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Stanley Pain's blog

11:04 AM on 07.09.2011

Quick post: So, I watched the Bioshock: Infinite video...

...(more like Infinite Cleavage, amirite? HARHAR)

My immediate impressions were: boy this looks pretty hey that woman has an insanely tiny waist and very big breasts oh my god giant scary robot and gun-toting right-wingers and other dimensions what hey this "gameplay" video seems way insanely over-scripted but oh my god it's pretty wow steampunk blimps this is awesome.

I could elaborate on that, but I think it would get all chatty and boring, really. Suffice to say, I am looking forward to the game, despite what appears to be an insane preponderance of scripted dialog, cut-scenes, and overall AI behavior. I know there was some of that in the first Bioshock, but hopefully it won't turn into a crutch for the game here. I'm also a sucker for a good steampunk setting, so it has that going for it, too.
I would say C'MON 2012 GET HERE ALREADY, but then we'd all miss the cool shit coming out this year like.....Skyrim *drool drool*.... so maybe it's for the best that our pal Bioshock Infinite is not coming out for some time.   read

2:23 AM on 07.09.2011

Please allow me to (re)introduce myself.

Hello out there, anyone clicking on this...

Long ago, when the Earth was young and still cooling, I blogged around these parts, participated in threads...all that jazz. Then, one day, I just sort of stopped. Not sure why, but I did. Been lurking around ever since and have decided to crawl out of my lurker hole and rejoin the fray. So, I am a neo-newbie you might say. Please, be gentle with me.

I will cut right to the video-games-chase: right now I'm playing Borderlands. I played the ever living crap out of the the first year it was out and have found myself mysteriously drawn back into it's clutches out of nowhere. Coming back to it after awhile the game is still just as damn fun as it used to be and I'll probably be checking out the last DLC, New Revolution, which I never played when it first came out.

I'm also playing Child of Eden which was a godsend being a huge Rez fan and somebody who loves those kinds of games anyway. I will say this, though....CoE is damn hard. I have yet to beat the final level without bashing my head against the wall, but this will pass someday.

I've also been spending time on my iPad with Order and Chaos, the multiplayer RPG that you may or may not have heard up. It's a fun, casual game with a pretty decent overall community, but it's nothing special. It plays a lot like Everquest did when it was new, so the game itself is not really anything that will blow anyone away.


Nah..just kidding.. I wouldn't spam you fine, Destructoid folks.

Hope to see everyone around and have a few readers.   read

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