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The Nintendo DS has over 1000 titles. Whats good, whats not? That is the question answered in this blog. I will list based on certain genre categories, what I feel are the ESSENTIAL titles every owner must claim for themselves.

Action Adventure Titles
- GTA Chinatown wars
- Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
- Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks
- Dragon Quest Slime 2
- Metroid Prime Hunters

Action/VN Titles
- Layton 1- 4
- Pheonix Wright 1-4
- 999
- Time Hollow
- Hotel Dusk

Puzzle Titles
- Might and Magic Clash of Heroes
- Tetris DS
- Picross DS
- Scribblenauts 1-2
- Mario Vs. DK 2-4

Classic RPG
- Black Sigil
- Golden Sun 3
- Dragon Quest IX
- Pokemon ( Whichever, they are all good)
- Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light

Action RPG
- The World Ends With You
- Solatorobo
- Tales of Innocence
- Mario & Luigi 2/3
- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Strategy RPG
- Final Fantasy Tactics Advance II
- Devil Survivor 1/2
- Luminous arc 1-3
- Pokemon Conquest
- Knights in The Knightmare

- Bleach Dark Souls
- Jump Ultimate Stars
- Draglade 1-2
- DBZ Super Sonic Warriors 2
- One Piece Gigant Battle 2

- New Super Mario Bros.
- Megaman ZX 1/2
- Sonic Rush 1/2
- Kirby Canvas Curse
- Yoshi Island 2

- Bangai-O Spirits
- Big Bang Mini
- Metal Slug 7
- Contra IV
- Call of Duty ______

Enhanced Port/Remake Essentials
- Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver
- Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals
- Front Mission 1
- Dragon Quest V
- Super Robot Wars Elemental

This amount of titles should satisfy an gamer looking for a great portable experience

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