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Stealth avatar 4:11 PM on 09.05.2012  (server time)
TGS Special #1 - There Is A New RPG Sheriff in Town

If someone posed the question "Who is the biggest rpg house in japan" who would you say? Probably, Square Enix right? After all they do make final fantasy, dragon quest, and so many other rpg franchises. Now, if someone were to ask, "who is showing the most rpgs at tgs this year", you might be fooled into saying square enix, just based off there past work and the fact that they indeed do work on alot of rpgs. BUT that isnt the case.

The new RPG Sheriff in town, is Namco Bandai.

Lets look at the rpgs they are bringing to TGS that have yet to be released

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3)
Project X Zone (3DS)
The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG (PS3)
God Eater 2 (PSP)
Summon Night 3 (PSP)
Summon Night 4 (PSP)
Summon Night 5 (PSP)
Sword Art Online: Infinite Moment (PSP)
Digimon Adventure (PSP)
Time and Eternity: Toki Towa (PS3)
Lost Heroes (PSP, 3DS)
One Piece: Romance Dawn Adventure at Daybreak (PSP)
Tales of the World: Dice Adventure
Seven Thousand Wars Season II (iOS)
Digimon Crusader (iOS)
Super Robot Taisen Card Chronicle (Mobage)

I count 16 rpgs. You heard that right, 16. And Namco is set to show no less than 5 games brand new at the event. Which could make that count even higher.

Now lets look at the rpgs square ( so far) is bringing to the event that have yet to be released

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
Final Fantasy III
Emperors SaGa
Dragon quest X U

I count 4...........4........

Namco is bringing no less than 4x the rpg goodness to this event.

I really do think its time to question.

Just who exactly is the biggest rpg house in japan right now?

I actually think its Namco Bandai.

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