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StSmith's blog

5:09 PM on 04.24.2009

Megaman 9 Remix Project Teaser

A few months ago I posted an article on my previous user name Sky-Face about a Megaman 9 Remix Project in the works by some of the good people of OC Remix. Well a few days ago they released their first teaser of the project that includes samples from several different stages. It sounds amazing. The project covers a range of styles from house, trance, interesting metal mixes and even a brilliant jazz mix which opens the teaser montage.

The link for the project and teaser is a bit broken do the ol' copy and paste of the url into your browser and be on your merry way

There is currently no strict release date set for the project however the status bar on the top of the site keeps ticking. (its currently at 36%) Longest loading screen ever perhaps? Enjoy the tunes and I hope they revitalize your interest in Megaman 9 enough to go boot it up... now...

May the tornado man theme be stuck in minds and hearts forever.   read

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