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11:30 AM on 08.07.2013

Steamtoid turns Six

We're baaaaaaaack!

Well, shit. Nothing really happens much in a community splinter group centred almost exclusively around a Steam group chat. We passed 3000 members this year! Yes, more people ignore our announcements and events than ever before. We still somehow have TF2 games every Friday and Tuesday nights, in the Destructoid TF2 server (run by Swishiee) that you should totally join. We even banned Haunter for you!

If hat simulation is not your bag, we encourage use of the chat and our group admins to organise your own gaming sessions within the group. Reasonable requests for group announcement and events are usually followed through with, depending which unstable despot you ask.

We have also been weathered by tragedy, as Valve's continuing decay into appeasement policies has blanketed all Steam chats in completely useless 'emoticons'. Sadly, they cannot be disabled in chat and no protection can be afforded to those using them.

So this is us. It could be you too, though. If you're interested in the only Destructoid community integrated into a platform for playing video games, join up and politely introduce yourself. You can do it rudely too. Just don't suck. Here's our NAQ, beyond that you're on your own. Happy Birthday to us!   read

8:01 PM on 12.09.2011

The Aftermath Of FNF (December 9th)

The night was December 9th, 2011, and the small group of Steamtoid decided to host another FNF. No one could expect the anarchy and chaos that was about to unravel.
The game of choice? Killing Floor
A game built for a squad of 6 to combat against hordes of zombies, wave after wave being more difficult than the last. Sure, squads are great and all, but this is Steamtoid, we brought an army.

(Thanks to Hubert for the picture)

Overall, our army consisted of up to 82 men fighting for the rights of everyman.

(Thanks to Thor for the picture)

The framerate, the rubber-banding, the destruction, it was more of a "battlefield" than that other game.

(Thanks to Solace for the picture)

But it was OK, because we had an army.

(Thanks to Paul for the picture)

What we didn't expect, was that the Zeds had an even bigger army.

(Thanks to Thor for the picture)

We lost alot of men that night, but it was the greatest battle you'd ever see. Next week, we plan on bringing an even bigger army, and to do that, we'll need you. Join us for the remaining Friday nights this month as we overrun the Zeds and take back X-mas in the name of the 'Toid.

To the honourable men that fought that day - Dan, Hubert, Paul, Juan, Solace, Thor, and everyone else, we salute you!   read

9:11 AM on 10.10.2011

Steamtoid Challenge: Weak Sex

For those new to the Steamtoid Challenge, check out what it's all about right here. With that out of the way, let's get started.

First! There are rules to be followed!
1) Must have a Steam account!
2) Must join the Destructoid group on Steam
3) Must join Dtoid's chatroom (AKA Steamtoid)

Now onto the challenge.
Top reason why Tarvu is bad for your health
Deadline: Monday, October 17th, 2011

Could be funny, awkward, epic, or just fucked up, it's all good!
I will accept 3 submissions from each person as there's about a bajillion reasons.
Submissions can be sent by commenting here, or in the Steamtoid group.
Prizes are given out on Mondays, because Mondays need less suck!

It's alright if you don't know who or what a Tarvu is (No one really does), so just imagine the most foul, disgusting, dense, ignorant, impure, raunchy, tasteless, sleazy, uncouth and gut-wretchingly ugly being - And you have a Tarvu.

This is what Tarvu used to be, before you-know-what happened   read

3:20 PM on 10.03.2011

Becoming Relevant Once Again!

Does this thing still work?
-taps microphone-
I'd like to inform you all that the Steamtoid blog is becoming relevant once again!
It was never relevant in the first place

We shall be updating at least twice a week from here on out. On Mondays, Steamtoid Challenges will move on over to this blog (No one liked this guy anyway), and on Fridays we'll let you know what we're hosting for Friday Night Fights. We might also post random sausages here and there, so keep a look out!

Not sure what the fuck we're talking about? That's perfect for joining up and fitting in, because none of us know what the kcuf we're talking about.
Seriously though, look us up on Steam if you haven't. Join the group, enter the chat, make some friends and take part in Destructoid's community. We may bite at first, but the chicks dig battle scars.

Also, mandatory picture.

First thing to come up in Google Images.   read

11:17 AM on 01.24.2010

Oh, do we have a surprise for you. (minor update!)

Mind you, there's good and bad to be had because we're all cad...s. Anyway, so yeah. First, we have a video. Remember the DToid helmet made in Gmod some time ago? Of course you do! If you forgot, here it is below:

Got it memorized? Good, as here's the making-of vid.
Yes, it's sped up, but it took us a good long while to make, and why not enjoy the music before Youtube comes down hard on us like the lawyery hawks they are? D:

And there's something else. We recorded a podcast last night. But...well, here's the link. Now, a word of warning. This is honestly the Podcast From Hell. Why? Well, for some reason the recording cut off the first five minutes or so of our recording, so we start with Wasteland giving his games of the week. And...well, it was just all sorts of chaotic, truth be told. I dunno.

Yes, we know it sucks. We're gonna improve and maybe put out an actual episode 1. For now, 0-2 is gonna have to sate your appetite for terribleness.

UPDATE: So if the link didn't work for you, try this out. Something was weird with Mediafire, sorry!

And our resident mixmaster l0cke gave us an interesting mix here. Thanks l0cke for turning our suck into cool!   read

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