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Steamtoid avatar 11:30 AM on 08.07.2013  (server time)
Steamtoid turns Six

We're baaaaaaaack!

Well, shit. Nothing really happens much in a community splinter group centred almost exclusively around a Steam group chat. We passed 3000 members this year! Yes, more people ignore our announcements and events than ever before. We still somehow have TF2 games every Friday and Tuesday nights, in the Destructoid TF2 server (run by Swishiee) that you should totally join. We even banned Haunter for you!

If hat simulation is not your bag, we encourage use of the chat and our group admins to organise your own gaming sessions within the group. Reasonable requests for group announcement and events are usually followed through with, depending which unstable despot you ask.

We have also been weathered by tragedy, as Valve's continuing decay into appeasement policies has blanketed all Steam chats in completely useless 'emoticons'. Sadly, they cannot be disabled in chat and no protection can be afforded to those using them.

So this is us. It could be you too, though. If you're interested in the only Destructoid community integrated into a platform for playing video games, join up and politely introduce yourself. You can do it rudely too. Just don't suck. Here's our NAQ, beyond that you're on your own. Happy Birthday to us!

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