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Static Jak
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Header Updated (Any more suggestions welcomed)

So like I said I would, I filled out some space on my header. Whenever I get a minute or two I would just scribble down a few things. While trying not to add too many lead characters. With that in mind, any characters in mind? Oh and to fill in some space, other doodles. And now, to finally finish LA Noire and Clash of Kings.


I don't want to die

How many times have you died in games? Blown up, stabbed, “fainted”, drowned, torn apart and so on. Maybe you get your a-hole kicked by the big bad boss and you have to drag yourself all the way from the checkpoint after re...


Hi and stuff.

I've been meaning to do this for a while now. As in months ago. Well, years ago but whatever. You might recognise me from the comments section where I generally lurk. Or from the Destructoid Minecraft Server before if went d...


About Static Jakone of us since 10:47 AM on 02.02.2008

Me? Well I suppose I can share. From Tipperary, Ireland for one.

Gamer since the NES and I haven't turned back since. Which is weird considering TMNT on the NES was my first game. I love it for nostalgia reason got damn that thing is a piece of crap.

Since then I've gone from the NES to SNES and Mega Drive to PS1 (with me grabbing some time on a friends N64) to PS2 and Xbox to this gen, a 360, PS3 and finally my own Wii.

Plus a Gameboy Colour, Advance, DS and maybe a 3DS in the future.

And of course a PC.

Fav genres would be: RPGs, especially JRPGs, Shooters, Racing, RTS and pretty much anything but fighters that send me into a blind rage.

Currently loving the shit out of LA Noire, TF2 and planning to get through Wind Waker since I missed out when it was first out.

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