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Steamtoid avatar 8:01 PM on 12.09.2011  (server time)
The Aftermath Of FNF (December 9th)

The night was December 9th, 2011, and the small group of Steamtoid decided to host another FNF. No one could expect the anarchy and chaos that was about to unravel.
The game of choice? Killing Floor
A game built for a squad of 6 to combat against hordes of zombies, wave after wave being more difficult than the last. Sure, squads are great and all, but this is Steamtoid, we brought an army.

(Thanks to Hubert for the picture)

Overall, our army consisted of up to 82 men fighting for the rights of everyman.

(Thanks to Thor for the picture)

The framerate, the rubber-banding, the destruction, it was more of a "battlefield" than that other game.

(Thanks to Solace for the picture)

But it was OK, because we had an army.

(Thanks to Paul for the picture)

What we didn't expect, was that the Zeds had an even bigger army.

(Thanks to Thor for the picture)

We lost alot of men that night, but it was the greatest battle you'd ever see. Next week, we plan on bringing an even bigger army, and to do that, we'll need you. Join us for the remaining Friday nights this month as we overrun the Zeds and take back X-mas in the name of the 'Toid.

To the honourable men that fought that day - Dan, Hubert, Paul, Juan, Solace, Thor, and everyone else, we salute you!

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