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For our Tech Support Dtoiders [NVGR]

I know for a fact that at least a few of you have or currently do work in tech support or a related field. And since we nerd types love nothing more than recounting tales of our adventures through fields of retarded users, I present... The Website is Down This is at least a month old according to Digg, but I just found it so it must still be relevant.


Webcomic Alert: Dueling Analogs

For those who aren't familiar with Steve Napierski's Dueling Analogs, the strips above and in the gallery below should be an adequate primer for his mix of sometimes absurd, sometimes perverted (but always infrequent) gamin...


Crucial information from Apple re: iMac G5

While looking through the Apple Support site for guidance regarding an iMac I'm trying to repair, I unexpectedly came across an answer that had thus far eluded me: ============================================================...


T-shirt Time! - 8-Bit Investigation

It's Monday, which means it's new shirt day over at Threadless. There are a few interesting shirts this week, including what I believe to be their first hand-dyed tee. Also, since it's Threadless, there are also some inan...


RUMORTOID: The Witcher coming to 360/PS3

Sarcastic Gamer is reporting on some very loose talk regarding the confirmation of an eventual Xbox 360/PSTriple port of The Witcher. The "proof" from the article: Yesterday, one of the leading Polish gaming-related websi...


Truly "Paper" Mario playable concept (w/Video)

From the Department of Concept>Practicality comes this remarkable little project - a truly "Paper" Mario: Short post is short, as I'm slaving away to earn my meager wages. For more info on the artist commissioned to create the "Moving Mario" project, visit his website at The-Demos.com


Duke Nukem Whenever Teaser Tomorrow

Kotaku has a (currently broken) link to the 3D Realms forums. A post from George Broussard reads as follows: <copypasta> "Last Saturday we had our annual company Christmas party. It was a lot of fun as usual but it...


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