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A beta for a new update is open to all owners of Day of Defeat: Source.

This update includes a new Official map, Integration of the Steam ID system and Icons, and *gasp* 51 Achievements! Time for a lot of people to start picking up this bad-ass game for only $9.99. If you already own the game, the beta should be on your "My Games" list under the "Not Installed" section.

So I just got my newest issue of PCGamer (June 2008), and what do I see on the cover?

Needless to say, I'm pretty damn psyched about these announcements. I've always enjoyed the Warhammer universe and a new Dawn of War along with having a 40k MMO will probably finally rip me from my WoW addiction. *success!*

Also, I'm making my first C-Blog and it's nowhere near as meaty as i had hoped. Oh well, maybe next time.