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Stavros StevieGreek Dimou avatar 2:30 PM on 09.13.2012  (server time)
WiiU doesn't have a price for Europe. (Speculation)

I was very interested to learn when the new console will be released in Europe,and what its price will be. Yet Nintendo Direct didn't unveiled any price points for the old continent. Of course the blame for this is on EU's policy which forbids producers of goods to set prices for their products,and retailers have all the freedom regarding pricing goods.

But usually most European countries end up pricing electronics on about the same price points,with maximum difference around 30 to 50 euros from country to country. But what will the average price point for WiiU will be ? This is open to speculation. There are two schools of thought however,those who say that the European average prices will be set based on Japanese prices,and will be as close to the worth of 25,000 yen and 30,000 yen to Euros,and the other school of thought thinks that the European prices will be based on the numbers of America's prices without taking in consideration the exchange rates.
Let's analyze these two scenarios,and see if one of them is more fair than the other.

Scenario 1: European prices will be as many Euros as Japanese prices are,but rounded.
In this case:

[color=darkblue]WiiU Basic:[/color] 25,000 Yen which equal to 247 Euros which equal to 321 Dollars
[color=darkblue]WiiU Premium:[/color] 30,000 Yen which equal to 296 Euros which equal to 383 Dollars.

If this scenario is true,it's certain that the European prices will be rounded upwards,to 250 Euros for the Basic version,and 300 Euros for the Premium version,which makes the European prices equal to Japanese,but still higher than American prices.

Scenario 2: European prices will have the same numbers as American prices,without taking in consideration the exchange rates.
In that case:

[color=darkblue]WiiU Basic:[/color] 300 Dollars are turned to 300 Euros which equal to 389 Dollars
[color=darkblue]WiiU Premium:[/color] 350 Dollars are turned to 350 Euros which equal to 454 Dollars

If this scenario is true,Europeans end up paying more money than everyone else in the planet,specifically 89$ more than Americans for the Basic version and 104$ more for the Premium version.
At the same times Europeans will have to pay 6,898 yen more for the Basic version than the Japanese,and 8,062 more yen for the Premium version.

My opinion is that the first Scenario should be the one that is actually true,as it makes it so all people from around the world pay about the same money for the same product.
Scenario 2 was popularized by Apple products,and unfortunately it was the case too for the Nintendo 3DS.

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