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When people think square, they naturally think Final Fantasy. That is not a bad way to look at things, but it does a disservice to their other series, which do deserve more respect.

10) Valkyrie Profile - I really like this series for its uniqueness. What makes the series unique is its reliance on chain combos. Also it employs a very rare rpg side scrolling paradigm. Sprite based graphics makes this one of my favorite looking series.

9) Star Ocean - I like this series because its like anime star trek. And for those of you who dont know. Anime rocks, Star trek rocks. I also like how all the games are super connected.

8) The World Ends with You - One game on the DS for now, but it isnt going to stay that way. I think we are destined to see a sequel at tgs this year. What I loved about it was not only the combat system which is totally unique as it utilizes both screens. But the setting. Taking place in today's japan. It utilizes real regions.

7) Kingdom Hearts - Yeah it has some FF characters, but it has nothing to do with that franchise. What some people hate about it I love. I love that its spread on alot of different platforms like gba, ds, psp, ps2, 3ds because it makes the series seem way larger than it really is. The action rpg gameplay is super deep and fun. Who doesnt want to slay jafar again?

6) Soft Boiled Hero - This is the one series probably nobody knows about as its japanese only and the last entry in the series was on the DS in 2005. Its an rpg/rts series, with humor not unsimilar to the mario & luigi series.

This is what the game looked like on the ds

Absurd right?

5) Bravely Default: Flying Fairy - Another entry thats solo in its budding series, and not even out yet, but looks so good I had to give it a nod. Its classic, turn based, party of 4, towns, worldmap, its all there. Set to be released on the 3ds this year in japan, I pray every night it gets localized.

4) Ogre Battle - A series which consists of Ogre battle, Ogre 64, tactics ogre, tactics ogre knights of lodis, and a japanese only wonderswan gaiden, this series has been the wet dream for many a strategy gamer, myself included. In 2010 we saw a remake of tactics ogre on the psp, which is by far the definitive version of the game. This is a unique series because not only is the gameplay flawless, but so is the story.

3) Chrono Trigger - Was there any doubt this would be here? Really? There is a reason why Chrono trigger is known as the best rpg of all time. It was made with a literal dream team of japanese talent. The rpg is my favorite on the snes for how innovative it is. Different endings, team combo attacks, deep sub plots, ect. The game had a sequel on the psx, and a remake of the first game was fairly recently done on the DS which is the best version of that game.

2) Front Mission - I am sure people didnt anticipate this to be my number 2. But I am a sucker for mechs in a neo'ish kind of environment. In America only games 1 ( this gen in a ds remake) ,3,4 are localized, while 2,5,2089 remain in japan. Unfortunatly most people will remember this gen for that aweful shooter side game, the newest main line title 2089, was spectacular. The most well known aspect of this series and what I love, is the difficulty, its maddening.

Now, up to this point all of the series Ive listed, I love alot, but in my heart of hearts, I like FF more. Not this next series. It is a true number 1.

1) Dragon Quest - Anyone who knows me knows I am a dragon quest fanboy. Like FF it has many different sub series aside from the main branch line. We have the slime series, the monster series, the mystery dungeon series, the Itadaki Street series, ect. All gold. But its the main series that really gets my motor going. Turn based combat, a deep world, characters you freakin care about, maddeningly hard bosses, grinding, it has everything. Also what is unique to this series, is, it literally only goes on the most popular systems of the gen. The top 2 usually. This gen it was wii and ds, last gen it was gba and ps2, the gen before that it was ps1 and gbc, the gen before that snes and gameboy.
To even get 1 game of this series on your platform, means your system is doing ok. I will probably be doing a top 10 list, just consisting of the games of this series.

There you have it. Another solid list of games. What are your favorite Square titles that arent Final Fantasy related?

I leave you with this

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