warheads.

And whatever the hell this thing is...

Another thing that made Gotcha Force such a fun game for anyone who got their hands on it was the 4 player death matches that ensued. You could make your "Force" with up to 30 "Gotcha Borgs". Each player starts off with the first one on their list and when that borg dies, they play as the next one until the last man standing wins.

As fun as this game is, you could unlock all 292 borgs in about 4 days play. Not something that I'd pay full price for. And most gamers who saw this Gamecube title also saw that RE:4 was on the same shelf for the same price. Which game do you think they picked up. My friend had the courage to try something new, and we loved spending hour battling each other with miniature instruments of doom. Now imagine of this game were $15 and downloadable. I've seen a lot of games made just for fun do well at this price. Fat Princess, and Castle Crashers show that it can be done. And Gotcha Force would be a great addition to the PSN/XBL collection.

#4. God Hand (By Clover Studios for the PS2)

Before there was Nero with an overpowered arm fighting demons, there was Gene with an overpowered arm fighting demons......wait a minute...
Anyways being the last game to come out of Clover Studios before Capcom game then the axe, God Hand was a favourite among fans of (as well as an homage to) the old school beat em ups of the late 80
s and early 90s. It garnered enough attention to have IGN's Chris Roper not only blasted by fans for giving to game a 3 out of 10, but also by fellow IGN workers. The game starts out like any other Beat Em Up. No Intro video. Just Push Start. Select Difficulty. See beginning cutscene that explains simplistic story. Beat the shit out of people. Sounds like nothing new and exciting right? But get this, it's done in 3-D using the Resident Evil 4 Engine. Sound Better? How about being able to customize your combos with over 100 individual moves? Like the Pimp Slap, and the Chin Rocker, and the Drunken Fist. And then there's the hilarious grabs. Spanking women and kicking demons in the crotch.

I wasn't kidding.

It's called the "God Stomp" for a reason.
Sadly this couldn't save Clover Studio from the hands of Capcom who pulled the plug on the guys who made this game. More people need to see this game, and since we aren't getting a backwards compatible PS3 anytime soon (sorry crybabies) a PSN/XBL re-release would be fantastic.

#3.Urban Reign (By Namco for the PS2)

Another 3D beat em up. But this one did what Jet-Li's videogame failed to do. amazingly simple 360 combat. Being able to counter from anywhere is amazing when your taking on a gang of 7-10 street thugs.Heavily influenced by Tobal 2, The Power Stone Game, and Ehrgeiz (can't go wrong there) anyone who's played this will agree with me when I say this. Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign should've been this game. Over 50 characters to play as or beat up. 100 missions, 4 player multiplayer. 34 different styles of fighting. Dozens of weapons. Smart AI. This game was so stuffed with great content it literally almost burst.[/img] Great Teamwork is another helpful feature. As you can see.
Awesome moves made this game beautiful to watch.

Paul And Law from Tekken make great cameo characters in this characters.

Need I say more?

#2. Jet Set Radio Future (By Sega for the Xbox)

This game should have been successful. This game being majorly ignored proves that there is no God. Honestly I think that Sega made a bad choice putting a game like this on the Original Xbox. I mean look at this.

Now why would you put this on the "American" console.

This game was so unique in concept, idea, and gameplay. Yet was ignored majorly in everywhere. At least it's predecessor had the Dreamcast in Japan to fall back on. This amazing title wasn't so lucky. There should've been a much larger support by Sega for this. They know that people love it, and the recent success of No More Heroes shows that people want games that are off the beaten path. Hopefully this becomes true

#1 Shenmue 1&2 ( By Sega for the Dreamcast & Xbox)

I had to put both games in the #1 most wanted re-release spot. Come on the undeniable charm of this game. In my eye the sequel was another victim of "Great game, wrong console" as stated with JSR Future. With an immaculate story, and the perfection of quick time events this game proves that some of the best video game stories can only be told from a cinematic point of view.


This game inspired some of the best ideas in video gaming today. Take a look at Indigo Prophecy, and the upcoming Heavy Rain. Even the Yakuza series to a lesser extent owes major thanks to Shenmue 1&2.

Well there you have it people. These are the 5 games that I believe need to to be re-released on the PSN/XBL. There are other worthy contenders but in my opinion, these are the ones that come first.   read

2:37 PM on 09.27.2009

The Wrong Games Ge The Most Hype

These days there are so many games that get mass amounts of hype that really don't deserve it. Too many times has there been a First Person Shooter been the "Anticipated Game Of The Month!!!" Too many times do we give an extreme amount of attention to old IPs. Too many times do we see articles about games with gimmicks get over-hyped. There are so many new games going on right under our noses, and I feel that the developers that make these games deserve at least a certain amount of respect for what they make. We complain so much that the only games that are coming out this gen are pretty much all the same, but that's due to the fact that we only pay attention the AA or AAA titles that carve this trend. How many of us can honestly say that we've done a bit of digging on games like Demon's Souls or Way Of The Samurai 3 (Tubtatic you are exempt)?
Problem One: Gaming Sites (Paid to Advertise Or Not) Always hype up the big games.[/b]

I can assure you that at least 1 day everyday for the past 3 years you gone to your gaming favourite gaming site and have seen a First Person Shooter being called somewhat of the Holy Grail of a game. Wolfenstein, Fallout 3, Halo 3, COD Whatever, and some other FPS have been on the front page of every websites at least nine times a day. Let's face it, they all play the same with slight changes. So why do we pay so much attention to a game that going to have the same old Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Base Capture modes. I still don't get what the huge deal about FPS games is these days. What happened to looking for the next NEW game? Where's the love for innovation these days? The thing is that gaming sites such as this one will hype these games up and then they'll give the game a mediocre review. What kills me is that once they give an over hyped game it's lumps these same authors will go on hyping up the next overly marketed game. Meanwhile games like Demon's Souls get left in the void of anonymity. How does

Problem Two: Old Great IPs aren't always great.[/b]

Remember how happy you were when you saw that they were making a Wolfenstein game for 2009? Remember how you thought it was gonna be like the good old days of killing Hitler in a robo-suit? Then you play Wolfenstein 2009 and you notice that the "Wolfenstein" is missing. Then you notice that it's just like many other First Person Shooters these days. Just because you see a name like "Mario" or "Street Fighter" doesn't mean it's going to be consistently good. Nowadays it's becoming more apparent that we need to give games from series that have been here for year the same "chops-busting" that we give new IP's. Remember how the last Contra game sucked. How about when They took out Mai Shiranui from KOF XII? How Final Fantasy X-2 had a ridiculous plot? We can't keep giving games with recognizable names get away with being crappy. I f we do that then how will new innovative IPs get their chance.

Problem Three: Gimmicks don't deserve hype. Ever.

Why do we keep giving games with little gimmick an open door invitation to be hyped without scrutiny. Few times has a game solely based on one aspect been good. The Katamari Series is an example. But when it gets to the levels that Scribblenauts got to we know that we're going a bit far. In my town they've sold one copy of that game. And getting that hat with the pre-order really made those who bought the game look even dumber. The game itself wasn't that great. We need to stop giving games with gimmicks over advertisement. If I log on to Dtoid and see that game where you make out with your DS getting mass amounts of "I can't wait for this game." There's going to be a school shooting in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Give smaller companies some attention with what they make. They do the same job and actually have to try something different to get attention of us gamers. I'll be skipping MW2 and playing Demon's Souls and Way Of the Samurai 3. I wish most of you would join be in looking for the underground and the obscure.   read

11:21 AM on 07.05.2009

Street Fighter - The Most Unbalanced Fighting Game of All Time

I really don't know why people jack off to the Street Fighter series. In all honest it is not that good of a series to begin with. Due to the many fans of the game I do expect some fanboy comments about this blog. Frankly I don't give a fuck. I don't understand how a series that's so unbalanced has become so popular. And really it's not even the entire series that is popular. It's only Street Fighter 2, and it's over 9000 editions, and it's spinoff Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. So most people of who claim to be fans of the series have never played the original Street Fighter, you know, back when Ryu's now overly spammed Hadoken was a physical attack. Street Fighter 3 was the most unbalanced fighting game not only in this series but in the history of fighting games. Thanks to Street Fighter 4's online now it's not just tournament players who know the horrors of cheap fighting that this game is known for. This is the game that started tiers. In this series the only used characters are, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Sagat. They all have the same controls for their special moves and said moves can all be used very cheaply. I thought that a fighting game was supposed to be fighting, not jumping around and shooting fire at each other. Leave that to DBZ. And have these characters in a roster with characters that use charge attacks is just silly because Ryu always beats Balrog. No matter what. Why have a game where the easiest special move to pull of is the most dangerous(Dragon Punch). The easy combos of the Ryu clones as I call them can't really be interrupted while all of the other characters can be. The fact that Seth, the final boss from SF4 is allowed in tournaments really "urks" me as well. I'm sorry but I'll take Tekken over SF any day. Large Balanced Roster of Tekken>Large Unbalanced Roster of SF. And it shows in the sales too. SF2 has sold over 10 million on it's own, while all of the other games and spin offs in the series account for only another 6 million. Meanwhile the Tekken series has outsold SF with 26 million altogether Street Fighter has been going on since '87, Tekken since '94.
But if you want to play a game where ryu clones win all the time, do it up. I'll be here mastering the over 30 different martial arts styles of Tekken, or the different weapons of Soul Calibur.   read

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