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Stealth says:

The Essence of Collecting. Something to Collect

// Submitted @ 2:01 PM on 07.27.2012

Due to popular demand I've decided to write another blog (I planned on taking a significant amount of time off).

The topic I've chosen is something of an issue in today's game industry. Physical games.

I hear all the time, physical games are a thing of the past, physical games are outdated relics, physical games are on the decline.

We've all heard it.

The question is do we believe it?

I am a collector. What does that mean? I buy physical games, box/art work/manual/ original media and like the title suggests, I collect it. Sometimes I display it, other times I sell said games for a tidy profit. But most of the time, I play the game, and whenever I look at the box, it reminds me of that game memory.

That's what I think is being lost in the entire debate. It isnt JUST about the box or the resell value or anything else you might equate to a tangible product.

Its about the memory.

More than anything else, collecting games serves as a constant reminder of my most important passion. Games. All kinds of games too.

Manuals, also play an important role for me. Before I start every game, even if its a sequel to a game I played or if its a game with even the most basic premise. I sit down, and I read the manual. If there is art, I look at that too.

Now, collecting is one thing. But collecting collectors editions is another. Those take real hard work, dedication, and love to collect. Oh, and a shit ton of money. I looked at my arc the lad complete collection the other day. The leather bound manual, the toys inside, ect. And it brought be back to when the game first came out ( even though I bought it later). I felt some kind of connection with Working Designs at that moment

Personally, I think there is room for digital and physical game distribution. A game industry without physical distribution, is an industry, I am not sure I have a future in.

I would move on to collecting something else.


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