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GameStop, I work there v5

Well we got an email from corporate today saying that during the 48 hours release period, Smash Bros Brawl outsold Madden. Apparently this is a first, and the news made me happy. My store got a box of these mario figurine...


Tales from 2/27/08 at GameStop.

Well yesterday I was scheduled to open my store and as some may know we had a few games coming out. Most notably were Patapon (YES) Lost, Lost Planet for PS3, Turning Point, and a few others that no one bought on release...


So, who wants 800 dollars?

It seems like everyone I asked about this today already knew, but I didnt see anything about it when I searched the blogs so I'll break the news. If you live/work in America, then it seems like well be in for a nice 800 doll...


Uwe Boll, F you guys I like him. Sorta.

I saw Dungeon Siege and was impressed and disappointed at the same time. This is the first Boll movie that resembles a real movie and not a B film. I really enjoyed House of the Dead and BloodRayne because they were such B ...


Contestoid: Super Swag Blowout UPDATE

Hello there D-toiders. This is an update on the contest that was posted on Sunday. New text is in bold. I am Spykron and I assist with the managing of a GameStop in Massachusetts. We have A LOT of random pre-order swag ly...


God of War: Chains of Olympus demo review

I got a demo disc for the new God of War game for pre-ordering it at GameStop. I popped it into my slim PSP and had at it while waiting for my movie to start. The graphics are pretty mind blowing for the PSP. They look just...


Contestoid: Super Swag Blowout

Hello there D-toiders. I am Spykron and I assist with the managing of a GameStop in Massachusetts. We have A LOT of random pre-order swag lying around in my store and I thought "why not give it away to you guys." Because w...


Gamestop, I work there v4

Heyo. For anyone who don't know, I provide random tips every now and then about Gamestop for you. Hurray! -We "penny'd out" a bunch of strategy guides a week or too ago. I should have told you sooner but i forgot. This basi...


Guns and Honor. A gathering of opinions.

So last night Necros posted this blog about a 5 year old killing a bear with a gun. One thing lead to another and I felt the need to make my own blog sharing my opinions on guns, fighting, and what honor has to do with it. ...


About Spykronone of us since 12:06 PM on 07.01.2007

I'm 25 and I like video games!!! I'm a cheap-ass about it so I rarely have the newest stuff.

I own NES, SNES, Dreamcast, GBA, GBA Micro, GBA SP, DS lite, PSP slim, PS2, and a 360 Elite.

Also a PC of course, and the best game ever is Starcraft.

I work at Gamestop in Westfield, MA. Most Gamestops arn't cool. Mine is alright.

Other than games, I like photography, graphic design and hiking/camping. My hobbies are expensive :-(

If you go to my website, I will make happy at you!


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