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Import Spotlight - Sol Trigger

by Stealth   //   7:20 AM on 01.05.2013

Developer - Imageepoch
Publisher - Imageepoch
Platform - PlayStation Portable
Release date - October 4, 2012 (JP)
Genre - Role-playing game
Mode - Single-player
Media/distribution - 1 UMD

When I am asked who I feel the most prolific new developer of this gen was. I always say the same thing. Imageepoch. They have graced the wii, ds, psp, ps3 with some amazing rpg content. In 2012 they graced the psp with their last rpg on that platform.

Entitled Sol Trigger. The game is a turn based RPG. It features gameplay mechanics such as "Sol System", where the player's can activate character's "Sol Power" to activate special moves that become stronger the more they are used. "Sol Power" can also be traded away in order to revive teammates in battle as well, similar to the game Soul Sacrifice.Additional skills can be learned by equipping new weapons.

The game is set in a distant future, based around the fictional city "Kaiserhald". In the game's world, "Sol" has the power to create miracles, but is horded by Kaiserhald and it's "Machine Church". The "Sol Trigger" is a group of people who oppose their corrupt use of the "Sol", and they fight to stop them.

As of mid-October, the game had sold 52,234 copies in Japan which is very respectable for a new IP. It was revealed to be the company's most expensive, high-budget game ever attempted,

Staff include Shuji Sogabe as character designer, who previously worked on the Persona 4 comic, and Kazushige Nojima as the game scenario writer, who previously wrote parts of Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts.

Please if you love to import and your craving a classic turn based jrpg. Don't miss out on this one.

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