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Squirrelygod avatar 9:11 PM on 06.30.2010  (server time)
The Great Escape: The Double Wammy!


Ah, once upon a time life was good at least good for someone who couldn’t legally drink yet. Good as in having a decently paying job and a……what’s the politically correct term for fuck buddy? Is there anything else that sums that one up so well? Well I guess ‘Casual Relationship ‘. Or maybe we should just say

So all this and still having time to play videogames and screw around...How could this get any better?
Oh wait, it couldn’t. In fact it was about to slide so far downhill that it may just blow some minds


Sure, it wasn’t the best job around. Sure it was just a shitty warehouse job. But hey, the pay was pretty good and I liked most the people I worked with, there were benefits and paid time off. It was going well, then the departments management changed, and then my shift changed, and then my job changed and then WTF LEAVE ME ALONE! Then they don’t even train me for this new job, sure they say “We’re gonna have this fat chick follow you and train you” but then the fat chick follows me for 5 minutes, then goes to do fuck all I suppose. Two weeks pass until I get a “Hey, you’re doing this wrong, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU” talk. Only to embarrass them with “Hey, you people NEVER TRAINED ME FOR THIS JOB YOU RETARDS” talk. So that gets resolved but the new supervisor of the area, who is a raging bitch that no one likes decides to mess with everyone, and I seem to be a prime target. Of course I’m a prime target; I’m pissed at the whole situation. The bitch picks out the tiniest of things to use to mess with me, and I see it happening, but instead of talking to the manager about it I do what any 18-20 year old would do. I fuck with the bitch right back. I think she threatened an illegals job or something because she suddenly got spies, so when I did what everyone else in the warehouse would do, say fuck about something, I get snitched on. Did I mention this all happened while the manager was gone so the supervisor could be a complete twat and send it right upstairs to the corporate tools? Yeah that happened, and then I get the whole “so you’re now suspended for 2 weeks while upstairs figures out what to do with you”. So again instead of trying to save my job I do what 18-20 year olds would do

Ok, I didn’t take very much. Mostly I just stuck random stickers on shit, I’m sure there is a cart or two with a Jinx sticker still on em. Mostly I just started all of my friends there being snide as shit about the whole situation and propagating it for a while. Though that all seemed to end once I found out the bitch supervisor just seemed to not show up anymore which made me laugh. Can’t say it was all bad, got good friends from it. (And I know one of you is gonna read this, so be glad you’re included in the good category.)

So job was done for, but I had money saved, good friends and hey, still a chick around for the happy fun times. So at least it’s not all bad…right? No, no, it’s just not gonna end, because FEMALE IS MOVING!

Well this sucks, it’s ok, I got a backup for just such times….WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE OTHER CHICK MOVED THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY ON A WHIM? I’M SCREW! I’M SO SCREWED! WHY DIDN’T I PLAY IT SMART AND HAVE A PLAN C AS WELL? WHY AM I SO DUMB? Ok ok ok, just breathe, calm down, you still got enough money saved to live well till you get a new job, hell you got enough to take a vacation first, it’s ok, it will all end well.

Ok, I know

But let’s get to the actual topic here. The vidjamagames!

So that all started somewhere around TWO YEARS AGO, now scraping by is what I do but damnit I do it well. I’m still in enough good videogames to last me another 2 years (thank you steam sales), still got kick ass friends, and still, somehow, managing to go to Comic Con this year. I may be broke for Comic Con, but someone owes me for buying them food last time and another one is rich enough that I can get a line of credit from them for random shit I want to buy. HA HA! WIN BUTTON!

What’s that? That had nothing to do about videogames? Well how the hell do you think I got through the boring hours while my friends work? Or how I’m still able to joke about everything like I’ve done in this rant? Or how I went from 20 grand in achievement points to the number on the thing over to the right of this rant (53,585 at the time of this), I got some trophies to but I don’t have multiplayer PS3 games so I don’t even bother putting that up. How do you think I’m successfully making it through WoW rehab at the moment? Or how I got 700 hours of TF2 on steam(only way to play it I tells ya) under my belt? Well also the whole ‘casual relationship’ area constantly fluctuates from WIN to oh god no…It’s

Videogames have managed to get me through a lot of shit that would cause a lot of others to spiral into a horrid depression. Sure I may be a bit crazy, but fuck it, I’m still happy and having fun, as shown by this “wtf is this weird ass albino kid ranting about?


And thank you Marvel, for allowing me to whore Deadpool before you kill him with yourselves by overwhoaring

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