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Stealth avatar 7:57 PM on 12.30.2012  (server time)
Stealth's Most Desired 2013 Games (Rpgs... you know that)

2012 was strong. But initially, 2013 has the potential to be stronger rpg fans.

In no particular order, these are the rpgs you want to keep your eye out for

Coming to America

Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS) - Japan has labeled it the best fire emblem ever. Id like to make my own determination but I think things are looking up.

Ni No Kuni (PS3) - Anyone whose fequented the outer heaven chat room knows Ive been screaming about how good this title is for a year.

SMT: Soul Hacker (3DS) - So few SMT titles left to localize, yet it seems like so many are left. Out of the 4 Summoner games. This is the best. By far. Its not even close. Its matrix meets pokemon meats smt.

Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon: Magna Gate and the Infinite Maze (3DS) - I am a giant pokemon fan. A giant mystery dungeon fan. A giant chunsoft fan. Bring it together? its gold

Etrian Odyssey IV (3DS) - Game will make me use dirty language at my 3ds

Rune Factory IV (3DS) - Based on when past entries came, it will come out here quarter 2 2013. Not a moment too soon for this farm sim meets action rpg.

Generation of Chaos 6 (PSP) - Sting. Enough said.

Tales of Xillia (PS3) - The best tales game ever on a console. In a language I can understand I am really looking forward to it.

Probably Coming to America

Bravely Default (3DS) - The best FF this gen. You heard me.

Disgaea Dimension 2 (PS3) - The original cast is back and better than ever. I guess you could call this disgaea 1 part 2. Whatever you call it, its great.

God and Paradox (PS3) - 2 games from team disgaea this year? Amazing........Unlike the last game which is pure disgaea, this game is pure zhp. One of the most under rated rpgs of the gen.

God Eater 2 (Vita) - The best MH clone yet. I guess you could say its so good its not really a clone anymore.

Not Coming to America in 2013

Sen no Kiseki (PS3/Vita) - You could call this legends of heroes 9. You could call it just as it is. The next flagship game of 80s dev Falcom. Its text is like reading the bible, gameplay is very srpg like. First in the series to use a mix 3d sprite system. It looks great. Too much text to localize

SMT IV (3DS) - It will get localized, just not in 2013 (probably 14). The 4th main line smt game. It has everything ie samurais, Tokyo in ruin, time travel. Sounds perfect.

Super Robot Wars UX (3ds) - Never coming to US ever. Some of the new series inclusions are very exciting. Same old gameplay, same old fun

Dragon quest VII (3ds) - I was on the fence on whether to include this in the second category. The sad part is I am not sure.

If I am missing titles let me know dudes.

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