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Spyn Doctor's blog

4:21 PM on 01.28.2010

Your Doodles Are Bugged!

Hello D'toiders! My game Your Doodles Are Bugged! is coming to Xbox LIVE Indie Games soonish, so I wanted to give you a sneak preview. As I already wrote in my totally awesome press release [Click], I was planning to do a t...   read

7:25 AM on 10.03.2009

Recent Xbox LIVE Indie Games Highlights

Hello D'toiders! Here are some of the better play-worthy Xbox LIVE Indie Games which I've seen passing through the XNA Creators Club in the recent weeks and which I can recommend to check out. Note: This is an entirely subj...   read

4:41 PM on 09.07.2009

My Game Kuchibi now available on Xbox Live Indie Games

Hello D'toiders! I'm proud to be able to tell you that my second game Kuchibi has now been released on Xbox Live Indie Games! The game is available for just 240 MSP (about 3$ / 3). Looking forward to seeing all your's ga...   read

5:21 AM on 09.06.2009

Dream Build Play 2009 Winners Announced

Hi! The winners of the Dream Build Play 2009 contest have been announced. The winner is a title which was handled as the favorite by many, so no big surprise there: First place (and $40,000) went to Dust: An Elysian Tail, ...   read

11:47 AM on 09.04.2009

Giving away free codes for Golden Tangram

Hi, my little give-away for free pre-paid codes for Golden Tangram is already underway: The first code was published yesterday (and has already been redeemed by a lucky finder, I am told). The next code will show up during ...   read

9:42 AM on 08.28.2009

Announcement: Give-Away of 3 Free Pre-Paid Codes for Golden Tangram (my Xbox Indies Game)

Hi D'toiders! I just wanted to announce that I will be doing a little give-away competition on Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week (that would be Sept. 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2009). On each day, I will give away a FREE pre-pa...   read

2:53 AM on 08.24.2009

Texas Hold'em with Avatars

Look what I found in the playtest area of the XNA Creators Club, bound for release on Xbox Live Indie Games: Hoyle Texas Hold'em, which, as the name imples, is a Texas Hold'em game. What the name doesn't say is, that this ga...   read

7:16 AM on 08.16.2009

My Game Golden Tangram now Available on Xbox Live Indie Games!

And another D'toider with his own game on Xbox Live Indie Games! I am proud to be able to tell you, that my game Golden Tangram has passed peer review and is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games for a measly 80 MSP (that's...   read

4:02 PM on 08.11.2009

What's in the dashboard update for Xbox Live Indie Games?

So what's in it for them? Immediately, there are two things: Update Detection: If there's an update for an Xbox Live Indie game, you will now be notified automatically when you start up the game, just like with XBLA and dis...   read

8:27 AM on 08.09.2009

Dream Build Play 2009 Contest Entries - Part 3

Installment #3 of my little presentation of entries for this year's dream build play contest. (See here for part 1, or here for part #2). Since my last posting, the number of entries shown in the DBP gallery has risen to 255...   read

3:33 AM on 08.07.2009

Dream Build Play 2009 Contest Entries - Part 2

As promised in my first post about this year's Dream Build Play contest, here comes another batch of contest entries that caught my eye. (If you don't know what DBP is, read my other post which contains a short intro: Click) ...   read

5:04 AM on 08.06.2009

Dream Build Play 2009 Contest Entries - Part 1

August 6th, 2009 is a special date for us XNA / Xbox Indie Games developers, because today is the last submission day for the Dream Build Play 2009 contest. You probably never heard of DBP, so here's some background: It's a ...   read

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